How To Lose Weight Without Exercise: Ultimate Guide 2022

In this post you will find an quite old but little known program you can join to lose weight without exercise in a month using a healthy Nigerian food timetable. There are affiliate links on this post too.

Have you ever been body-shamed because of your big body size, and maybe you want to lose some kilograms…

Maybe 5kg


Or let’s say 15kg.

But you don’t have the time for killer exercises that brings you no results?

But this might only be because you have not found a program that can show you how to lose weight without exercise; only a diet or a Nigerian Weight Loss Food that will work best for you.

By a big body size, I actually mean the extra-large body type.

Nigerian diet for fast weight loss
how to become slim without exercise

The type that even when your car breaks down on the road, you find it difficult to enter a bike or share a Keke-Napep with anyone.

If you think this might be you, then you may want to read this through till the end.

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Why Finding A Suitable Nigerian Food Timetable For Fast Weight Loss Is Difficult

Try visiting an ‘average’ Nigerian restaurant and take a look at their menu.

If it’s not rice and stew, then it’s garri or foo-foo, usually with a soup containing little vegetables and a tablet of meat.

On very few occasions, you will find someone who is able to afford an extra fish in their meal.

And very rarely, you will find some restaurants that actually serve a balanced meal.

Now when most average Nigerians are asked their opinion on weight loss foods, what comes to their mind immediately are fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, watermelon, cucumbers, and the rest.

But the fact is that many of these foods may be found expensive for many average Nigerians if they are to be used to organize a standard timetable for weight loss.

Moreover, we have not talked about the cost and stress of preserving the fruits; blending, and refrigeration. So it’s a real hustle trying to adopt fruits mainly as your strategy for weight loss.

But what if there is a way you can get to know those available Nigerian foods you can easily find in your local stores and markets that are very good for fast weight loss.  And also having instant access to the right combination of such Nigerian foods for weight loss, and a community of people who are interested in weight loss, would you be interested enough to join them?

Well, we will find out at the end of this post.

Now, one may go ahead and ask, what are those Nigerian weight loss foods?

Well here they are;

List of Healthy Nigerian Foods For Weight Loss

lose weight with Nigerian food plan
lose weight with a Nigerian food plan
  1. Okro Soup
  2. Sweet potato
  3. Moi-Moi
  4. Oat
  5. Carrot
  6. Garden egg
  7. Rice
  8. Fish
  9. Plantain
  10. Corn
  11. Beans
  12. Orange
  13. Vegetables
  14. Egg

And many others.

But I know you must have already known about these foods before now, and the challenge is how to mix them in the correct proportion and having a standard timetable with the Nigerian food menu as a guide.

The New Program On How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Only Diet

Recently, there is a weight loss program that is specially designed to help people who are interested to lose weight with a Nigerian food plan.

This new weight loss program shares the following;

  1. Ways on how to lose weight without exercise.
  2. How you can copy a fat loss system and how to burn fat fast without exercise from your body permanently without hitting the gym or doing those crazy workouts.
  3. How to lose weight fast without exercise in a month

5 Mistakes People Make When Trying To Achieve Fast Weight Loss

  1. They go on an extremely restrictive diet or starve themselves eg. Chicken diet, starvation diet, etc.
  2. Register at the gym or boot camps and do crazy back-breaking workouts eg, aerobics/killer exercises.
  3. Buy fat loss gadgets. This equipment will not logically help you lose weight eg. Waist trainer, magic girdle, vibrating belt, etc.
  4. Take weight loss pills. These medications alter your metabolism and may end up doing you more harm than good.

And then you find yourself in a never-ending futile cycle with lots of motivation at the start, and then you go on the high gear, till you find out that this is back-breaking and then comes the struggle to continue, and then the burnout comes in and finally the rebound where you return to your normal junk diet.

You end up achieving nothing.

The point is this…

For you to successfully burn fat and actually achieve fast weight loss, you need to first understand how fat accumulates in your body in the first place.

Major Ways Through Which Fat Gets Deposited In Our Body

  • From High-Calorie foods. When we eat heavy foods with high sugar contents.
  • Weight Inducing Drugs. There are some drugs that have weight gain as a side effect like anti-depressants and some fertility drugs.
  • Health-Related Issues such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Hyperthyroidism.
  • Pregnancy

But of all the ways through which we can accumulate body fat, the biggest cause of belly fat is actually the food we eat.

