Know these Before Choosing WordPress Or Blogger

WordPress and Blogger are some of the most popular software that has been providing a platform for many websites (especially for beginners) to exist.

Blogspot was created and is being managed by Google.

WordPress on the other hand was created by a team of webmasters who volunteered themselves to do so and is the most popular host serving more than 30% of websites on the net.

These two systems freely allow anyone to easily create and manage their websites at no cost. As a beginner, I know you must have been wondering which of them to choose for your website. That is why I have listed these 12 things You Must Know before choosing WordPress or Blogger.

There are many other servers out there that you can use to host your website, some of which require payment and others which are free like Wix. But I have chosen to discuss WordPress and Blogger because I have used both for more than two years now. 

I gathered these facts from my own experience and I think it should help you avoid some mistakes which most beginners make.

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Choosing WordPress Or Blogger

1. Programming and Coding Skills

If you have been worried about how to create a simple website without learning to program, then I have good news for you. You can design your simple website and blog using WordPress and Blogger, and it requires zero codings.

Some of these features requiring a basic knowledge of programming is adding third-party functions to your site. This could be for the purpose of running ads , or adding just for aesthetics.

The only challenge will be if you are trying to add some advanced and customized features to your website. This is not usually an issue if you are using WordPress as there are thousands of plugins/software which you can use to add these features easily to your site without coding. But this will cost you some money.

But with Blogspot, there is a limit to the amount of advanced and customized features you can add to your site without programming. In fact, to enjoy blogspot, you must be proficient in programming. This will help you to easily edit the HTML section of your blog theme to show these pro features, or else you just want to be a regular blogger; writing and sharing articles.

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2. Blogging Community

The blogging community is a space that is inbuilt in both Blogspot and WordPress. From here, you can identify with other bloggers who are using the same server with you.

For Blogspot users, you will find that this community is not as strong as you will find in WordPress. Throughout my two years of using blogspot, I can count the number of times I connected with a fellow blogger.

But WordPress users can testify that their community is very active and supportive especially if you use the WordPress Mobile app. From this community, you can follow other blogs, read their blog posts and as well connect with people who can help you build quality backlinks that can boost your overall site’s ranking. As a beginner, the WordPress community will help you feel among, and as well boost your site’s traffic at that early stage of setting up your blog.

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3. Affordability

This is usually a problem for most beginners. This is usually not a problem for blogspot users because all you need is just to buy domain name and map it to your blogspot website or just keep enjoying the free domain.

But if you are a wordpress user, remember I said in the introduction that wordpress was built by volunteers. So they need money to maintain the server, and that is why wordpress is very expensive if you want to use their premium features.

Without these premium features like the WordPress plugins which can only be unlocked by paying for their Business plan, you cannot add any third-party function to your WordPress site.

You also cannot customize your site to show adverts and start earning money. I think you are getting the reason why most entrepreneurs choose Blogspot for their server.

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4. Flexibility

If you are finally able to pay for the non-free plans on WordPress, you will enjoy so much freedom with adding pro features to your site. This is unlike blogspot where there is no much flexibility.

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5. Themes

Both Blogspot and WordPress have very wonderful themes most of which are very mobile friendly. But in my experience, there are much more pro themes on WordPress some of which you can only get by paying for money.

Also, you can as well download and import free themes available round the web if you wish.

Themes should not be much of your concern as a beginner, any simple theme will do just fine, but I am just mentioning it to keep you in the know.

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6. Business and E-commerce

It is very difficult to host your e-commerce website using Blogspot. But WordPress is the server of choice for hosting an e-commerce website. But this requires that you pay for the E-commerce business plan.

An E-commerce website is a platform for buying and selling of goods and services. An example is amazon, alixpress, jumia, jiji, etc.

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7. Social Media Connectivity

This is a feature that enables you to easily share your web content on your various social channels. This works as an automation, and can be scheduled. It also helps you to show your social page widgets on your website and can help increase your pages’ activity and web visitors.

This feature is present on WordPress, and can be added freely and with ease. But for Blogspot users, you must use codes to manipulate your blog themes to give you such features.

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8. Plugins Vs Gadgets

Plugins are software that are used to further customize your site to show third party functions. They are found in WordPress, but only available if you unlock the Business plan. This is a very powerful tool and can help you improve your overall site performance.

Gadgets are similar to plugins, but are found on Blogspot. This software also helps you to add third-party functions to your site, but it is not as powerful as the plugins seen in Worpress.

There is a limit to the number of third-party functions that you can add using Blogspot gadgets. This is why WordPress is usually considered more flexible than Blogspot.

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9. Simplicity

Blogspot is by far considered the must easy-to-use server of websites. It has a very simple dashboard. The Settings, layouts and Themes are very simple to customize. It also has very simple pages which are easy to create and manage. This is why it is widely recognized as the web server for students.

Unlike Blogspot, WordPress is very complex. It has thousands of features which you may even end up using throughout your blogging career.

Blogspot is ideal for students and beginners who just want to write posts and share without much stress.

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10. Support System

By support system, I refer to the relationship between the developers of each server (WordPress and Blogspot), and their users (the bloggers).

For this one, I give it to WordPress. Their developers offer 24-hour live support to its users, unlike Blogspot that usually respond to complaints communally.

By this I mean that once a ticket for a particular complaint is solved by the team of developers, you are expected to follow it up and figure out how to apply it to your own situation. Or you can open a new ticket and wait till the team responds, and this usually takes time.

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11. Reputation

This is only important when I comes to ranking your site on site engines like Google. If you can still remember, Google is the owner of Blogspot, and it should be expected that they treat their property with high regard. There is actually no proof to this, as it is difficult to fully understand Google’s alogrithm because of it’s highly dynamic nature. But who will not rank his own property higher than others?

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12. What Do You Want To Achieve With Your Website?

Choosing WordPress or Blogger really depends on what you intend to achieve using your website. These are what I was able to gather from my own experience, and you can as well figure out why I chose Blogspot as my server of choice by reading through the information I have provided above

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I do not intend to promote any of the two using this post. All the information above, though logical, are highly subjective, as they are my own opinion based on experience. And you will get to find out the truth about what I have just said as you continue in your blogging journey. So use this information wisely, don’t wait to make a mistake first before learning from experience, learn from my own experience.

Happy Blogging!

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