How to stay Motivated in Medical School and Motivational Quotes for Students

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“In this post, you will be learning how to stay motivated in medical school, it also contains some medical school motivation quotes, activities and ideas that will help any medical student to be inspired, keep going and stay motivated in medical school no matter the storm you may encounter in your career” Studying Medicine and … Read more

10 Best Tips on How to Study as a Medical Student

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One of the initial struggles in medical school is finding the best learning strategies for medical students. Truth be told, there is no single best strategy on how to study as a medical student. However, looking at recent scientific studies, you can easily find a link between high performance in medical school and certain approaches … Read more

15 Helpful Tips For A First Year Medical Student

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Being a first year medical student comes with lots of hassles that when not handled adequately, could mess up your whole years of medical school. I vividly remember my first day as a medical student. You know that feeling of finally getting admission to study the course of your dream. I was full of motivation … Read more

How To Wash Scrubs For The First Time [5 Good Tips You Must Know]

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I could remember vividly a few years ago when we were about to start clinical rotations in medical school, then wearing our scrubs was mandatory as we would be entering the surgical theatres. That interesting Wednesday afternoon, we just got back from school to obtain our brand new scrubs when a very hot argument surfaced. … Read more

Medical Student Attire: 5 Best Tips to Always Appear Slick

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After shooting the stars already, I have an idea of what you are thinking of, ruminating on, and trying to solve, I mean after getting admitted to medical school, settled down and started attending classes. Yes! It’s how to dress as a medical student. Why? You don’t want to look sophisticated or old-fashioned. If you … Read more

Best Guide To Clinical Rotations For Medical Students In 2022

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So you have completed your preclinical years, and have aced your first professional exam in medical school? Congratulations! At least you have crossed the “rate-limiting step” for medical students as it is called. And now you are headed for your last few years in medical school which comprises mainly of the clinical rotations for medical … Read more

Top 15 Best Medical Student Blogs Every Medic Must Follow

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Studying medicine requires that you need constant motivation, study guides, and tips from other medical students who must have passed through your level in medical school. This is the reason behind most medical student blogs you see on the net today. And in this post, you will be finding out which website is best for … Read more

Medical Student Syndrome Myth or Reality: My Experience

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“After getting sick countless times, I finally coped with the ‘stressful stress’ as tagged by my friends and I cultivated the habit of waking up earlier and burning the midnight candle” At the end of reading this article, you will; Have experience of how medical student life is Meaning of medical student syndrome Meaning of … Read more

Medarchive TV: Biggest Medical WhatsApp TV In Nigeria

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The internet has made the world look small, but WhatsApp has indeed made the world smaller. If you are looking for a tribe on WhatsApp where you will find inspiration, enlightenment, and discuss health promotion topics, then you should subscribe to this large Medical WhatsApp TV in Nigeria; Medarchive TV. What Is Medarchive TV? Medarchive … Read more

1 Day In The Life Of A Medical Student: My Best Example

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Doctors are heroes that society often fails to duly appreciate. Their true worth is mainly recognized in rare cases where their services are needed the most like during global pandemics, emergencies, strikes, wars, and other scenarios that reduce the gap between life and death. Every doctor was once a medical student. And the virtues which … Read more

Why You Must Stop Dreaming and Start Acting

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Stop dreaming and start acting? From dreams, came the internet, our mobile phones, computers, electricity, and all mind-blowing inventions one can think of. Napoleon Hill; the author of the best-selling book said that ‘the first step to every achievement is the desire to achieve it’. But before there is a desire for any achievement, one … Read more

New Year Resolution For Students: 15 Ultimate Atomic Habits

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Do people still set new year resolutions? The idea of the best new year resolution for students almost sounds like a cliche. But going by the lives of the most productive students I have met, they always have a set of yearly goals which they look forward to accomplishing within the next 52 weeks. By … Read more

11 Best Stethoscopes For Medical Students [Reviewed]

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If you are looking for the best stethoscopes for medical students, then you must read this! As a medical student, a stethoscope is certainly one of the basic medical gadgets you need throughout your stay in medical school in medical school. Depending on the medical school, you might not see the full need in your … Read more

15 Quality Lab Coat Designs For Use In Clinics

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Ideally, lab coats should protect both the patients, health workers, and students from health hazards within the clinics and hospital settings if used correctly and if you buy the appropriate lab coat designed for clinic use. But within the past decade, studies have shown that there is a gradual decline in the number of health … Read more

How Knowing Your Personality Can Help You Be Better In 2022

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Personality type tests and quizzes are spreading like wildfire all over the internet in recent times. You can barely scroll through your feeds on Quora, Reddit, or Pinterest without finding one or more of such personality quizzes. But only a few are actually interested in answering the question; how does knowing your personality type help … Read more