Why Teaching Entrepreneurship in Schools of Health is Vital

World over, there is this stereotype placed on the health profession; that Entrepreneurship and the Medical profession do not mix. This might be true in some countries outside Nigeria that make the condition of health workers suitable enough that they don’t need to think of alternate sources of income. In this post, I will be sharing with you the reasons why teaching entrepreneurship in schools of health is important.

Also, health practice is founded on core traditional values that rarely creates room for medical students and healthcare workers to think outside the already laid down tradition.

On the other hand, countries like Nigeria care less about the infrastructural development of the health sector. But should the health workers fold their arms and watch the health sector die every day?

This is only going to make the healthcare sector remain below the advances in modern technology and innovation. Hence, creating a huge gap in the quality of life of both the doctors and the patients.

This is the reason why most health workers are adopting the concept of “medical entrepreneurship“. (A medical entrepreneur is a term used to describe health professionals who ventured into the field of entrepreneurship and innovation).

With the decreasing regard for health professionals, and the standard of patient care dwindling by the day, becoming a medical entrepreneur seems to be the most logical solution to improving the quality of health practice especially in countries like Nigeria.

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3 Reasons Why Teaching Entrepreneurship in Schools of Health is important

teaching Entrepreneurship in Schools
teaching Entrepreneurship in Schools

Entrepreneurs are motivated to improve society through innovation and filling the gaps between what is available and what is not.

The reasons why teaching entrepreneurship in schools of health is vital Include:

1. Financial Freedom

One major reason why teaching entrepreneurship in schools is vital is because it raises a generation of health workers who are financially free.

If medical students take up entrepreneurship, upon graduation, they will rarely depend on monthly salaries which from the experience of other doctors, are not always met up with.

2. Freedom from work

Entrepreneurship makes one independent from workplaces that may not really appreciate your contribution. If medical students and health workers are taught entrepreneurship in schools, there is a higher chance that they will take-up private practice. They will find it more satisfying working for themselves.

3. To improve the quality of healthcare given to patients

With Entrepreneurship comes innovation, creativity, and the freedom to think outside the box. Funds to venture into researches that will boost patient care will not be a problem in the long run.

Other Reasons Why Teaching Entrepreneurship in schools is vital Include:

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The First Steps to Becoming a Medical Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur requires open-mindedness and unlearning the things that make you boxed-up in your thinking ability. Do not be blinded by the illusion of the society that health practice and entrepreneurship don’t mix. It seems to be the only reasonable solution to creating a balance between your satisfaction as a health worker and that of patients.

The first step is to start using your creative ability to bring opportunities for change. There is no limit to what your mind can imagine, create, or invent. All you need is to be open to opportunities, and you have started the journey through being a successful healthpreneur.

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Finding a Suitable Health Niche

Finding a separate niche you are good at outside Medicine can be very difficult for medical students. But this step is important if as a medical student, you have decided to consider going into entrepreneurship.

It is good you understand that being a doctor or passing through medical school is not a talent, as anyone with a serious mind can do the same. Finding a niche that perfectly suits you depends so much on your talents.

The good thing about having talents that could be easily expressed like playing football, dancing, music, etc is that it automatically directs you to what niche you should focus on.

But if you are good at things like creative thinking, leadership, speaking, you will find that you may require an extra effort to incorporate such talents into a niche that will make you money.

But you can find it easier to choose a profitable health niche, and venture into entrepreneurship if you look at what other medical entrepreneurs are doing.

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Some Medical Entrepreneurs in Nigeria and their Niches:

1. Dr. Adedayo Oshowolu

He is the owner and sponsor of the Doctors Nigerian Series, he also is the owner of the Kasi doctor application; an app that allows chatting with Nigerian doctors for free. He is also a sports physician.

2. Dr. Fidelis Egemba

He is popularly known as Aproko Doctor. He is an actor and a visual storyteller. His Twitter handle has saved lots of lives.

3. Dr. Bukola Ogunyemi

He is a doctor, a fashion designer, and a lifestyle blogger.

4. Dr. Joel Akande

CEO and Founder of Strategic Insight Healthcare aka THE HOSPITAL. Also, a columnist on Vanguard News.

Most other medical entrepreneurs in Nigeria ventured into the field of telemedicine and innovation in healthcare. But I guess a point has been made; being a medical student should not just revolve within the four walls of hospitals. There should be more to that, and it involves taking up entrepreneurship in your career.

Building Your Niche

The other logical step to take if you are convinced about the niche you want to venture into is to build on it. This is where the real work comes in as you will need have a start-up plan.

This usually involves:

  • Inviting like-minded friends to share your idea with.
  • Saving up some money to invest in the niche
  • Reading necessary materials, attending tutorials, interviewing mentors in the field.
  • Building a support network. This can be done by creating social channels and pages targeted to promote your idea, etc.


In this era, health workers are ideally placed to bring clinical innovations through brilliant ideas to improve the healthcare system in Nigeria.

So developing an entrepreneurial mindset as a medical student could be leverage to help bring these innovative ideas to life.

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