72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Review: Best Income Guide

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The 72IG WhatsApp Income generator is a newly tested, proven no-fail system any affiliate marketing beginner can use to make 6-7 figures every month online by simply pressing your phone or laptop and selling products you do not even own. If you are looking for affiliate marketing in Nigeria that pays well, then this will work for you even if you are a complete novice.

You may have seen many claims on your social channels; Facebook, WhatsApp status, Instagram, and Twitter about schemes and agencies that will help you make hundreds of sales and drive you massive profit in a very short time.

But they only ended up selling you things that do not work. Then you get disappointed and vow never to have anything to do with any online business again. But only to find yourself engaging in another scam or pyramid scheme just after you must have recovered from the last one.

What I am about to reveal to you is a system that has been working for lots of people; including Nigerians and non-Nigerians from different social classes.

What You Will Learn:

  • You will be introduced to a popular affiliate marketing in Nigeria that pays
  • You will learn how you can register with the best affiliate platforms in Nigeria for free
  • You will learn how to start and earn with affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website
  • You will understand why the 72 IG WhatsApp Income Generator is among the best affiliate programs in Nigeria
  • This is affiliate marketing for beginners even if you have zero experience with some capital

Table of Contents

WhatsApp: The New Goldmine For Affiliate Marketers

Business ideas that require little capital

In recent times, there has been a sudden awareness of the roles of WhatsApp advertising in affiliate marketing. This is why I coined the term that WhatsApp is becoming a goldmine.

Within the past 1 month alone, the students of the 72 IG Whatsapp income generated millions of Naira in sales. And more than 60% of these sales come from WhatsApp only.

Apart from that, with recent trends of WhatsApp tv in Nigeria, it makes the advertising to reach more clients easier. As you know WhatsApp has billions of users who view people’s statuses daily. And a good number are businesses looking for people to patronize their products.

Also, WhatsApp improves the relationship between customers and business owners due to fluidity in interactions and a direct response messaging system. So this is why the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator program is flourishing.

What Is This 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator?

Sometime in the year 2018, a Nigerian Internet marketer by the name Toyin Omotoso and the founder of Epertnaire affiliate marketing platform, while searching for a long-lasting system that can easily generate up to NGN 750k per month even if one is to be locked out away from human interaction, but with a phone or a laptop with internet connection.

In his quest, he discovered what was formerly known as the 72IG Implementation program. Also known as the 72 Hour Income Generator Program. This particular system integrated affiliate marketing in Nigeria using Facebook advertising and email marketing.

For the past 3 years, this system has generated billions of Naira for him and his students. And today, Toyin Omotoso is one of the very few affiliate marketing billionaires in Nigeria.

But sometime in the month of August and September, the 72IG Implementation program was revised into what is now known today as the 72 IG WhatsApp Income Generator. This new system not only integrated Facebook advertising and Email marketing but also WhatsApp marketing.

affiliate marketing in Nigeria that pays
Toyin: Founder of the affiliate marketing in Nigeria that pays

72IG WhatsApp Implementation Program Review: What You Should Expect

The original version of the 72IG implementation program was very effective and worked well for those who used it. But it had some setbacks:

According to surveys, a lot of people could not be able to start making money as soon as possible from the 72IG implementation program because the original system required some capital to be able to implement it.

This is because, for the old edition of this program, you need to pay for a website and host it, pay for Facebook ads, and also pay for software for sending automated emails to your prospects.

Upon all these, the registration price for the old course was NGN 45k. So in all, you need a startup capital of about NGN 75k to get started.

Another bigger challenge with the old 72IG implementation program was that a lot of newbies were finding it difficult to implement it fast.

Introducing the New 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator

72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Landing Page
72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Landing Page

The new 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator is a training that involves 5 implementation strategies which when deployed effectively and in a professional way, you can earn up to N107k per week using WhatsApp alone even if you have never sold anything online before.

One good thing about this training is that it is something you can complete in a day and start the implementation.  This is because there are only 9 videos in the training and many of the videos are not even up to 30 minutes.

And just by watching these 9 videos till the end, you will be able to select a hot product on Expertnaire, attract your potential clients who are willing to buy the product from social channels and other platforms, and sell to them using WhatsApp contact.

72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Program: How It Works

There are 5 simple but little-known steps that you can use professionally to turn your WhatsApp into a goldmine like I earlier stated.

These 5 steps are what you will learn from this course and they involve the following:

Step 1: Signing up as an affiliate marketer on Expertnaire and having access to all the digital products there.

The digital products on Expertnaire are usually in the form of videos, reports, blueprints, and online courses that are self-helping. By self-helping, I mean that they help people to become better versions of themselves in terms of health and well-being, career, money-making, and personal development.

