Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: A Guide On How To Start

Expertnaire is a Nigerian digital marketplace for the marketing and sales of digital products. There are different ways to get started with affiliate marketing, but it’s important to research what you want to do and really figure out what you want from this venture.

Expertnaire has made it easy for people to get started in the business by providing tools and resources that help individuals learn how to start the business. For many average Nigerians, the popular opinion is that most youths make real money online only by duping people either through get-rich-quick scams or ‘Yahoo’.  

By making real money online I mean earning from 6 figures in Naira upwards per month.

We do not blame these persons completely for this infamous notion about how to make money online in Nigeria. The blame is on those people who idolize the idea of amassing wealth without good work.

Everyone who make their money online from legitimate means have one thing in common; “They Offer People Real value Which Could Be In Form Of Value-based Services, Products, Or Information Marketing”

The focus of this post will be on how to make money online in Nigeria through Products and Information Marketing. But in this case, the main focus is on Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria.

And you will be learning how you can earn 6 figures and more in Naira per month using the 72 Hour WhatsApp Income Generator Program. Also, called the 72IG Implementation Program.

Note: This post is going to be a very long one, as I will be explaining to you in detail all you need to know about the following;

  • What Affiliate marketing is and What it’s Not,
  • How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria
  • The Best Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria
  • Affiliate Marketing With Expertnaire; An Expertnaire Review,
  • How to Register Expertnaire and a lot more!

So I will advise you to save and bookmark this post on your web browser if you are very busy with something else that can’t wait for later. if not, take a seat, relax and read this post till the end as you will be seeing some results that will blow your mind.

Table of Contents

What Is Affiliate Marketing All About?

cash inside a tiny shopping cart
affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is an offline or online-based business that deals with marketing valuable products to people on behalf of the owners of the product for which you are paid a specified commission for every successful sale you make on the product.

Once many Nigerians hear about online business, the first thought that comes to their mind is MMM, Racksterli, Forex Trading or Cryptocurrency Trading, and all other high Return on Investment (ROI) online businesses.

All the above online businesses have one thing in common; you give out your capital which is always in form of money to a person, company, or purchase a tradable asset with the hope of getting back and not losing a particular percentage of your money in a return within a given time-frame.

But affiliate marketing is different from other high R.O.I businesses in that you do not necessarily need to invest money to make money.

You only need to be a member of an affiliate marketing program to have permission to market their products.

And for some affiliate marketing programs, becoming a member can be completely free, while for some others, membership/gateway to their products is paid for with a very small fee which could be one-time or renewed periodically.

But the most important point is; unlike the other high R.O.I businesses listed above which is like gambling your money for a profit or loss, you can never make a loss in affiliate marketing. And at the same time, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make from affiliate marketing.

All you need is to sell more products and your affiliate earnings also called affiliate commissions will keep increasing.

But for other businesses, a limit could be set for the amount of money you can make at a time.

Note: This does not make engaging in these other businesses a bad idea.

Some people who understand the market dynamics of Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading can make so much money in a month that you cannot make in your one year of affiliate marketing.

But at the same time, people can lose so much money trading assets that they can never recover in a lifetime.

The point is; in affiliate marketing, there is zero risk attached.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria Online

The next important question is; ‘How do I become an affiliate Marketer in Nigeria?

To become an affiliate marketer in Nigeria is as simple as opening a Facebook account. All you need is;

  • A smartphone (Any Android phone would do),
  • A Laptop, and
  • A source of internet connection

The rest is just to know the best affiliate marketing in Nigeria to join and to have the link to their website and registration portal.

Once you have all these, the next thing to do is to visit the website for the affiliate marketing program, register, copy the links to their products from your dashboard and paste them on your website and/or social pages hoping that someone who is interested in the product clicks on your link and makes a purchase from there.

What is the best Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria?

There are many good affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria that you can join today.

Most of them are owned by foreign companies, but some are local affiliate marketing programs.

Why a Local Affiliate Marketing is Best in any Place?

Imagine being a Nigerian and registering with an affiliate marketing program that is based in the United States with up to 80% of their products designed for people in that geographical area, and maybe other western countries like in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc.

