Best Guide On How To Study In Canada Without IELTS In 2022

How To Study In Canada In 2022: A Masterclass For International Students. You will find some affiliate links on this post.

There are many career pathways you can choose after your undergraduate program at the university. One of such pathways is searching for greener pastures in western countries with better opportunities or choosing to further your career as a master’s or Ph.D. student depending on your choice in life.

Speaking of a western country with greener pastures, there are a couple of reasons why many international students choose Canada among others. Apart from the fact that Canada is looking for skilled workers, the working condition there is also favorable for education.

They offer scholarships for international students, affordable opportunities for people who would like to further their educational career,s and give the opportunity for one to settle down permanently as a full-time Canadian resident while also having a good job as a foreigner.

Because of the number of people looking for greener pastures and opportunities to leave their current country of residence to Canada, it is not uncommon to find people in the country who take advantage of this to extort people in the name of being relocation agents.

On the other hand, relocating to Canada requires that you get a minimum of 7.5 band score in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or pass the Occupational English Language Test which costs a huge sum of money.

Let us also not forget the cost of acquiring a visa to study in Canada. All these lead to an over-exaggerated cost of relocating to Canada for average people who are just looking for better opportunities to further their studies.

However, if you are interested in finding out the following;

  • How to study in Canada as an international student without the need for an agent,
  • How to study in Canada without IELTS in 2022, and
  • How to study in Canada and work as a permanent resident after you must have completed your education program,

Then this post is for you.

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How To Study In Canada Without IELTS In 2022 As An International Student

how to study in Canada as an international student
How to study in Canada without IELTS 2022

If this is you, and you would like to relocate to Canada while having access to all of the above-mentioned benefits, then allow us to introduce you to this How TO STUDY IN CANADA MASTERCLASS BY MICHAEL APATA, a Nigerian born Ph.D. student at the University of Manitoba, Canada.

In this masterclass, you are going to learn exactly how you can relocate to Canada as a student without IELTS and become a permanent resident after your education.

But before we introduce you to this masterclass, let us look at the other requirements which you will need to meet before you can start pursuing your plans to study in Canada.

Study In Canada Requirements: Finance

According to the latest Canada immigration news at WorkStudyVisa, in order to pursue your education career in Canada, you must meet the minimum financial requirements for international students to study in Canada. For this, you must provide proof that you have sufficient funds needed to take care of your tuition and cost of living.

Below is a list of proof you must have to meet the financial requirements:

  1. The proof of your Canadian bank account stating the money you have transferred
  2. A proof of your Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a Canadian bank.
  3. Proof of education or student loan from a bank
  4. Your bank statement of account for the past 6 months
  5. A bank draft that can be converted to Canadian dollars
  6. A proof of your tuition and housing fees
  7. A letter from your sponsor, guardian or person or school giving you the money
  8. Proof of funding paid from within Canada, if you have a scholarship support program.

Furthermore, you must bear in mind that it will cost you thousands of Canadian dollars for every year you spend after your successful relocation.

Study In Canada Requirements: Visa

After you must have met all the financial requirements, the next step is to make sure you meet all the requirements for the study in Canada visa.

You will have to get ready the following support documents and submit them to the appropriate authorities;

  1. A scanned copy of your passport to prove that it is valid
  2. A document of your travel history with the blank pages scanned too.
  3. Clearance from the police in your country of residence to ensure that you have a clean criminal record.
  4. A letter of declaration from you to the Canadian government explaining to them why they should give you a visa to study in Canada.
  5. Two passport photographs that meet the Canadian photo requirements
  6. Medical tests and examinations
  7. Your curriculum vitae stating your educational and employment status.
  8. A proof that you can fund your tuition and cost of living

Passing Your IELTS Exams

We have promised to share with you in this masterclass a secret that you can apply to study in Canada without having to write the IELTS exam. So to find this out, you will have to enroll in the masterclass.

Applying For Canadian Schools

Study in Canada from Nigeria
Study in Canada from Nigeria

After you must have decided on a suitable program you want to pursue in Canada, the next step is to find a school that offers such a program. You will then have to apply to this school to get your acceptance letter from a Canadian designated learning institution and also to get your study permit.

Canadian Scholarships For International Students

It is possible to study in Canada for free. There are plenty of scholarship opportunities to study in Canada for international students. But these opportunities vary depending on your field of study, your research, or your country of origin.

If you are looking for such scholarship opportunities to study in Canada for international students, then you must keep your eyes and mind open to opportunities.

