Eazi Care Diagnostic and Clinical Services – Medical Entrepreneur in Nigeria

Meet another Medical Entrepreneur in Nigeria; Eazi Care Diagnostic and Clinical Services.

About Eazi Care Diagnostic and Clinical Services

Eazi Care Diagnostic and Clinical Services was founded by Jude Thaddeus Aliyu (M.D); a trained medical doctor in the health tech field. He is also an Educational consultant, investor in Medical tourism and Telehealth.

Jude Thaddeus Aliyu CEO EaziCare Diagnostic and Clinical Services
Jude Thaddeus Aliyu

Roles of the Eazi care:

  • Medical consultation, laboratory services, and Malaria & Typhoid cover plan.
  • Providing professional and ethical health care services.

Connect with Eazi care

Email: thadmed@gmail.com

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Dr. Jude Thaddues Aliyu on Medical Entrepreneurship

I think health workers in Africa should embrace entrepreneurship and own businesses, because we all work in the healthcare industry and see all the loopholes and stress patients go through to assess health care especially in the rural areas. I believe we have one or two ideas we can implement to improve the quality, affordability, accessibility and speed of healthcare delivery.

We Africans are blessed with ideas, sympathy and skills to do any and every thing we set our hearts to do. We can leverage on all of this talents to solve problems our people face in accessing quality, affordability and convenient healthcare.

Even at that, we should understand that we all can’t be entrepreneurs, some will be, others will be clinicians, either of which you think is your strength, follow it, do it excellently well, be innovative about it, be happy doing it and be the best version of yourself.

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