How To Make Money On WhatsApp Through Affiliate Marketing

I was discussing with one of my friends a few weeks ago, and he shared with me the story of a guy from Nigeria who legitimately made 250,000 Naira on WhastApp in less than 21 days without paid adverts.

Yeah, you read that right! 250k in just 21 days is the average monthly salary of many Senior Lecturers in Nigeria. Of course, that is when they are on good terms with the government. In other times, most civil servants barely earn more than 150k per month.

I found it difficult to believe this the first time I heard this, till I actually read it from the guy himself who shared how he was able to do this. His name is Sola Matthew; the author of the Whatsapp Sales Blueprint.

And if you read this post till the end, you will be finding out the secret behind the success of Affiliate marketers using Whatsapp!

I will be sharing with you how to make money on WhatsApp without having to do much work.

And the great thing about this method of monetizing your WhatsApp is;

  1. It works perfectly for everyone: it does not matter if you live in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the rest of the world, once you apply this method, you are most likely to turn your Whatsapp account into a money-making App.
  2. It is easy to implement: You do not need to be a tech guru to implement the steps. I have included a link to a video below on this post that will guide you on how to make money on Whatsapp.
  3. You can start making your first money on Whatsapp within the next 72 hours if you start the implementation on time.

Table of Contents

What are the ways of making money from WhatsApp?

People often ask me; how can I make money on WhatsApp? And below is my answer;

I have heard of the WhatsApp earning app, Whatsapp T.V, and so on. Also, most people use their Whatsapp accounts to advertise their offline business with the hope of getting more customers.

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There are lots of other ways through which you can make money from your WhatsApp account, I will list some of them below.

But in the end, I will show you the best way to make money on WhatsApp.

1. Creating a viral content

There are lots of URL shortening services online that pay people for generating traffic once they invite their contacts to click on the link.

Such websites make money by running adverts for companies.

An example of a URL shortening service that can pay someone for generating traffic for them is

People who earn money from this register with such URL shortening services using their email address and password.

Once they have created an account, they have access to lots of viral content which comes in the form of videos, articles, news, etc. So they shorten the link to such articles and videos and share them with their WhatsApp contacts. And the more clicks they get on their links, the more money they earn.

2. Paid Per Download Networks

Some other companies pay people to help them market their videos, mobile apps, and pictures. The job of these persons is to post such videos on their Whatsapp status, groups, and broadcast lists, hoping that their friends will download them.

The more downloads they generate for the company, the more money they make.

3. Promoting Applications

This works just like the paid-per-download Network. The more downloads you generate for the owners of the application, the more money you make.

Why I Hate The Above Methods of Making Money on WhatsApp?

I personally do not like the above 3 methods I listed on how to make money on WhatsApp, and here is why;

I am a very private person, and I hate spamming people’s inboxes with links because it is unethical. And I bet a lot of people reading this post also share similar values with me.

It is not advisable to spam people’s DMs on WhatsApp even if they are your close friends, if not they may not mind blocking you for good or muting your messages.

But of course, whatever you post on your WhatsApp status is your business, and you cannot be banned or penalized by anyone because of it.

But there are ways of ethically maximizing the little views you have on your Whatsapp status and start making good money.

4. Affiliate Marketing; The Fastest and Best Method to Make Money on WhatsApp

I started affiliate marketing some months ago, and here is what I noticed;

Most affiliate marketers rely just on organic traffic from Google, Email Marketing, Paid Adverts on Facebook, Google, etc to make sales…Only about 2% of affiliate marketers utilize the power of WhatsApp in increasing their conversion rates.

Affiliate marketing is the secret answer to how to make money on Whatsapp in Nigeria or wherever you may be all over the world.

But you need to learn how to make good sales from the right people before you actually launch into the process.

Do not make the mistake I made within the first months of my starting affiliate marketing. I did everything on my own without the help of anyone. And it only wasted my time and mental energy which I could have spent on other things.

All I needed was a mentor, someone who has done this before, and pay whatever price it would have cost to turn my Whatsapp into a cash-breathing application on my android phone.

My story in affiliate marketing started turning around for good when I a friend introduced me to a 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator program (72IG Implementation Program); 12 days of training in affiliate marketing.

This program taught me how to generate organic traffic and make my first sale on the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program using my Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

In the course of my training, I met great masterminds like Toyin Omotosho; a Nigerian 9-figure income super affiliate on Expertnaire and the founder of the 72IG Implementation Program. I also met other top 7-figure income affiliates on Expertnaire.

