Medical Student Builds Any News App and Any Status Downloader

Medical Student Builds Any News App and Any Status Downloader App!

Students in Nigeria have been increasingly becoming innovative in many ways. The year 2020 has taught all the University students a hard lesson; the importance of learning other trades and being creative if you actually want to be more relevant in the country.

Recently, a Medical student from Nigeria developed two apps; the first one grants you access to almost all the top news lines across the globe (Any News App), and Any Status Downloader could help you download images and videos on people’s status and timeline from all the major social channels we have.

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About the Developer of the Apps:

Momoh Emmanuel developer of any news app and any status downloader
Momoh Emmanuel – Developer of Any-News App and Any Status Downloader

Momoh Emmanuel is currently a five hundred (500) level Medical student at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital; Ituku-Ozalla. He is from Kogi State in Nigeria, and also an avid learner and great fan of Information and communication technology.

His dream in life is to make life easier for people especially Nigerians.

His Believes that Discipline, Determination, Diligence, and Godliness equal heavenly success.

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medarchive magazine
Any News App

The app was created to offer unfiltered access to top news channels around the globe. It creates an easy way of accessing and locating news through the sequential arrangements of news agency websites.

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Some Top News Channels it Gives Access To:

BBC NEWS: Breaking News and most top news on BBC with analysis.

USA TODAY: All Update on USA and her environment brought to you by a single click.

HEALTHLINE: News on health tips and features on health topics are accessible.

MEDICAL NEWS TODAY: Top sites to get Medical News Update.

MTV: One of the most interesting entertaining news channel around the world with updates on recent releases of movies.

ALJAZEERA: Interesting happenings round the world.

TORONTO STAR: Access to news and updates around Canada and neighbouring countries.

Other News Channels You Can Access from Any News App include; Fox News and Punchng.

The app is currently available on Google Playstore and is free to download for anyone around the world.   

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Any status downloader app
Any Status Downloader app

Any status downloader was also created by the same person; Momoh Emmanuel. The application has the ability to download photos and videos from all our popular social media channels. The idea is to help people not to have different applications on their mobile phones which can only be used to download photos and videos from just one social channel.

Any Status Downloader can download images and videos from social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Likee, Tiktok, Twitter, and WhatsApp (WhatsApp), which is 6-in-one.

It also accepts image and video links from any source and runs a download at a considerably fast speed. It is compatible and runs smoothly on almost any Android version of mobile phones.

Let us encourage innovation and creativity in the Medical Profession!

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