25 Fitness Questions Which Beginners Ask and Answers

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This article; Fitness questions which beginners ask is unlike the superhero articles we read. It is based on an interview with a fitness coach and his real-life experience, and I bet you will be increasing the enthusiasm you have for staying fit if you truly read through this.

The host is a fitness coach coach named Malcolm, popularly called Anike Chukwuebuka.

NOTE: The Interview was done during the Covid-19 Lockdown, but the information is still useful for fitness freaks.

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The Interview: 25 Questions for Fitness Newbies

fitness questions which beginners ask

1. Hi Malcolm! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview, I know our readers will enjoy it. Can you introduce yourself and describe what you do to our readers?

Malcolm: I am Anike Chukwuebuka, also called Malcolm, a name I took after a black American Muslim and Civil rights activist Malcolm X. I am a young man who is passionate about healthy living, physical fitness, and sports. I am an amateur boxer with the Enugu State boxing club. I love lawn tennis and basketball.

I am also a bodybuilder, though I haven’t gotten to the level of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I have made a lot of progress. I am a fitness trainer and also into the production of locally made makeshift bodybuilding equipment. I think this pretty much wraps everything.

Anike Chukwuebuka’s Facebook Page.

2. You are a medical student surrounded by people who only care much about their books mainly. What made you choose this lifestyle despite all the odds, bearing in mind the mindset of the people in the environment you live in?

Malcolm: I think being a medical student is a career path for me, and a means to serve humanity. But fitness and workout is a lifestyle just like we all have other things we are passionate about; sports and fitness is my passion, though being medical students robs us of the time and energy to explore other passions we may have. I see fitness and workout as something at the very core of who I am.

I can’t imagine my life without it. It’s fun, It’s Rejuvenating, It’s therapeutic, it keeps you physically and mentally alert, makes you resilient in the face of stress. I really can’t imagine being a fitness and workout freak. I grew up loving sports and workouts, especially bodybuilding. I wanted to be a martial artist as a kid. I learned Karate and Taekwondo briefly in junior secondary school.

It was in my senior secondary school that I decided to pursue a career in medicine as a means to be of the greatest service I can be to humanity. But I still kept my childhood dream of being a martial artist and a fitness freak. So even as a medical student and as a doctor when I am done with school, this will always be my lifestyle cos it’s who I am, and the leopard never changes its spots.

3. Do you feel pressure to be in perfect shape?

Malcolm: I wouldn’t say pressure, but I feel it’s a necessity to be in shape. Our body as humans is capable of achieving great feats of strength, resilience, and endurance. I feel my life won’t be complete If I don’t explore all the things my body is capable of doing. You know mental health is the in-thing in this age, but I feel it’s necessary to also build your body fully, just as we equip ourselves mentally and financially in life, I think it’s necessary to also build your body physically to become a fully accomplished human being.

If I had as much money as I want and achieve the highest feat I can In my career, I will be very unsatisfied if I am unfit at that very point. Being in shape is something I owe myself. And it will be a great disservice to me if I allow myself to become unfit and weak while I’m still young and middle-aged.

4. Do you think that living your best life means being fit?

Malcolm: Life has so many necessities. I don’t think living your best life means being fit. If I’m fit and broke, I don’t think it’s something so wonderful, or fit and ignorant or uneducated. But I would say you can’t live your best life without being fit. When we’ve got all we want in life, for me it’ll never be complete without being fit. So living your best life doesn’t mean just being fit. But you can’t live your best life being unfit.

5. Have you always been this way even before Medical School?

Malcolm: Just Like I said earlier, it’s been in for a very long time. I grew up in a rough neighborhood and one of the major reasons I went into bodybuilding is so I can scare off potential bullies. And growing up, I admired potential movie stars and that was one of the things that sparked up the desire for fitness in me.

6. What is the Best Way for Someone to motivate him/herself to get fit?

Malcolm: I think you can do that in a couple of ways. The first thing is to convince yourself that fitness is something so good for you, that you can’t deny yourself. Then look for motivation Everywhere you can find it, Make friends with people around you that are workout freaks, or get a trainer if you can afford one.

He or she will definitely find a way to keep you motivated. You can also watch Youtube videos on fitness Lifestyle, motivation, and workout routines. Follow fitness groups on social media, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

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7. What is your typical workout routine?

Malcolm: My typical workout routine is quite simple: jog, lift weights (Bench press, shoulder press, barbell and dumbbell curls, squats, dead-lifts), skip rope, sprint, abdominal exercises, push-ups, and pull-ups, and general body cardio.

8. Does it drive you crazy when you don’t exercise?

Malcolm: It’s frustrating when I am somewhere I can’t exercise and sometimes depressing too. But I find ways to improvise and adapt as much as I can. If I can’t lift weights, then I do push-ups, If I can’t jog, then I’ll skip ropes more or do jumping jacks more. I always find a way to do some exercises. You Know, where there’s a will, there’s always away.

9. Are you that disciplined in every area of your life?

Malcolm: No, I am not as disciplined as most people think, even when it comes to workout, sometimes I miss my routine of days, sometimes the drive isn’t just there, but I find a way to bounce back, anytime I find myself off track. It’s the same thing with other areas of my life, I try my best to stay on track and remain focused and consistent but there are always lapses but I keep striving nevertheless.

10. Is it possible to have the perfect body?

Malcolm: When you talk about a perfect body, I think it’s quite subjective, various persons have what they consider the perfect body; “We” call it body goals. It’s possible to achieve your body goals, but it takes time and hard work. It could take you years, but if you don’t give up, you will get there someday.