How To Study In Canada For International Students: FAQS

Study In Canada Requirements and FAQ
Study In Canada Requirements and FAQ

What Is A Designated Learning Institution?

These are schools in Canada that are permitted by the Canadian government to admit international students in Canada.

All the primary schools and secondary schools are categorized under Designated Learning Institutions and can admit international students. But not all tertiary institutions are Designated Learning Institutions. So you must confirm if the school you want to apply to is a Designated Learning Institution before you proceed with the application proper.

Is It Possible to A Change Of Institution Or Program While On a Study Permit?

Yes. Once you have the Canadian study permit, you have the right to change your school or institution any time you want.  But make sure you follow the right procedure.

Can I Study In Canada And Work As I Study?

One of the ways through which international students are able to maintain balance while in school is by working outside school hours. Yes, as an international student studying in Canada, you have the right to choose if you would like to work or not.

This will go a long way to offset the cost of living and your tuition fees.

As an international student in Canada, you can work part-time during school periods and full-time during summer breaks.

Can I Bring My Family With Me While I Study?

If you are an international student studying in Canada and are married with children and you wish to bring your family members with you on your study trip, then this must be put as a special consideration in your Canadian permit.

However, you must note that including accompanying family members as part of your study permit could influence the decision of the Canadian visa officers. Meanwhile, if you are approved as a family, your spouse will be able to work full time in Canada and your children will be able to enjoy free education too.

Do I Have A Health Insurance As An International Student In Canada?

If you are worried about whether you will be covered by Canada’s healthcare system, then you must know that all international students in Canada must have healthcare coverage.

While some Canadian provinces offer such health services for free to international students studying in Canada, in others, you will have to pay for such health services.

Can I Live Permanently In Canada After I Graduate?

One of the tips you will be learning from the study in Canada masterclass is how you can get a job after you graduate from your program as an international student in Canada.

Canada makes it easy for international students to become permanent residents in the country if it is their choice.

The PG work permit (Post Graduate Work Permit), makes it easy for international students to stay in Canada and work for up to three years after graduating.

After you must have completed your first year of work in Canada as an international student, you can then apply as an international resident.

Introducing The Study In Canada Without IELTS Masterclass: 93% Of Applicants Do Not Know This

Just like we said earlier, it is possible to relocate to Canada as a student without IELTS and even become a permanent resident after your education while securing a good job that pays well.

All this information is contained in the Study in Canada Masterclass created by Michael Apata, a Ph.D. student of Manitoba, Canada where he shared his own secret on how to study in Canada as an International student.

In the blueprint, you are going to learn the step by steps followed by Michael Apata to successfully move to Canada as an international student, and also become a permanent Canadian resident all without an agent.

In this masterclass, you can follow his guide in the blueprint to achieve the same for yourself or your children in the next couple of months.

Here Are What You Will Learn From This Masterclass:

  • How to search for a suitable school for your education program that will save you a lot of stress and unnecessary agent fees.
  • How to get an undergraduate admission to schools in Canada
  • You will discover special programs that can help you relocate to Canada outside the regular undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • You will get a birds-eye view of the cost of living as a student in Canada. This is a very important aspect of your immigration journey to Canada. Knowing this ahead of time will help you with inadequate planning.
  • You will learn how much your tuition fee is and how you can conveniently pay them.
  • You will learn the secrets and tips you can use to increase your study in Canada visa chances.
  • You will learn how to write an exceptional statement of intent that gets you admission.
  • You will learn how to secure your first job fast upon landing in Canada as a key to sustaining yourself.
  • There are certain things you must know if you are married with children and would like them to join you while you relocate to Canada. You will learn them in this masterclass.
  • Becoming a permanent Canadian resident after successfully completing your education program is the hallmark of your immigration to Canada. There is a whole video dedicated to this in this masterclass and you will have access to it.
  • You will discover the strategies to fund your education without help from parents, guardians, or the government.

All these you will have access to if you fill out the form above and enroll for this masterclass.

How To Study In Canada Without IELTS: Final Words!

Finding out how to study in Canada as an international student has been the dream of many people who are looking for opportunities to procure a better career and life both for themselves and their families.

It is a piece of scarce information that a lot of people are willing to pay almost any amount to get access to, and all of this information is contained in a single masterclass.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it was not just by chance that you landed on this page. So make it worth it by getting into the masterclass by clicking the button below.

This masterclass will not be up for too long, it was created for a limited number of persons, enroll now while it’s still live!

Wishing you the best in your immigration journey to Canada.

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