5 Blog content ideas If you are too lazy to write a post

blog content ideas if you are lazy to write a blog post

Creating a blog is not a big deal at all. The big deal is managing the blog; the blog content ideas, writing a blog post, engaging your audience, having something for your return blog visitors to read whenever they come around. But for me, there are things I usually do when I am too tired or lazy to write a blog post, some of which are included in these 5 tips listed below. I also do them to keep my blog up to date, keep getting newer visitors, while writing down all the ideas I have for subsequent posts in my jotter.

Being lazy to write a blog post does not necessarily mean you have run out of ideas. In fact, I almost never run out of ideas, but when I do, I also have other things I do, and topics to write on will come up. Most bloggers must have experienced this, at least once in their career, and I bet they also have their own creative ways of doing something about it. This may actually last for days, weeks, or more, and while waiting for inspiration to write, you can do these five things.

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5 Blog Content Ideas When You are Too Lazy to Write a Post

1. Interview Experts

Interviewing people seems to be the best out of all 5 blog content ideas when you are lazy to write a blog post.

Why You Should Interview People

  1. If they are experts, you have valuable information to share with your blog visitors.
  2. You have a potential to increase your blog viewers, and new blog visitors from a single interview than from 5 blog posts combined. The reason being that those experts you interview easily serve as influencers on your blog. They can help you post the link on their social pages if you ask them, and you may be buying up all their fans from this action alone.
  3. You create more opportunities for your blog. Your blog gets more exposure.

Steps For Finding an Expert to Interview

Before you take any of the steps below, make sure you already know the topic you want to interview them on, with the questions ready. You can pick the topic from any of your blog categories.

1. Find their Niche:

Social platforms like LinkedIn have lots of experts from all walks of life, in almost all the career fields. Some of them are also more active on other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Find them and monitor their activities, their kind of posts, and if it actually suits your blog, follow the next step.

2. Interact With their Posts

Most influencers, elites, and experts rarely include their contact details on their social pages to avoid being spammed, but if they do, skip this step and move on with the next step. If they don’t, then you actually need to make a comment that deserves their attention below their most recent posts.

From here, you can briefly make your intentions known to them publicly. Most will not refuse this, because they wouldn’t like to be called snobs, as it could affect their social image. If you are lucky, they will tell you how to contact them.

3. Request for the Interview

If you already have their contacts, then it is time to send them a message to fix the interview. Make sure you help them understand the purpose of the interview, your blog type, and whom their responses will be shared.

4. The Mode of the Interview

Most would prefer to fill a form; Google forms and some others are free to use, make sure they are neatly prepared with no typos. Some may prefer not to type, but to use voice notes; WhatsApp can help with this, but I guess you will still have to write after all. But whichever mode it is, make sure the communication is as clear as possible.

Finally, if you are able to play your role well, within a week or less, you should have something to post on your blog.

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2. Advertise For Startups

Another creative of the blog content ideas to write is to advertise for startups and new businesses.

You can decide to do this for free or to charge some money for it. But remember it is easier to find people to advertise if you are actually doing it for free. And your aim is just to find new information to post on your blog.

So the first step here is to launch a campaign on your social channels, looking for people to advertise on your blog for free. Include in your campaign, that they should write the information they want to advertise, the way they want people to see it. Then they should include necessary pictures like their logo, and banners, and forward to your email. This way you can get a post or more. Remember to filter out unwanted adverts, as it could affect your blog’s reputation.

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3. Host a Writing Contest

This is another great way of building your blog traffic and having contents to post on your blogs. But this comes with a price though, you will have to give out something to the winners of your contest.

Necessary Steps:

  • List out the categories from your blog which you need more posts
  • Launch the contest with a price tag you can afford
  • Spread the message on all your social channels
  • Make sure you don’t specify a topic, if not the purpose of having a variety of topics on your blog will be defeated
  • Find a way of judging the winners

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4. Invite Guest Bloggers

There are many bloggers out there looking for ways of increasing traffic to their blogs through building links back to their blogs from other blogs (backlinks). You can find them on Facebook groups, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social channels. Write public posts looking for them, and they will find you.

Also, find out how to do anonymous writing online.

5. Invite Friends to Contribute on Your Blog

Another thing you can do if you are too lazy to write a blog post is to invite friends to write for your blog. If there are one or more of your friends who can write but are too busy to manage a blog, invite them to be contributors to your blog, they could help you write one or more posts from time to time.

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Like I earlier stated, every blogger always experiences those blue moments when they are too lazy to write a post on their blog, apart from these 5 ways, there are other creative ways. Find them, and use them to your advantage.

5 Blog content ideas If you are too lazy to write a post

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