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Medarchive Magazine is one of the top-rated health/Medical websites in Africa and arguably the most visited stand-alone Medical Magazine in the country.

Medarchivemagazine offers engaging and informative content monthly to upwards of about 10,000 monthly page views, primarily comprised of the coveted 18-26 demographic.

Continually raising the bar since it’s inception, Medarchive Magazine is the ideal medium to reach your consumer and potential clients, which is why we’re relied on by the Medical/healthcare, pharmaceutical, Educational, food and beverage, electronics, Fitness, and sporting industries for their advertising needs.

How We Advertise Your Business and Products on Medarchive Magazine:

  • Banner Adverts on Web Spaces.

We Currently Offer Banner Ads of this Class:-
728 x 90 – [Leaderboard]
300 x 250 – [Medium Rectangle]
160 x 600 – [Skyscraper]
300 x 300 [large Rectangle]
300 x 600 [larger Rectangle]
300 x 250 [Mobile Ads Banner]
1280 x 1024 – [Site Background Takeover]

  • Promotional Emails; Over 500 email subscribers most are affiliated with the health profession.
  • Social Media Marketing Including; Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest pages.
  • Peer Recommendations and
  • Sponsored Articles and Posts: Do you have any Product or Render any Services you want the World to know about? You can get a Post on our Website.

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