How to Prepare for Housemanship: 7 Best things to do

how to prepare for housemanship

In this post, I will be sharing the best tips on how to prepare for housemanship based on my own personal experience. The time between when you finish medical school and when you start medical housemanship is very special in the life of every medical graduate. Expectations from friends, family, and even yourself begin to … Read more

Best 5 Potential Jobs for Anatomy Majors

best jobs for medical students

Human anatomy is a broad field of study, it’s among the core foundations of medicine. In addition to the importance of the study of Anatomy in medical science. Advancement in technology and research has attracted lots of subfields under anatomy. And this has opened more jobs for anatomy graduates. So people with a background in … Read more

Medical Housemanship Salary In Nigeria (Updated Pay 2023)

medical housemanship salary in NIgeria

Medical House officers are doctors who just graduated from medical school and are currently undergoing their one-year mandatory training program in a hospital approved and licensed by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) for their permanent license. When medical students graduate from medical school in Nigeria, what they get is just a temporary … Read more

OET Vs IELTS: 3 Reasons to Choose OET as a Health Worker

oet vs ielts

If you are a health worker looking forward to migrate to an English-speaking country to further your education or continue health practice, then you must have a certification from a licensed English testing organization to prove your proficiency in the language. If you have reached that crossroad where you get to choose the best English … Read more

The Entrepreneurship Opportunities For Doctors in Nigeria

Dr. Joel Akande - Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Doctors in Nigeria

If you are observant enough, you should have observed the current trends among Medical Students and young doctors on social channels. You must have heard people using the jargon; “Japa plans”, and the rest; based on their plans to leave the country as soon as they see an opportunity. Could there still be some hope … Read more

Can Doctors Have Tattoos? 4 Interesting Facts You Must Know!

can Doctors have tattoos?

Can doctors have tattoos? I bumped into this question when I was scrolling through a space on Quora some days ago from a medic; In fact, he already had a tattoo on his forearm and was worried if his medical career is over. Although this topic can be controversial depending on your culture and belief, … Read more

I haven’t Met My Expectations After Medical School; Nigerian Doctor in ESUTH Parklane

Mbbs in Nigeria

I haven’t Met My Expectations in Medical School Dr. Gaby – Nigerian Doctor in Esuth Parklane The Society’s Perception of the Medical Profession in Nigeria Getting admission to Nigerian medical school is one of the greatest dreams of pre-degree students in countries like Nigeria. The Medical Profession is one that is greatly envied by society … Read more

Radiologist Vs Sonographer: Best Career, Job, and Salary Guide 2022

radiologist vs sonographer differences

The diagnostic medical imaging field is a very lucrative area of specialization. With the increasing demand for more specialists in the field of medicine, it’s not surprising that there are many options to choose from when deciding on a career pathway. The field of radiological science alone has professions such as radiologist, sonographer, mammographer, and nuclear medicine technologist. … Read more

15+ Ultimate Gift Ideas For Doctors and Fresh Medical Graduates


Doctors are under-appreciated heroes. Right from the first day of their journey into medical school, they pass through so much stress that you can never conceive till you walk in their shoes. Generally, doctors don’t usually expect gifts from anyone, so it will be a big surprise for them if you get them one. So … Read more

21 Different Specialties Of Medicine: Best Students’ Guide

specialties of medicine and internal medicine subspecialties

Medical school is intense, and it prepares you for a variety of careers. Students enter medical school with different strengths and weaknesses, personality types, and interests. And after the training in medical school, there are many medical and surgical specialties to choose from. This particular post covers the specialties of medicine. Another post on this … Read more

11 Best Business Ideas for Doctors and Health Workers

health industry business ideas

Being a health professional is not easy, worse is being an entrepreneur at the same time. Medical entrepreneurs are those medical students, health workers, and professionals who work extra hard to be financially free. But there are a few business ideas for doctors and health workers and this is because of the busy nature of … Read more

6 Career Opportunities after MBBS (Medical School) in Nigeria

types of careers in medicine

The first few months after medical school generates various feelings for different medical students who are just about to graduate. It could come with lots of tension, fear, and expectations for different persons. But one thing that is common for every medical student in this phase is the question; ‘What Next?’. What are the opportunities … Read more

Application Letter for Medical House Officer [Best Template 2022]

Medical Education

Suppose you just recently graduated from medical school. In that case, the next step is to secure a position for your medical housemanship (house job) in total fulfillment of your training in medical school. Getting placement for medical housemanship can be competitive in some places. So to get ahead of other applicants, you need to … Read more

The Unforeseen: Doctors Get Depressed Too

depressed doctors

Yes! Doctors get depressed too, as well as other health workers. But rarely do people recognize that even the therapist needs therapy. Dr. Wilfred could comfortably say for certain, without an inkling of doubt, that he was living his best life. He was just 25 and feeling so accomplished with himself, particularly because of the … Read more

Top 12 Unique Specialties in Surgery: Surgeons’ Career Path

specialties in surgery

Specialties in surgery are diverse and versatile. Surgery is an applied science where specially trained doctors use instruments, knowledge, and techniques to diagnose and treat conditions that affect the body. Becoming a surgeon is a long and difficult process. The specialties of surgery also determine the intensity and length of your training. For instance, a … Read more

What is Physiology Psychology? Best Career Guide 2022

What is Physiology Psychology

How we think, feel, and act are vital components of the human biopsychological profile. The larger population of people are much more concerned about the physical effects and consequences of their actions but only a few care well enough to go to the root by finding out the actual cause of the effect. This is … Read more