Step 2: Choose A Hot valuable Product On Expertnaire To Promote

72Ig Whatsapp Income Generator Program
Best affiliate marketing for beginners: The Expertnaire dashboard

After you must have registered with Expertnaire and logged into your Expertnaire dashboard, you will be able to have access to many products available on the market.

As a registered affiliate on Expertnaire, you have the access to promote any product of your choice and earn commissions for every sale you make.

Some of the products on the Expertnaire platform already have some resources to help you attract customers who will be interested in the product.

Step 3: Set Up the WhatsApp Line You Want To Use For For Marketing

For lots of valuable reasons, it is advisable that you get a new WhatsApp line for this purpose. A lot of people may not mind promoting products using their old WhatsApp line. But in general, a new line designed specifically for business is always better.

Step 4: Add The Contacts Of Your Potential Customers To A WhatsApp List

There is a special way of doing this professionally using irresistible scripts. You can start from your normal phone contacts. But the ideal way is to position yourself strategically on your social pages and channel all the traffic from there to your WhatsApp DM.

And you can even do this without having to run any adverts using advertising channels or TVs.

Step 5: Convert Your Contacts To Buyers and Skyrocket Your Income

For a lot of people, they try to sell on Whatsapp by posting insightful content on their WhatsApp status and waiting for a lucky day when someone will just walk into their DM and decide to buy what they are selling.

Even when such people make inquiries about what they are selling, they still lose those buyers because they do not know the right words to use to keep them.

But by the end of this 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator training, you will learn how to deploy all these steps strategically and make money from them.

Summary Of What You Will Find In The 9 Videos:

  • VIDEO 1: Video 1 is an introduction to affiliate marketing for beginners. It helps you to understand what affiliate marketing is and shows you what you need to succeed with affiliate marketing.
  • VIDEO 2: The second video is a short overview of the Expertnaire affiliate platform, and how you can use the platform to succeed as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.
  • VIDEO 3: The 3rd video teaches you how to pick a hot product selling product on Expertnaire. This entails understanding the target audience for such a product and how to find the buyers of such a product.
  • VIDEO 4: This 4th video is what launches you to the WhatsApp sales funnel for promoting the affiliate products.
  • VIDEO 5: This video shows you a simple step-by-step approach that you can successfully deploy to start selling to your contacts on WhatsApp.
  • VIDEO 6: This is where it gets more interesting. This particular video module will show you how you can make passive income by promoting the Expertnaire products to people you don’t know on WhatsApp.
  • VIDEO 7: This part teaches you how to use WhatsApp status to build a relationship with your contacts, follow them up, and promote other products to them.
  • VIDEO 8: This section teaches you how to professionally set up a WhatsApp for a business account without any hassles.
  • VIDEO 9: This ninth video will show you how to get free traffic from 3 different sources to promote the affiliate product you are selling.

In addition to the nine videos, you will also get 2 PDFs that will help make selling on WhatsApp easier for you.

The contents of these two PDFs are templates and well-perfected scripts that you can use to trigger people’s interest in what you are selling and to get them to buy the product you are selling.


BONUSES: What You Will Get After Joining The Program

The Original 72IG Implementation Program

This is the older edition of the 72 IG implementation program and it takes your money-making skills to the next level.

Remember that the 72IG WhatsApp Income generator helps you set up your affiliate marketing framework on WhatsApp, this older edition will teach you how the big guys of affiliate marketing generate mind-blowing sales of affiliate products using a combination of Email marketing and PPC traffic.

Done For You WhatsApp Campaigns For 3 Hot Selling Expertnaire Products

This done for you was campaign contains scripts that are perfectly crafted for selling 3 of the Expertnaire hot products on WhatsApp. This was created by Toyin Omotoso and his team to make sure that anyone who registers fr the course almost starts making money immediately.

1 Year Free Account On Expertnaire

Remember at the beginning of this post, I promised to share with you a way you can register with the best affiliate platforms in Nigeria for free.

Just like the old 72IG implementation program, this new program also gives you one year of free access to market any of the Expertnaire products.

On the norms, registering on the Expertnaire product will cost you NGN 10,000 per year. But once you get access to this course, you will have a free one-year account on Expertnaire.

Twitter Money Blueprint

I bet you never knew that Twitter is also a goldmine of its own. As a bonus for getting access to this course, you will also get the Twitter money blueprint that teaches you how you can generate tons of free organic traffic from your Twitter account and channel it to your WhatsApp Dm.

Normally, the Twitter Money Blueprint is worth NGN 25,000. But you will be getting if for free if you register for the 72 Hour WhatsApp Income Generator Program.

