Advertise In Nigeria With The Best Advertising Website

Medarchive Magazine is among the best places to advertise in Nigeria online. The advertising rate is as low as 0.01 USD or 6 Naira per view with no additional cost. Your advert has the potential of reaching over 10,000 to 50,000 views in a month.

On our website, we offer engaging and informative content monthly that generates traffic of 8,000 monthly page views and upwards, comprising primarily of medical students, medical graduates, health workers, people looking for health solutions, and better career opportunities within18-45 years of age.

We also have a business WhatsApp TV In Nigeria where we keep our local audience engaged every 24 hours and every day of the week. We also have a functional email marketing system where we send emails that are both promotional and informative to our audience two times a week (On Wednesdays and on Sundays). Our social channels are active and include; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Why We Are The Best Site To Advertise Your Business In Nigeria

billboard advertising website in Nigeria
We are also a billboard advertising website in Nigeria

Continually raising the bar since its inception, Medarchive Magazine is the best place to advertise online in Nigeria, which is why we’re relied on by the;

  • Medical/healthcare,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Educational,
  • Food and beverage,
  • Electronics and gadgets,
  • Fitness, and sporting industries for their advertising needs.

How We Advertise Your Business:

  • Banner Adverts on our Web Spaces: If you are looking for a website to place your brand business banners, we offer a wide range of advertising opportunities to our clients who would like to advertise on our web pages using banners. We are also a billboard advertising website in case your business needs urgent attention.
  • Sponsored Posts and Articles: One of the best ways to carry out a successful advertising campaign in Nigeria is to reach out to your Nigerian audience indirectly using well-crafted blog posts tailored to meet their specific needs. If you want to advertise online in Nigeria in a way that your customers will not be suspicious of your intent till they make a purchase, then you should try content advertising with us. We have a team of well-skilled copywriters that can meet your advertising needs.
  • Guest Posting: If you are a blogger, a web owner, an SEO agency or an advertising agency, we have a special advertising plan for you especially if you have a post tailored to reach out to Nigerians. We also have a provision to help you in your link-building strategy.
site to advertise your business in Nigeria
Advertise online in Nigeria with Medarchive Magazine
  • Company Product Reviews: Are you struggling to sell your products online in Nigeria? You can advertise your business in Nigeria by having your product reviewed by our team on our product review pages at an affordable rate. Your product review will be optimized for search engines by our SEO team to help it outrank your competitors on search. This will increase your chances of making better sales and improving the exposure of your product. You can check our product review pages for sponsored contents we have published.
advertise in Nigeria with the best advertising website
Advertise in Nigeria with the best advertising website
  • WhatsApp Status: We are not just the best advertising website in Nigeria, we also run one of the biggest Whatsapp TVs in Nigeria for people in the healthcare community. You can advertise your business directlly on our WhatsApp status to reach our loyal fans who view our status every day.
  • Email List: For every sponsored post, product review, or guest post you publish on our website, we will promote it using our mailing list for one month. This service is free of charge.


Medarchive Magazine is one of the best advertising websites in Nigeria with the best advertising rates. Our advertising rate is as low as 0.01 USD or 6 Naira per view with no additional cost. Your advert has the potential of reaching over 8,000 to 50,000 views in a month.

We only charge our advertisers based on the number of views their contents were able to get on our web pages.

We calculate this based on our web page views for the previous month.

Our current advertising price is at the rate of $0.0 USD per page view or 6 Naira per page view per month.

For example:

If we have 1000 page views in the previous month for a page you want to advertise on, then the advertising cost for a banner placed on that page for the next month is calculated as:

NGN 6 (Naira) per view x 1000 views = NGN 6000 for the next month

We have a fixed rate for our sponsored posts, product reviews, and guest posts.

Contact our advertising team on WhatsApp for more information about this.

10 Types Of Adverts That Perform Best On Medarchive Magazine

  • Medical Equipment and products for medical and health science students
  • Good Health advertsing including pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare providers including hospitals
  • Medical and health education materials and resources
  • Career and personal development products, courses, or resources
  • Textbooks for medical students
  • Web adverts including Instagram pages, Youtube channels for medical students
  • Finance adverts including contests and competitions
  • Relocation Courses; Relocate to Canada, PLAB, IELTS, AMC, MCC, etc
  • Social and Entertainment including events

Ready To Advertise?

To Start Advertising, view our advertising catalog on our WhatsApp Business Account, and message our advertising team to get started. We typically reply to all business messages within 12 hours.

Advertise In Nigeria With Medarchive Magazine: FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Medarchive Magazine?

The advertising rate at Medarchive Magazine is 6 Naira per view per month for all approved banner sizes. Larger banners will attract additional costs. We use our traffic statistics for the previous month to calculate the advertising cost for each campaign. We do not charge our advertiser any other additional amount. We have a fixed price for our sponsored posts, guest posts, and product reviews.

Please contact our advertising team on WhatsApp Business for more information on this.

How Will I Know Your Page Views For The Previous Month?

If you are interested to advertise your business with us, it is our duty to show you our web traffic stats and analysis before you pay for our services. We use advanced site stats software; Jetpack by WordPress for our traffic analysis and to understand our audience and their behavior.

Who Will Write The Sponsored Post And Product Reviews?

We have a team of experts that specializes in writing sponsored posts and product reviews. But for the guest posts, it will be provided by the advertiser.

Will You Link To My Product And Business?

Our advertising team only has the provision to include either one or two links on a product review, sponsored post, or guest post depending on the budget of each advertiser. Every banner gets a link attached that redirects to the business page of the advertiser. Contact our advert team on WhatsApp Business team for more information.

When Do I Pay

Advertisers make their payment upfront before we commence any advertising campaign. Recurrent payments are made on a monthly basis.

What Payment Platforms Do You Accept?

At the moment we accept only direct bank transfers and Paystack.

Have a question or inquiry?

If you have a question or want to make an inquiry about running an advert on our website, you can reach out to us on WhatsApp Business.