PRN Medical Abbreviation: Significance In Medicine And In Nursing

Prn medical abbreviation

I first saw the PRN medical abbreviation used by a medical officer during a medical outreach I attended during my final year in medical school. The outreach was structured in such a way that the medical students manned different stands for history taking, checking vital signs, blood sugar check, urinalysis, and a final stand for … Read more

Young adults with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

post traumatic stress

The term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) obviously highlights a connection of this disorder to trauma, in fact, for many years it was connected to combat trauma. Its history was largely related to war zones and the disorder was often seen as the unfortunate prize soldiers had to pay for surviving in battles fought in … Read more

9 Best Health Niches For Your Blog and Online Business

Entrepreneurship ₦45k

If you are looking forward to starting an online business, a blog, or a YouTube Channel in the health niches, then it would interest you to know that healthcare is among the top 10 most profitable niches for any online business. According to the BalanceSMB, the health industry is currently worth over USD$3.7 trillion and … Read more

WDWN Medical Abbreviation: Meaning And When It Is Used

WDWN Medical abbreviation

To be straightforward, the WDWN medical abbreviation stands for “WELL DEVELOPED WELL NOURISHED”. But if you would like to get more insight on what the WDWN medical abbreviation really means, and when it should be used, then you should keep reading the rest of the post for further information. When is the WDWN  Medical Abbreviation … Read more

MedReminder Review: Best Automatic Daily Pill Dispenser 2022

MedReminder automatic pill dispenser

Adhering to medications can be very bothersome these days with the increasing level of distractions we have around. One of the most promising alternatives is to depend on machines and portable gadgets to help us comply with the medications prescribed by our doctors. One of such machines is an “automatic pill dispenser called MedReminder“. The … Read more

7 Innovative Ideas in Healthcare that Could Transform Nigeria


There are unlimited innovative ideas in healthcare that could be helpful in transforming the Nigerian Health sector. But rarely do we consider these as many hospitals in Nigeria are still holding unto the traditional approach to patient care delivery. Statistics have shown that Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria produce one of the best doctors in Africa. … Read more

10 Crucial Telemedicine Benefits for the Nigerian Healthcare


Innovation in health practice has never been given so much attention as it is now, since the onset of the novel Coronavirus. People are now coming up with new models and innovative approaches that could make patient care more comfortable for both the patient and the doctor. One of the aspects of healthcare that have … Read more

Medical Abbreviations QHS and QAM: Origin, Meaning and Uses

Medical abbreviations QHS and QAM

Introduction: Medical Abbreviations QHS and QAM One misconception about the use of medical abbreviations in health practice especially among patients is that doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health workers use such only with the aim of keeping patients confused or to impress them. This is far from the case. Medical abbreviations are just shorthands used … Read more

What Do The Medical Abbreviations PC Mean?

medical abbreviations pc

Some abbreviations used in the medical field today have more than just one meaning. They could be used in different contexts to mean different things. This post discusses one of such abbreviations; ‘Medical Abbreviations PC’, their meanings, and different contexts in which it could be used. There are over a hundred terms in which the … Read more