And this is because the majority of the Nigerian foods we eat are high in calories, high in carbs, and high in sugar.

For example, let’s look at our popular pounded yam or even other swallows we eat.

The calories in this one Nigerian diet alone are about 1000 kilocalories.

And maybe after eating this, you also eat some of our popular junk foods like gala, ice cream, coca-cola, cake or even agege bread.

According to the National Health Service (NHS) UK, the recommended daily calorie intake for a man is about 2500 calories and for a woman is 2000 calories.

And if you combine the calories and carbs for the two meals; the swallow and the junks, you will be pushed over the recommended calorie and sugar limit for a day.

If your daily calorie limit is 2000 calories and you eat 4000 calories, you will gain excess weight. And that is because you eat high-calorie-based food like the ones I mentioned above.

And when you eat such high-calorie foods, your stomach and intestine digest them, and the body metabolizes them into glucose that is used to generate the energy needed for your daily activity.

But because the glucose produced is way more than the daily recommended limit for the body, the body produces a hormone called insulin that transports this glucose to the liver where they are broken down to provide energy in the body through a process called glycolysis.

Glycolysis generates energy in the body in the form of ATP which is used in carrying out your daily activities.

The excess glucose which could not be metabolized during the day is converted into fats that are deposited in the various parts of the body like the abdomen, arms, and laps, including the major organs like the liver, heart, kidneys, and even blood vessels.

This is how people become overweight, and come up with heavy laps and arms, pot belly and sagging abdomen like you see in the pictures below;

lose weight without exercise
Ways to lose weight without exercise

It can get worse!

In worse case scenarios when these fats are deposited in your major organs like the heart and blood vessels, it leads to very catastrophic illnesses like atherosclerosis; where excess fat and cholesterol are accumulated in your blood vessels leading to conditions like;

  • Stroke
  • Hypertension
  • Embolisms and all these are major causes of sudden death.

Other illnesses it could cause include;

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Liver disease
  • Mood disorders
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Reproductive disorders that could affect your ability to give birth
  • High risk of cancer and many more.

How Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?

In his free tutorial video about how to lose weight without exercise using a Nigerian food timetable, Nigeria’s top nutritionist by the name Olu called the process of permanently losing this excess belly fat “Thermogenic Metabolism”.

Thermogenic metabolism will help you get rid of this excess fat irrespective of how you gained the fat in the first place. Whether it is from;

  • Fertility drugs
  • Consuming high-calorie foods
  • Pregnancy, etc.

Thermogenic metabolism will help you get rid of this fat permanently.

How Does Thermogenic Metabolism Work?

In thermogenic metabolism, you need to supply yourself with low-calorie foods that naturally supercharge your body to burn all these body fats away.

This is because these low-calorie foods which you must have started eating are not enough to generate enough energy in your body needed for your daily activities.

So the body resorts to those fat stores it had stored up when you were consuming foods with excess calories.

When your body breaks down the nutrient-dense foods, it produces more heat that increases the calories that you burn.

This is because your body goes into its fat store (body fat stored within your organs) to use the excess energy stored there to generate enough heat that melts away all the excess body fat.

So you reach your overall weight loss goals faster.

3 Processes You Can Use To Achieve Thermogenic Metabolism Faster

Step 1: Knowing the Appropriate Nigerian Weight Loss Foods

Consume Nigerian weight loss foods that are highly thermogenic and increase your calorie burn rate by up to 30%

Such foods include:

  • Plantain with vegetable stew
  • Moi-Moi (aka Bean cake)
  • Local rice with vegetable stew

In fact, there are over 35 highly thermogenic secret Nigerian weight loss foods like this that you can eat to lose weight without exercise.

But unfortunately, a lot of people do not know about this secret thermogenic Nigerian food, and they continue to eat junks that cause them to endlessly gain weight.

Science has shown that you can burn away up to 30-35% of excess calories using the thermogenic metabolism approach.

This means that if you eat 1000 calories of one of the secret thermogenic Nigerian weight loss foods, your body will burn around 350 to 400 calories without you doing anything extra.

