Best 7 Human Anatomy Movies on Netflix to Chill with

human anatomy

Do you know that watching anatomy movies can be one of the best ways to increase your interest in the study of human anatomy? Watching anatomy movies on Netflix or other video platforms was a very strong cheat code I discovered during my 3rd year of studying anatomy.   I remember vividly, struggling with remembering … Read more

15 Thoughtful Gifts for Anatomy Lovers

Gifts for anatomy lovers

It can be quite demanding to find the most reasonable gifts for your friends who are human anatomy lovers. But whether the person is an anatomy student, an anatomy graduate, a teacher, or a professor of human anatomy, there are always thoughtful low to medium-budget items to gift them that they would deeply appreciate. Talking … Read more

10 Best Bags for Medical Students

best bags for medical students

Having a safe and portable space to keep your medical textbooks, laptops, notebooks and other materials organized and accessible is one of the major survival keys in medical school. In this post, we will be reviewing some of the best bags for medical students to use during clinical rotations to contain your different medical textbooks, … Read more

6 Best Disposable And Basic Stethoscopes by MDF

basic stethoscope

One of the things you must master as a medical professional or a clinical student is getting reliable results when diagnosing or evaluating your patients. It improves your credibility and helps you win your patients’ trust. This can be achieved when you have a good diagnostic tool such as a good basic stethoscope. And as … Read more

MDF Tuning Forks Reviews 2023: Know This Before Buying One

Phase 1 clinical trials

A medical turning Fork is basically a medical equipment/ tool just like the stethoscope basically used to assess the degree of hearing and hearing loss through some specialized tests. It is a medical essential offers a quick assessment of hearing and also predicts the type of hearing loss whether conductive or sensorineural and assists the … Read more

5 PD Kits Reviewed: Best for Medical Students and Doctors

Pd Kit medical school

Having all your medical equipment in one place either as a medical student, doctor or nurse is one of the most professional things to do. It will not only make you appear professional and trustworthy, it will make your life of treating patients easier as you no longer have to search for each instrument whenever … Read more

9 Best Dissection Kits for Medical Students [New Review]

dissection kits

Dissection is one of the interesting practical classes in medical school. Exploring and dismembering the whole of the human body; what do you think that will look like? Thrilling I guess. During dissection, you get to see all the components of the human body, the muscles, tiny nerves, blood vessels, and so on. To me, … Read more

9 Best Laptops For Medical Students and Doctors

best laptops for medical students

Being a medical professional comes at a cost, and if you want to reduce the stress life throws at you in your daily life, you will need to spare some cash and get high-performance gadgets that will make your life easier and seamless. One such gadget is a laptop. Not just any laptop though, but … Read more

Antitheft Backpack With Portable USB: Ultimate 2022 Review

Backxpack medical school essentials

Introducing the Antitheft Backpack You will never use your regular backpack again after using this new antitheft backpack technology called BackXPack. In recent years, a lot has changed about our choice of products which we buy for our use. People are especially interested in how to appear as simple, cute, classy, and at the same … Read more

Top 15 Best Medical Student Blogs Every Medic Must Follow

medical student blogs[1]

Studying medicine requires that you need constant motivation, study guides, and tips from other medical students who must have passed through your level in medical school. This is the reason behind most medical student blogs you see on the net today. And in this post, you will be finding out which website is best for … Read more

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: A Guide On How To Start

Expertnaire affiliate marketing

Expertnaire is a Nigerian digital marketplace for the marketing and sales of digital products. There are different ways to get started with affiliate marketing, but it’s important to research what you want to do and really figure out what you want from this venture. Expertnaire has made it easy for people to get started in … Read more

11 Best Stethoscopes For Medical Students [Reviewed]

best stethoscopes for medical students

If you are looking for the best stethoscopes for medical students, then you must read this! As a medical student, a stethoscope is certainly one of the basic medical gadgets you need throughout your stay in medical school in medical school. Depending on the medical school, you might not see the full need in your … Read more

15 Quality Lab Coat Designs For Use In Clinics

medical student lab coat designs

Ideally, lab coats should protect both the patients, health workers, and students from health hazards within the clinics and hospital settings if used correctly and if you buy the appropriate lab coat designed for clinic use. But within the past decade, studies have shown that there is a gradual decline in the number of health … Read more

25 Best Study Apps For Medical Students To Increase Productivity

best study apps for medical students

Are apps useful for medical students in their studies? Well, the answer is that it depends on what the study app does. During my first year in medical school, just a few days after I got my medical school admission letter, I was head over heels for all the study resources I could find online. … Read more