In general, it will be a huge struggle to make a single sale for any of such products because you are mainly surrounded by people living in Nigeria.

Even if you want to create a website with content that will target such countries, you will still have to be competing against affiliate marketers from the United States who are marketing similar products on their websites.

And who do you think will rank more on search engines for keywords containing those your products?

The correct answer to the above question is; the affiliates living in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia of course.

“Or else you are very good at Search Engine Optimization, If you want to reach more target audience in your affiliate marketing business, then market products that are specifically designed and packaged for people living within your locality”.

Will Nigerians Buy My Products?

One myth that has been discouraging a lot of people from joining local affiliate marketing programs is the belief that Nigerians do not buy things online, Nigerians do not open Emails, Many People will think it’s a scam, and so on!

Now let’s get this clear!

All the above reasons are just limiting beliefs that have been preventing you to scale your affiliate business.

In the course of reading this post, you will be seeing testimonials from people who have actually made 7 figures and more from just Expertnaire affiliate marketing.

And the good thing is; Expertnaire is a Nigerian-based affiliate marketing.

Examples of Other Affiliate Marketing Platforms One Can Use in Nigeria

  • Jumia
  • Konga
  • Jiji
  • Amazon (Requires you signup from a laptop or desktop to join)
  • DFO
  • M4Trix, etc.

But I have come to the conclusion that Expertnaire is the best affiliate marketing in Nigeria, and you will see my reasons below.

A lot of people will argue that foreign affiliate marketing is the best in Nigeria because it pays in foreign currency.

This is a very valid point because of the constant Naira devaluation.

But let’s talk about conversion rates!

It will take you lots of months, sometimes years of hard work and consistent marketing to make your first sale of foreign products with zero investment.

This means you do not spend money on adverts of any sort or publishing product reviews on press release sites with a very high Domain Authority.

But relying on organic traffics solely for your conversions.

But in less than a month, if you are consistent, using the 72-hour Income generator program, you can make 6 figures from marketing Expertnaire products with completely free organic traffic.

So let’s talk about Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing!

Expertnaire Review; How Affiliate Marketing With Expertnaire Works

I know that if you have read up to this point, you must have been asking yourself; What is Expertnaire all about?

Now below is every detail you need to know about Expertnaire.

Expertnaire is a local affiliate marketing in Nigeria that was created by a Nigerian and specially made for Nigerians.

This platform has enabled many affiliate marketers to make money online in Nigeria by providing very valuable products that every Nigerian is willing to buy.

Who Owns Expertnaire?

Expertnaire was created and owned by Toyin Omotosho, a Billionaire mentor of many, an Online Business Coach, and a Veteran Affiliate Marketer.

He founded Expertanaire in the year 2018.

Today he has been teaching a lot of people how to make money in Nigeria online through the 72 Hour Income Generator Program which he also created.

What are the Expertnaire Products?

The Expertnaire products are mainly educative courses (Expertnaire courses) which are in form of videos, books, and blueprints.

All are digital products, so customers have instant access to such products immediately after they pay for such products.

Why the Expertnaire Courses are Hot Products in the Niche market

The Expertnaire courses are not just the usual courses you can find anywhere.

These courses teach people how to make money in Nigeria irrespective of their social status, and how to advance their career and business in many ways.

They are also not for people who cannot sacrifice their time and money to get real value.

So if you are in this category, it is best not to waste your time reading through till the end.

But if you understand and believe that things of real value do not come cheap and easy, then go ahead and read this till the end.

Who knows?

You may be finding one or more courses that hold the key to financial success and rapid growth in your career.

Some Top Selling Products on Expertnaire

Expertnaire dashboard
Expertnaire Dashboard

I will be listing some of the top-selling products and will be including a short link to access them in case you want to see what they are like or want to take any of the courses.

Make Money Online Courses:
1. The 72IG Implementation Program

This is also known as the 72-Hour Income Generator Program. It is the hottest product on Expertnaire and you will find out why if you scroll through to the end of this post.

2. Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders

The course teaches anyone how to safely use Bitcoin and other smaller Crypto coins to multiply his/her money in 2021 even if they have little to zero knowledge about Cryptocurrencies.

3. Sports Betting Affiliate Commission Machine

Betting is against my principles. I am not a fan of betting my money in games because I am not certain if I will make a profit or a loss. But seeing this course on Expertnaire makes me want to experiment.

4. YouTube Profits Blueprint

The Youtube Profits Blueprint Teaches you how to grow a viral YouTube Channel and turn it into a money-making machine in less than 90 days.

5. 30-day Affiliate Commissions Challenge

This challenge is best for affiliate marketers. And joining it, you will learn how to earn NGN50k – NGN400k in 30 days using free traffic.

6. Turning Skills Into Cash

This course is for Nigerians who are eager to learn a Lucrative skill for free. The program grants you access to the Irish Academy which will be arming you with high-income digital skills for 4 weeks.

7. Work From Home – How to Land Your First Remote Job and Succeed at it

The Work From Home Guide teaches anyone how to land a 6-figure work-from-home dream job and also helps your family and friends to do the same.

8. Freelancer Success Guide

If you are a Freelancer and struggling with getting pitches and converting offers, then you must read through this sure way of earning up to $1000 per month online even without owning your own website and zero capital as long as you have a laptop and internet connection.

9. SkyRoket With Facebook Course

Facebook is one very subtle medium anyone can use to make money in Nigeria online. Benahili Ojeme teaches people how to comfortably bag up to NGN200,000 per month just from Facebook.

10. Autobook Pay Method

The autobook pay method takes diligence and dedication to get good results. But you can earn a free monthly salary by consistently applying the strategy it teaches.

11. The Foreign Copywriting Initiative

This is another course that copywriters will definitely find interesting. It shows you how to earn a $10,000 per month contract to write and consult remotely for a software company in Australia.

12. Toyin Omotoso’s Sales & Marketing Package

A package from the billionaire master himself. The sales and marketing package gives you ethical access to all the best sales and marketing materials that Toyin Omotoso himself has acquired over 10 years.

13. The Millionaire Facebook Group Program

This program teaches anyone how to grow a Facebook Group from Zero to over 300,000 members in 6 months without spending any money on adverts.

14. Google Display Ads training

Are you a blogger who is struggling to gain high converting traffic for your blog? Then this program is for you.

It shows a simple Google traffic system used by some Nigerian webmasters to get tons of high converting traffic to their website.

15. The Freelance Masterclass

This is another Freelance course on Expertnaire that shows a 3-step method one can use to earn up to NGN 672,550 per month with zero capital in Nigeria.

If you think this is too good to be true, then you should see it for yourself.

16. The 10x Ecommerce Blueprint

Looking to set up an online store like Jumia, Konga, Etsy but do not know where to start?

This post shows you all you need to know about setting up a successful e-commerce store from anywhere in the world.

17. Affiliate Marketing With Expertnaire – Joe Okoro

Joe Okoro is a veteran affiliate marketer and a Blogger who started his first online business about 10 years ago when he got fed up with his job.

He teaches affiliate marketing with Expertnaire in his special video training which you must see.

18. Blog Cash University by Joe Okoro

Another training course by Joe Okoro.

Here, he reveals how to create a blog that can earn you close to NGN250,000 to NGN2.5 Million per month.

19. CPA Affiliate Mastery

Their free video training is a guide that teaches you how to earn 7-8 figures from financial markets without trading any currency.

20. How to avoid vagina Injuries at Birth

This book is specially made for midwives and birth attendants.

A veteran nurse teaches how to carry out an injury-free vaginal delivery at childbirth using the newly improved 4 Combination Technique.

21. 28-day Body Transformation Program

This program shows a new way to slim down & get rid of excess belly fat using a special Nigerian diet.

Immigration Courses
22. Canada Visa Guide in 3 to 6 Months

This blueprint teaches you how to successfully and legally relocate to Canada using a special visa route from 2021.

23. 5 Years UK Visa Blueprint

A new blueprint that teaches how to get a 5-year U.K visa without any sponsor, finances, or job offer.