Step 2: Eating the Nigerian Weight Loss Diets In the Right Proportion

You need to eat these thermogenic  Nigerian weight loss diets in a specific measurement just like in the picture below

Thermogenic Diet with Nigerian foods
How To Lose weight naturally without exercise using a Healthy Nigerian Food Timetable

When you dish your food on a plate, make sure that;

  •  50% of your plate is made of just vegetables
  • 25% should be carbohydrate
  • And the other 25% should be protein

Now this will cover the normal calorie you need in your meal a day and ensure that you do not eat food that contains high sugar and calories that will make you gain excess weight.

But in Nigeria when we eat, most times we have pounded yam covering over 60% of the plate, and another 25% beef or chicken.

And this is what makes a lot of people gain weight because there is too much carbohydrate in our Nigerian foods.

But using the thermogenic method, you need to eat your food differently.

Step 3: Simple But Effective Workout (15 to 20 Minutes Only)

You need to perform simple but effective workouts in your living room and bedroom.

This workout takes only 15 to 20 minutes to perform.

That means you don’t need to kill yourself in the gym all in the name of fat loss.

Benefits Of The Thermogenic Approach Using Nigerian Weight Loss Foods

Nigerian food for fast weight loss
Effect of Thermogenic foods

When you follow these 3-step thermogenic metabolism processes,

  • You will immediately go from excess belly fat to a lean, strong flat stomach just like in the illustration below.
  • You will go from having trouble sleeping, to sleeping like a baby without snoring.
  • You will go from having zero energy to becoming highly energetic and active.
  • Your out of control blood sugar will become a thing of the past
  • You will be able to reverse your high risk of developing diabetes
  • Your metabolism will become faster and will boost your body’s fat-burning process.

Also, using this thermogenic metabolism method, you never have to starve yourself…

  • You eat 3-4 times daily and you eat breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. But you still end up losing weight.
  • You will never have the need to wear your body magic again.

When you lose excess belly fat using the healthy Nigerian food timetable, all the beauty that has been hidden behind that belly fat will suddenly come out.

Lose Weight With A Nigerian Food Plan: Where Do You Start From?

Now that you have learned the ways to lose weight without exercise but using a healthy Nigerian food timetable and the thermogenic process, the next thing remaining for you is to start taking action towards your weight loss journey.

For a lot of people, starting is usually the hardest part of any journey, or else they have someone like a mentor or a coach to personally take them by the hand through the whole process.

So allow me to introduce you to the current best coaching program on weight loss in Nigeria.

If you are looking to start your own journey to massive weight loss with Nigerian diets, then I strongly recommend that you watch this free weight loss coaching video by a Nigerian-based Nutrition on the best Nigerian foods that will help you lose massive weight in 28 days.

The video contains all the information you need for fast weight loss using the 30 secret Nigerian foods for weight loss which I mentioned before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Thermogenic Diet?

Thermogenic diets are those foods that burn more calories than they can provide during the process of digestion. So as you eat more thermogenic diets in your daily life, instead of gaining weight, you tend to lose weight without exercising fast.

How Can I Join The Weight Loss Program

If you are interested to be taken by the hand through the journey on how to lose weight without exercise with a Nigerian food plan, then you should join the weight loss program using the link below.

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Going with this program and using the thermogenic diet approach, you should be able to start seeing results from day 28 of implementing this. That is approximately one month from the day you joined the program.

Can I Still Exercise During The Program?

Based on the program, there are just very simple moves you need to be making on a daily basis, and this will not take more than 10 minutes of your time daily. In fact, if you have the time, combining the thermogenic diet approach with exercise is very effective. But ideally, using this program; you can lose weight without exercise.

Is It Free To Join The Program?

From this page, if you click the join the weight loss program on any of the buttons here, you will be redirected to a website where you will watch a full video on how to lose weight without exercise using thermogenic diets. But to get access to the main program where you will learn of all other Nigerian meals with thermogenic properties, and receive direct coaching and guidance from Coach Olu comes at the affordable rate of N12,500.

Lose weight without exercise diet only
Lose Weight Without Exercise: 28 Days Program

Lose Weight Without Exercise: Final Words

It is very possible to lose weight without exercise but using a healthy Nigerian diet plan which you will get from the program.

All that is required of you is the discipline and willingness to take advice from people who have achieved this before.

And in the video which I shared above contains a couple of testimonials from people whom the thermogenic metabolic process has worked for. I know you are looking to see such testimonials.

Also, once you start your 28 days body transformation program, kindly come back to this blog post and share your testimonies.

I know a lot of people are waiting to see that.

I wish you the best beauty you can transform your body into.

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