12 Easy Ways To Win Your Clients

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Being a business owner comes with loads of responsibilities. Much of the responsibility comes when you are dealing with clients especially those who are clueless about the services they need you to provide for them. But there are easy ways to win your clients’ trust using simple social media strategies, and all are part of good business practices.

As a business owner, you are the eyes of your clients. It is your duty to help them understand what the service you want to offer them entails especially when you are dealing in an area that requires high-level skills and expertise.

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12 Easy Ways to Win Your Clients’

1. Prepare Ahead To Meet New Clients

The best of the ways to win your clients is preparing ahead to meet them.

It is ideal that as a business owner you are busy with loads of work to do most times of the day. This is never an excuse for keeping new clients waiting before attending to them.

Nowadays, it is hard to find a business that has a monopoly over others, so it is wise to avoid delays in attending to new clients. You should always anticipate meeting potential clients at any time of the day.

One of the ways you can buy time from new clients to do other things is to engage them. It may sound counter-intuitive, but I am talking about utilizing chat automation tools on your various social channels to keep new clients busy. These automated tools include:

Welcome/Introductory Messages

One of the tips for creating a good first impression is utilizing automated chat responses to welcome new clients. You know that feeling that comes from getting an immediate reply when you chat with someone you don’t know. It clears the air and makes new clients feel welcomed.

These tools are present in almost all the social channels used for business; Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. You are missing a lot if you are yet to start using them.

Check out an example of chat automation I set up for my Whatsapp Business account.

easy ways to win your clients - chat automation
Easy ways to win your clients: Example of a chat Automation

Prepare a Catalog that Contains Your Services

This contains a list of all the services you render. It will enable new clients who contact you to get an overview of what you can offer them and easily make a choice from the list of available options.

This tool will not only help you create a good first impression but will also increase your chances of getting more contracts from a single client.

A catalog can be set as an automation message or it can be included in your business profile on your social channels. An example of a catalog set as automation can be seen below.

easy ways to win your clients - chat automation
Easy ways to win your clients: Chat automation with lists of services

Use Forms to Engage them

This is another very important tool you can use to buy enough time from new clients to attend to other things. A form is a tool that will help your clients to specify the details they need in their work.

For example, if you specialize in web design, you can ask questions that will help you know the kind of website a client wants to design, the name, URL, Tagline, about, and so on. Once you give them this form to fill, you will have enough time to attend to other clients as it may take days for them to complete it.

Google Forms will serve this purpose easily.

2. Guide Your Clients in Decision Making

Of all the ways to win your clients, this earns you trust faster.

Another good practice is to help your clients to find out what is best for them depending on what you can offer them. These persons are not experts in your niche, if not they wouldn’t come to you seeking help.

It is always good that you guide them based on the choice from the catalog. You should try as much as possible to understand exactly what they need, not just what they want.

This entails that they open up to you so that you can understand their motives. This is very difficult if you are dealing with distrustful clients, and it can go a long way to affect the quality of work you do for them.

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3. Honesty is the Best Policy

This sentence; “Honesty is the best policy” is already a cliche in business but is one of the best business practices that will increase your possibility of having return clients. Lying can be in many forms, and you must ensure not to lie even about the minutest of details concerning your clients’ projects.

It is better to keep the information secret than to lie about it. Also, if you know you cannot meet the needs and requirements of your clients, it is best to steer clear from the project or refer them to more competent hands. Never make a promise that you cannot fulfill.

Another way that lying can cause great feuds between clients and business owners is the price tag placed on goods and services. For skill-requiring businesses, this is usually not much of a problem as you can charge relative to your professionalism. But one of the good business practices is to be always considerate while doing this.

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4. Give them Your Attention

I don’t need to emphasize much on this. Everyone should know the importance of giving people attention especially when it comes to rendering services. Your clients need that attention to keep going and you as the business owner need it to make your profit.

5. Always Try To Go One Step Further

The importance of value-added services cannot be overemphasized in making your clients happy. It is a good practice if you don’t charge for every service you render to a client.

Everyone likes a give-away, and it can be a great boost to your business. But this does not mean that you should not seek to make gains from every new encounter with your client. But something as little as a free sticker, a free certificate, a pen, will do just fine depending on what your business is.

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6. Communication and Feedback Matters a Lot

There is a very bad culture that people are gradually cultivating since the surge in the use of social media. People often get carried away by new chats and conversations and often forget to give feedback to people based on their various conversations. This is very bad especially if you are a business owner, and you keep losing people daily because of this. One secret to preventing this habit is to keep a diary for all your business meetings and set reminders for them.

Also, try to respond as soon as possible to messages from your clients and ask questions when necessary. Use automated chat response tools to achieve this if necessary.

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7. Aim at Transparency in Your Business Deals.

Transparency is also one of the ways to win your clients faster.

Transparency will help both a business owner and the client to be secured in every contract or business deal. Some practices that can help you achieve this is the issuance of receipts, proof of payment, signed agreements, etc.

This has saved many businesses from a lot of stress. Some businesses even go-ahead to keep records of every transaction and archive them in preparation for possible troubles in the future.

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8. Learn To Say No Gracefully

You will find in the course of your business journey that a lot of clients are tricky, manipulative, and narcissistic especially if they find out that you are new in the business. Business owners are usually desperate to start getting noticed, don’t allow anyone to capitalize on this. Evaluate all your proposals logically, know what you have to gain and what you have to lose, and decide if you should give it a shot.

Then most importantly, always learn how to say no tactfully. One way that works fine for me is to offer another solution to the problem and watch if the clients will say no themselves.

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9. Always Protect Your Client’s Privacy

As a freelancer or other skill-intensive business, you will find that you will be dealing with lots of personal information from clients. It is your duty to protect this information as it boosts the confidence people have in you. You should also reassure your clients that you will protect their personal details which they may share with you in the course of your encounter. This should be well outlined in your business’ privacy policy.

10. Have Your Own Terms and Conditions

As a business owner, it is professional and good practice if you have rules and regulations for your business. These rules and regulations are regarded as your terms and conditions. Your terms and conditions will help you to learn when to say no to the client as I described above. This will also help to protect your business, and will as well increase the trust and confidence your clients have in you.  

11. Always Remember the Magic of the Word – Thank You

This is one word that we use daily and never get tired of. It clears bad air, eases off tension, makes people feel appreciated and accepted. One misconception we often have about saying thank you in business is that we think that it is the duty of the client to say thank you.

But saying it as a service provider adds a lot of value to the service we already provided.

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12. Always Ask for a Review

Reviews are the only way we can know how our clients feel after working for them. It will as well help you know what areas you need to work on when dealing with subsequent clients. It also boosts the confidence your potential clients have in your capacity to deliver effectively the contract they have for you.

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There is no limit to the number of good business practices you can incorporate in your dealings with your clients. But there is no doubt that the above 12 ways listed will definitely help you win the hearts of your clients.

The summary is to do whatever that is necessary to keep people coming back for more of your services. 

12 Easy Ways To Win Your Clients

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