24. Ultimate Move to Canada with Low IELTS Guide

Do you know you can relocate to Canada in a legal way with as low as a 5.0 IELTS score?

You can also learn how to study in Canada as an international student without the need for an agent.

25. Passive Income Machine Master Class

A new Nigerian online income guru teaches how anyone can make up to USD $500 and above by uploading 25-30 page word documents to popular online bookstores.

He called this strategy the Passive income machine.

26. The Brazil Citizenship Report

How to build your family to live forever in Brazil by giving birth to your children there is covered by this Brazil Citizenship Report.

27. Permanent Residence in Canada Blueprint

This blueprint shows a 100% legitimate way to relocate to Canada and live there permanently.

Education, Career and Personal Development Courses
28. Professional Web Designer/Developer Online Training

Instead of going to a computer school that might even charge you very high to learn professional web designing and development, this course covers all for in the comfort of your home at a very affordable rate.

And in case you face any challenges, you have access to Expertnaire customer care on the Expertnaire website.

29. CBL University

The CBL University teaches a step-by-step guide to launching your first profitable Online course based on your skills and experience.

30. Marketing Intelligence – Quarterly Newsletter

Want to become a sought-after well-paid Nigerian copywriter?

Use this simple secret in the marketing Intelligence Newsletter to scale your copywriting skills.

31. App Canvas 2.0

Learn an easy way to build your own mobile app without having to pay those high-charging developers in the market.

Also, learn the most effective way to monetize your mobile apps from this single course.

32. The High-Score IELTS Program

The High Score IELTS program is a course developed by a Nigerian after he smashed his IELTS exam with an average band score of 7.5 after just 2 weeks of preparation for the IELTS exam.

33. How To Turn Yourself into a Live Breathing Cash Machine

The name of this book literally speaks for itself; becoming a Live Breathing Cash Machine.

If you want to break that chain of poverty from your blood, it is a good book to read this month.

It teaches you how to reprogram your mind to attract more money and success into your life.

34. Pattern Making With Ease

If you are a fashion star, then you can gain a lot by learning how to use flat pattern-making techniques to draft fashion patterns that fit in this course.

Other Courses
35. The 7-Figure Export Business Coaching program

This particular training course is old but gold.

It was created in 2018 to teach people how to successfully start their exportation business in Nigeria.

It prides itself to have generated over NGN106,990,920 in 2018 alone for the students who registered with the course that year.

36. IBM – Information Business Machines

This course is worth over NGN200, 000, but is available to anyone at a giveaway price from this link. If you are looking to make it big in your online business, then you should look at what Information Business Machines has to offer you.

36. US Importation Masterclass

Buying products from the United States and Importing them down to Nigeria with the current Dollar to Naira Rates is very expensive.

But this Masterclass reveals a step-by-step process for buying quality products at discount prices from legitimate stores in the United States.

37. The Cut Cost Car importation Blueprint

With just NGN15, 000, you can learn how to import cars at a very low price by watching this video.

38. Seminar Income Blueprint

If you are looking for effective ways to monetize your free seminars in Nigeria, then you should get this Seminar income blueprint.

39. Gumroad Automated Cash Machine

If you are a talented writer, but currently struggling to make good money from your content.

The Gumroad Automated Cash Machine can help you to make an average of $100 weekly creating and selling information products online without creating your own website.

Having seen these brilliant and lucrative courses available on Expertnaire, why wouldn’t you want to join the affiliate marketing platform?

The truth is that there are lots of opportunities for financial growth if you join Expertnaire.

You do not have to look for people that much to sell these products to if you are an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

The people to sell them to are all around you.

How to Join Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

There are two ways through which you can join Expertnaire affiliate marketing.

One requires that you pay the sum of NGN 10,000 on a yearly basis to keep having access to the Expertnaire products, Why the second method is completely free for one year.

Find out more about these two methods below;

Method 1: The Normal Membership Method:

To follow the normal affiliate membership method, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Visit the Expertnaire Website

Step 2: Click on the Affiliates Button on the Menu to Register

Step 3: Then click the Signup Button

Step 4: On the next page, you will be required to pay your NGN 10,000 using your ATM card or mobile transfer.