11. What is the biggest mistake that fitness newbies make?

Malcolm: The biggest mistake they make is expecting overnight results. You look at someone in tremendous shape and you want to be like that person in a couple of months not minding the fact that it took them years to get there. This could make you give up easily when you don’t get the quick results you want.

Another thing is not understanding your body type. Like we know, there are mesomorphs, endomorphs, and ectomorphs. Some people naturally build muscle faster, and some people lose weight faster than others. Not understanding your body type is another major cause of frustration which is the major obstacle fitness newbies face.

12. Any advice for Fitness Newbies? How can they Overcome that Mistake?

Malcolm: Take some time and do some study. A lot of information is only a search away from your phones; read up body types, read stuff about being a beginner in a fitness lifestyle, read about fitness generally. A lot of people have gone through it and you find a lot of useful information that will be invaluable in your fitness adventure. You can also get a trainer if you can afford one.

13. The whole world is currently on lockdown. This may affect some people who get motivation from working out in groups with friends. What is your advice to such people? How can they meet up with their fitness goals?

Malcolm: You can create social media groups with your workout buddies and find ways of encouraging one another. You can also afford a group of 2 or 3 individuals around you that have similar goals and you people workout together while observing the necessary safety precautions as much as possible.

14. To someone just getting started, Looking to a healthier lifestyle, and Incorporate fitness, what would your advice be to them?

Malcolm: The first thing I have to say is that you are becoming one of the most important things you can ever be. And you are getting a lot of meters farther away from a couple of health issues. It won’t be easy, there will be times when you feel like this isn’t for you, but just know everyone feels that way at some points.

There will be times when you feel like you are not getting results, don’t let it stop you from doing the work. I promise you in the end, you will never regret it, you’ll be proud of yourself and you will feel accomplished. I’ve trained a handful of people and no one has ever regretted starting, they all have obstacles, but the one that persevered and overcame all of them are healthier and happier than they were before they started and they are very grateful they did every single thing they did.

15. Do you Incorporate dieting to your fitness goals?

Malcolm: There is no fitness without dieting, whatever it maybe you want to achieve, there’s always some dietary adjustments to be made. If you want to build muscles, lose weight, or maintain your weight while staying fit, the impact of dieting can not be overemphasized.

16. Which Played a greater role in building your desired body shape? The dieting or the workout?

Malcolm: Workout. When you are building muscles, you are not trying to lose weight, you need to pay more attention to what you are doing than what you are eating, what you are eating is quite important but what you are doing is more important. Unlike someone who wants to lose weight, some people can lose weight by just dieting without even working out, but no type of dieting will make you muscular without a workout.

17. What does a typical day of dieting include for you?

Malcolm: Mine is simple actually: I can eat anything any random person eats, but I will include two whole boiled eggs, one tin of sardine and one cup of milk, a slice of watermelon, and pineapple, no junks, no carbonated drinks. Mine is very simple as you can see, cos I am into the building and bulking. For someone trying to lose a lot of weight, their dieting plans will be very peculiar to their needs, it must ensure caloric deficit while maintaining a nutritionally adequate diet at the same time.

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18. How would you describe your general philosophy in health and fitness

Malcolm: Health is wealth, staying unfit and unhealthy is one of the greatest forms of disservice anyone can do to themselves.

19. Who or What Gives you the Greatest Inspiration?

Malcolm: The idea of being strong and healthy even when I’m old; gives me the most inspiration. I have met a 96-year-old man who still works out, he drives himself around. I’ve met a 55-year-old man, who can do as many sit-ups as I can do, and also jogs almost as much as I do. The idea of being in mid and late 50’s and still be able to compete with guys in their 20’s, that’s one goal I have that keeps me motivated always.

20. Regarding the lockdown and its challenges, what essentials do we need at home, to get the same results as we would at the gym?

Malcolm: Some people have large spaces at their homes, and some people don’t, so the first thing is to know the exercises that you need to be doing and then the equipment you need, some exercises don’t require any equipment at all, but for a start, a yoga mat and skipping ropes are about the most basic things you will need. You can get dumbbells of various sizes, resistance tubes, and bands. If you don’t have enough space and money, you can get a bench press, and set up for your routine bodybuilding exercises. It depends on your body goals, how much space you have at home, and how much money you have.

21. What does a typical home workout involve?

Malcolm: Well, if you are talking about the workout you can do in your room, you can do all abdominal exercises, push-ups, and squats, you can do some cardio like jumping jacks and jogging at a spot and burpees.

22. What exercises are best for fat burn at home?

Malcolm: Intense cardio. This involves a lot of different exercises, skipping ropes, abs exercises, jumping jacks, burpees, walking lunges, donkey kicks, and a whole lot of others.

23. Are you taking people through body change programs as a personal trainer/coach?

Malcolm: Yes. I have been doing that since 2017, and the testimonies of my trainees always make me feel fulfilled and useful to humanity.

24. How can they contact you?

Malcolm: Anyone interested can reach me via calls or WhatsApp on +2348160825966.24. It would be our Pleasure to link any of our readers who would love to start working on their fitness to you.

25. Finally, Is there something else you would Like to tell our readers?

Malcolm: Nothing that is good and life-changing comes easy, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it, but if you persevere, the rewards by far outweigh the time and effort you put in.

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These are the 25 questions for fitness which answers newbies will find interesting and encouraging for their fitness journey.

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