Madueke Paschal is a Medical Student, Blogger, Internet Marketer, and the founder of Medarchive Magazine.

Brief Biography of Madueke Paschal; Founder of Medarchive Magazine

Madueke Paschal
Madueke Paschal; Founder of Medarchive Magazine

I completed my training on Information and Communication Technology at Upsilon Computers Academy Lagos, Nigeria in 2013, Entered the University of Nigeria Medical School in 2015. He is also a certified affiliate marketer; a course I took on Udemy out of curiosity and for fun.

I created my first blog in 2017 as a Medical Student where I shared health tips I learned from every lecture in class, but I imagined that I wouldn’t create much impact writing on health topics as a Medical Student.

So I decided to blend my experience from Information and Communication Technology with Medical School and what I see daily in Nigerian Hospitals.

My posts are written mainly to share my experience, and to encourage entrepreneurship and Innovation among Medical students, and to guide fellow bloggers by sharing tips on every new stuff I learn.

There is usually a problem of finding a focus in life especially if you are the inquisitive type; always gathering information with no place to offload them or put it to good use. This is why I started blogging; to share my experience in various fields.

I am a very versatile person.

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