Step 5: It takes less than 12 hours for you to be registered.

And when it is completed, you should check your email regularly till you receive your login details.

Step 6: Once you log in to the Expertnaire website, you can see your dashboard and the product marketplace where you have access to all the products listed above with your unique affiliate links.

Step 7: Find creative ways of marketing your products on your website and social media pages like; WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Finally, Enjoy your affiliate commissions.

Method 2: One Year Free Expertnaire Account For the 72IG Implementation Program Students

In this case, you get free access to the Expertnaire product for one whole year. And the ticket to this is joining the 72 Hour Income Generator program.

What is this 72 Hour Income Generator Program?

72Ig Whatsapp income generator program
72IG WhatsApp Income Generator

The 72-Hour Income income Generator Program also known as the 72IG Implementation Program is a system that helps affiliate marketers both on Expertnaire and other affiliate marketing platforms to increase their affiliate sales starting from 72 hours of implementing the strategy.

It was developed by the founder of Expertnaire himself; Toyin Omotoso; a Billionaire Mentor and Affiliate Marketing Veteran.

Toyin Omotoso developed the 72Ig affiliate marketing system after thinking of how he can comfortably make NGN750k per month if he was locked down inside a hut in a forest with access to the Internet, a laptop and NGN45,000. He painted the scenario in such a way that if he fails to get a positive result, that would be a death sentence.

After locking down himself for close to a week, he came up with this brilliant masterpiece; The 72-Hour Income Generator Program.

And this masterpiece has turned about 7,000 Nigerians into 6 figure income earners and even more. To learn how you can earn up to 6 figures monthly selling digital products online, click the button below to watch the free introduction video on the 72IG.

What are the benefits of the 72IG Implementation Program?

By registering for the 72 IG affiliate marketing, you gain the following;

  1. One-year free access to the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform
  2. Unlimited access to training videos and resources to help you make your first affiliate commission within your first 72 hours of implementing the program.
  3. Free unlimited access to Premium Books Worth over NGN 45,000 including; Where the Money is and How to get it, The WhatsApp Sales Blueprint, and more.
  4. Unlimited access to irresistible Done For You Templates and Sales copy to use in your Emails and social channels.
  5. Training Video on How to build your mailing list from scratch and how to send automated trojan emails and responses to increase your sales conversion.
  6. Access to web design training; How to buy your domain name and host your own website fully optimized for affiliate sales in less than 2 hours.
  7. Free access to the 72IG Facebook Support Group and Telegram group where other members of the 72IG affiliate marketing support and help each other to grow. And many more!

How to Join the 72IG Implementation Program

  • You can join the 72 Hour Income Generator Program by Clicking on the button below.
  • Watch the pre-sale video by Toyin Omotoso and his team, and click the Register button to get access to the program.
  • Get instant access to the program and take the course
  • Start implementation, make sales, and get paid every Friday

Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable in Nigeria?

It is okay if you are worried about whether affiliate marketing is profitable in Nigeria.

But after scrolling through the pictures below, which contain the dashboard of new affiliates on Expertnaire and how much they make per month, and sometimes per week, you will be able to answer for yourself.

See the testimonials (I have permission to share these testimonials)

  • 72 hour income generator program
  • Affiliate marketing challenge
  • Expertnaire affiliate marketing in Nigeria


Final Thoughts!

Making money online in Nigeria will only be difficult for you if;

  1. You are still battling with limiting beliefs that are preventing you from making real financial progress in life
  2. You are not spending enough time and resources on the right things
  3. You only wait for give-away products to change your financial situation
  4. You spend more money on get-rich-quick scams than you spend on personal development and
  5. Thinking that every online business is a scam.

But if you are ready to let go of your limiting beliefs and join the community of action takers, follow the link below and register for the 72Ig Program today!

I wish you success in your financial journey in life!

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  3. Wow.. it’s quite impressive.. though am a novice to affiliate marketing but i would like to be trained.. thanks sir

  4. I read through the write up its really interesting but I don’t have the money to register for the yearly membership program but if I register for one year free, do I get everything expertnaire has to offer?

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