Why WhatsApp is the Best Platform to Scale Your Affiliate Business

whatsapp application screenshot
How to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

1. It is Easy to Manage

WhatsApp requires no special technical know-how to operate. It is arguably the simplest messaging app with the largest number of users.

2. You Reach a Wide Audience Easily

WhatsApp is one of the best ways to get tier 1 organic traffic for your affiliate links, websites, and blog.

More than 75% of adults globally use Whatsapp as their major messaging app. So you can reach a wide range of audiences if you employ the right tactics which you can learn from the 72IG training. Or from the video, I will embed below.

3. You can Easily Track Your Audience

WhatsApp Business app has a lot of features that can help you track all your clients and customers who indicated an interest in your business.

4. You Have a Loyal Network of Fans

In the Whatsapp space, you have a consistent number of people who engage with your posts if you apply the right strategy.

There is a potential that once in a while, you may market an affiliate product that will be appealing to them.

5. It saves a Lot of Money

The traffic you gain from WhatsApp is completely free and organic. It helps you save the cost you spend on paid adverts on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

6. You can Incorporate Coaching, Training, and Webinars

I made my first sale on WhatsApp after a free webinar I conducted to teach people the introduction to web design.

Organizing free classes and tutorials is among the best ways one can make affiliate sales on Whatsapp, and it is very easy to organize.

Getting Started: How to Make Money on WhatsApp

Step 1:

The first step is to download Whatsapp Business mobile app (Whatsapp For Business). The app is available for free on the Google play store. Or search for Whatsapp Business Plus apk download on Google. You will find the link to download it.

WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp

You may be wondering why you need a Whatsapp Business app, instead of the normal Whatsapp app or even the GB Whatsapp to start making money.

Here are the WhatsApp Business Features that make it stand out among other brands of WhatsApp;

  1. You can set up a professional Whatsapp Business profile using it
  2. You can set automated quick replies to people’s messages and engage your customers even when you are offline.
  3. It has Automatic Away messages for when you are offline
  4. You can use contact labels to classify your clients and customers. Like; Owing, paid, follow up, bought, etc.
  5. You have access to your message statistics
  6. You can add your business catalogs and list your services on your profile.
  7. Easy to set interactive business messages
  8. You can integrate Whatsapp Business with Facebook Shops
  9. You can collect payments using Whatsapp (Only available in India at the moment), e.t.c.

How to Create Your WhatsApp Business Account

After downloading the Whatsapp Business App, follow the auto-guidelines on the app to set up your Whatsapp Business account. Include you;

  • Business name
  • Tagline/Description
  • Business Type
  • Business location
  • Business Opening Hours
  • Services
  • Website (If any)
  • Phone Number
  • Business email, etc.

Step 2: Join an Affiliate Marketing Program

An affiliate marketing program is the type of online business that pays you to sell products for companies.

Some examples of such affiliate programs include;

  • Jumia
  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • JVzoo
  • Warriorplus
  • DFO
  • M4Trix, etc.

All of the above are foreign affiliate marketing programs.

But if you are based in Nigeria, and want to make money on your WhatsApp business Account, I recommend strongly that you join the most promising affiliate marketing program in Nigeria called Expertnaire.

Expertnaire is a local affiliate marketing program created by a Nigerian. It has very high paying affiliate commissions of up to about 50% and almost all the products are digital products and courses which are top-selling in many niches.

It costs only 10,000 Naira per year to register as an Expertnaire affiliate.

Step 3: Find the Right Mentor and Start Making Sales as soon as possible

One way to go about making money on Whatsapp through affiliate marketing is to “Do it yourself”, and waste time and energy figuring out how best to make conversions. Or you can subscribe to the form below to watch a free video on how to sell on WhatsApp like a pro.

Step 4: Start Implementing What You Learned and Start making Good Sales

If you apply all the steps I listed above, you will not just learn how to make money on your WhatsApp status, but how to make money on Whatsapp status views.

If you read that right, you will find that the above two sentences are very different, though they sound alike.

I know some people who have thousands of Whatsapp status views but still do not make a dime from it. But with a quality view of your WhatsApp status, you have a higher potential of making an affiliate sale.

So the whole idea of the 72IG implementation program is to teach you how to find the right audience and the right views on your status which converts into sales.


Selling on WhatsApp can be intimidating especially if you have never sold anything online before.

But if you have the right guidance from people who have been doing this business before you, then you have been given a headstart to skyrocketing your own business using WhatsApp.

As I mentioned earlier, you can earn up to 5 to 8 figures using a simple strategy that has been working for WhatsApp entrepreneurs before you. And all these secret is contained in a minute’s video which you can get access to by subscribing to the form below.

I wish you the best in your online business!

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