7 Best Free Medical Schools In US

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The cost of medical education constitutes a significant problem for many prospective medical students. This, however, shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing your ambition to become a medical professional. With the right information, you could land yourself a full scholarship to study medicine in one of the best countries for medical education in the world, like … Read more

Is Pharmacy A Good Career Choice? [Ultimate Guide 2022]

Is pharmacy a good career choice

The question, “Is Pharmacy a good career?” has been a wind ravaging through the forest of minds. At an alarming rate, the number of pharmacy graduates is increasing significantly making people wonder how pharmacy as a career will be in the nearest future. “At this alarming rate at which pharmacists are being produced, I think … Read more

7 Best Private Universities in Nigeria offering Medicine and their fees

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There are lots of considerations to make before applying to a medical school in Nigeria. While the location of the medical school, admission requirements, infrastructure, and current accreditation status are important, one of the very first things a medical school aspirant looks out for before filling out an application form is the cost of studying … Read more

Medical School Headshot: Is A Professional Headshot Worth It?

medical school headshots

Every year, new batches of medical students and residents are required to present a professional photograph. This is either for the application process in which case it is called a medical school application headshot or a medical residency headshot. Or it could be for other purposes like course registration, and exam registration (green book) in … Read more

How To Get Admission Into Medical Schools in Nigeria: Best Guide 2022

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By reading this post till the end, you will have a bird’s eye view of the nature of medical schools in Nigeria, how to get admission to study medicine in Nigeria, and the nature of MBBS programs in Nigeria. Medicine and surgery is the most sought-after health-related course in all Nigerian universities with over 400, … Read more

Studying Medical Radiography In Nigeria: Best Guide 2022

Studying Radiography in Nigeria

In recent times, there has been a steady influx of people into the Radiography profession following the realization, awareness, and consciousness of the public about the profession and what it offers. An average secondary school leaver wishes to be called a radiographer aside from being a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or engineer as it used to … Read more

6 Important Roles of Medical Radiography in Patient Care


The roles of Medical Radiography in patient care are often under-emphasized. The task of patient care and the provision of quality medical assistance is one that is all-encompassing and all-embracing since the betterment of a patient’s health condition is the primary goal of any healthcare giver. It demands the collaborative and synergistic efforts of all healthcare … Read more

12 Helpful Tips for An Aspiring Medical Student

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Aspiring medical students are usually choked up with tons of information on how to get into medical school. This is usually because of the highly rigorous medical school admission requirements. So it is just natural for medical school aspirants to look for any information that will help them easily pass through this rigorous admission process … Read more

10 Best Medical Schools For Older Students

10 Best Medical Schools For Older Students (1)

Going to study medicine as an older student can be very daunting. However, finding the best medical school for older medical students is much more difficult. Bearing in mind that there is so much competition due to the large number of the younger population who are also trying to get into a medical school, many … Read more

Studying Medical Laboratory Science In Nigeria: Best Guide 2022

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Medical laboratory science, also known as med lab science is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria. Reliable statistics have shown that every year, thousands of students who are seeking admission into the university apply to study medical laboratory science in Nigeria. There is no doubt that studying med lab science in Nigeria is … Read more

12 New Courses in Nigerian Universities From 2021

New courses in Nigerian Universities

There are many new undergraduate courses starting this January 2021, and as well there are new courses in Nigerian Universities that were recently introduced. The University of Nigeria, Nsukka is one of the most sought universities in Nigeria my students from post-secondary school education. In recent years, there are New courses in Nigerian Universities. Some … Read more

How Long Is Medical School In the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Nigeria?

how long is medical school?

Medical school is a long and hard journey. However, the process is worth it when you visualize the rewards that come with being a practicing physician. The medical school encompasses both classroom and clinical training which goes on for a couple of years depending on the part of the world you live in. In this … Read more

6 Career questions for students before Choosing a Course to Study

Medical school exams in Nigeria

As time flies, many secondary school graduates (pre-degree students) will be making a lifetime decision that will affect their whole career path; filling their Jamb forms for the course they will study at the University. These 6 career questions for students should be answered without bias, before they fill a JAMB form, or while choosing … Read more

10 Best countries to Study Medicine for International Students

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One of the biggest decisions for a premed who is ready to enter medical school is finding the best medical school to apply to, and this involves looking out for different places in the world with the best medical schools. Being an honorable profession, medical students in most countries are treated with the utmost respect … Read more

Dentistry Vs Medicine: Best Education, Career, Salary [2022]

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Medicine and Dentistry are the chiefs of all medical courses and arguably the most lucrative of them all. They are also very closely related in many ways that some people still find it difficult to point out any differences between the two courses. But in this post, we will be comparing Dentistry vs Medicine so … Read more