50% Affiliate Commission For The 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator

By default, every other affiliate marketer who registers directly on the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform earns a commission of 30% for every sale of the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator.

But all the students who get access to Expertnaire for free by registering through the 72IG course earn a whopping 50% commission for every sale they make on the course.

Continuous Support And Guidance From Toyin Omotoso Himself

The importance of continuous support while setting out on any venture cannot be over-emphasized. So by registering for the 72IG course, you will be automatically added to Toyin Omotoso’s training group for his students.

In this group, he hosts a 3-hour powerful online session for all of his students where you can ask him questions directly in case you have any challenges.

This continuous support is priceless.

Summary Of The Benefits Of Registering With This Best Affiliate Platform In Nigeria

You will get the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator worth NGN 750,000

You will have access to the older version of the 72IG Implementation Program worth NGN 800,000

You will get a done for you WhatsApp Income Campaign for 3 of the hot-selling products on Expertnaire worth NGN 150,000

You will get a 1-year free affiliate Expertnaire account worth NGN 25,000

You will get a whopping 50% commission per sale whenever someone buys the 72IG WhatsApp Implementation Program using any of your affiliate links worth NGN 25,000

You will also have access to the 3-hour weekly online training where you will have access to experts that will help you tackle any challenges preventing you from succeeding as long as this program is concerned.

So in all, the total worth of what you are getting after you register for this course is NGN 1,735,000.

That may sound so expensive, and trust me it’s worth it. Meanwhile, that is not what you need to pay to get access to the 72IG WhatsApp Implementation program. In fact, it is much more affordable than you can ever imagine.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Why Choose 72IG

If you take a look at other affiliate marketing systems in Nigeria that really works. This time I am not referring to the popular ones you already know that almost everyone is trying to promote their products, making the competition cut-throat, especially for newbies. You will find that most of them are foreign affiliate programs requiring that you pay thousands of dollars to be able to earn mind-blowing amounts like the 72IG promises.

And by my calculation, that will mean spending not less than NGN 400k mostly on Ads to reach the elite level.

Others will require that you set up a website and write long content like this one to be able to make a sale plus all the hassles that come with managing a website. Trust me you want something simpler than that.

So if you are looking for how to start affiliate marketing today without a website,  but simply relying on a simple social media app that we all use daily (WhatsApp), then you must register for this course.

How Much Is the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator?

The price of joining the 72ig course changes with the season, and as the value increases, the registration fee increases too. But if you are lucky to get into the program as soon as possible, you will most likely pay a lower amount compared to those who register at a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions About The 72IG WhatsApp Course

Frequently asked questions about the 72ig WhatsApp program
Frequently asked questions about the 72ig WhatsApp program

Do I Need To Pay Extra Money For Adverts Before I Make Sales?

No! Once you have access to this training, you don’t have to pay a dime if you want to and you will still make good sales.

You don’t have to pay to set up a website because you will not need one. You won’t have to run Facebook Ads or Whatsapp TV ads to make sales.

Is There A Refund Of Payment?

Here is the simple truth about this product; there is no refund of payment after you make a purchase. And according to Toyin Omotoso, the reason is simple;  If you are buying this course because you have already made up your mind that you are going to fail so that you can come back later and collect your money, then this course is not for you, and I don’t advice you to go ahead and get it.

But if you are the type who really wants to win and advance from the poverty mindset to the abundance mindset, then this course is for you. So go ahead and get it now.

What If I Already Have An Expertnaire Account?

Well if you already have an Expertnaire account and would like to get access to this course, then you will still have to pay the sum of NGN50,000 to get it. Remember that this program comes with a 1-year free account on Expertnaire. So this means that you have automatically renewed your Expertnaire membership for the next year.

Is The Registration Fee Too Much For The Course?

With the current situation of the country, it is not uncommon to find that a lot of people may not be able to afford the fee for the course upfront. But you should be reminded that you will be making a whopping 30% to 50% commission for every sale you make after the training. and this ranges between N5k to N50k.

So this means that to get your money back, you simply need to make just 2 sales to get back on your feet even if you had to borrow to register for this course.

Are There Any Proofs That This Will Work?

If all you need is proof that this program will change your life, then there are tons of testimonies from the students of the 72IG WhatsApp Implementation Program from all over Nigeria.

Many of these students are bloggers, and YouTubers and are all very active on various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram even WhatsApp.

But for the sake of this course, all these testimonies have been compiled by the 72Ig team and they shared them on the pre-sell page which anyone can have access to.

To get started with the 72IG, Click the link below to watch the free introduction video.

I wish you the best in your journey through money-making.

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