Biography of Dr. Segun Ebitanmi; C.O.O of Outreach Hospitals Festac

Another Medical Entrepreneur in Nigeria Joined the Medical Entrepreneurship Fest 2020 on this Magazine. This time what we have is a brief biography of Dr. Segun Ebitanmi; A Medical doctor, and Chief Operating Officer of Outreach Hospitals Festac.

Biography of Dr. Segun Ebitanmi

Dr. Segun Ebitanmi was born on the 16th of December 1972 at Markarfi Dalla Hospital in Kano. He attended Primary and Secondary Schools in various parts of the Kwara/Kogi States.

After bagging an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 1998, he proceeded to get certified in information systems management and had entrepreneur training at the FATE Foundation in 2004 (AEP 12).

He recently (November 2015) had a Senior Executive Masters of Business Administration (SEMBA) from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management, United Kingdom (MSBM). In 2006 he, with a group of friends started Synapses, a Medical Information Systems Solution provider, to deliver a national integrated medical information network (medinetNigeria). He was the founder and pioneer CEO.

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Dr. Segun Ebitanmi; C.O.O Outreach Hospitals Festac

He ran synapses for about a decade and delivered information systems to about ten (10) hospitals in Nigeria which include, May Clinics Ilasamaja and the National Orthopaedic Hospitals, Igbobi. He joined Outreach Hospitals in November 2012 as a pioneer Chief Operating Officer with responsibilities to oversee the expansion of Outreach Medical Services.

Outreach Medical Services operates a chain of women and children hospitals in Lagos. Nigeria. Under his operational leadership, Outreach Hospitals expanded to three (3) other locations (Okota, Satellite, and Ajah) within three (3) years, making it one of the fastest-growing hospital chains in Nigeria.

During this period over 60,000 patients were treated and the mortality rate was 0.02%. Currently, Outreach Hospitals is the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Awards (NHEA) “Best Hospital in Secondary Care” 2015. Outreach’s vision is to become the largest hospital group, delivering quality and affordable care, in Nigeria by 2020.

Outreach’s mission is to deliver a system that saves the lives of One Million vulnerable people (babies, children, pregnant women, and elders) in Nigeria by 2020. Segun’s personal mission statement is to deliver a system that will impact the lives of 100million people by 2022. He is passionate about change, plays chess, and follows the total football of Barcelona.

The role of Outreach Hospitals Festac is to ensure the of delivery quality and affordable health to mothers, babies, and children.

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Dr. Segun believes that health workers in Africa should embrace entrepreneurship and own businesses. In his words:

Entrepreneurship is how one man’s greed becomes the solution to everyone’s problem.

Dr. Segun Ebitanmi

Finally, he advices that medical students in Nigeria should pursue a career in Medical Entrepreneurship no matter what they do.

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The Medical Entrepreneurship Fest, December 2020 ends on the 27th of December, 2020. This is an opportunity to make known your businesses to the web visitors on this Magazine without paying any advertising charges.

It is also an opportunity to motivate medical students and young doctors to take up entrepreneurship roles as means of reviving the health sector in Africa.


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