Memories of Ani Collins: Nigerian Medical Student

Ani Collins Chigozie was a classmate and a good friend. The post contains memories of Ani Collins Chigozie: A Nigerian Medical Student who died of an unexplained illness. He was a member of Med. 021 class UNTH (Medical student at the University of Nigerian Teaching Hospital, Ituku Ozalla).

Below is the information provided by a close friend who visited the place of his death:

Collins went to the village, came back 2 weeks ago and started having fever…Took Malaria drugs, it got better.

Days later, it started again, he was vomiting profusely…

Was on Oxygen throughout yesterday and later gave up early hours of today

SOURCE: OGBODO ANTHONY EZENWA (Medical student at UNTH, and Collins’ classmate)

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Memories of Ani Collins: About Him

Collins was very intelligent, smart, jovial, easy-going, and full of life. He was in his 5th year (500 level) in the Medical school before his death. He was once the best student in his class for a test in Pharmacology. His Passion for Paediatrics was so much for a course that is dreaded by almost everyone in Medical School. One could say that future babies have just been denied the benefit of being with one of the best pediatricians yet to come.

He was also a proud member of the Church of Christ. He was an ardent Christian,

He left different memories in the minds of his classmates; the members of Med 021 class UNTH. The memories of Ani Collins even if forgotten in the minds of men, will continue to appear on the pages of search engines.

The rest of the memories are contained in the pictures and screenshots from the Whatsapp statuses of colleagues and friends which could be viewed in the carousel below.

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Possible Cause of Death

Ani Collins died of an unexplained illness. Though the cause of his death is yet to be ascertained medically, some of his symptoms are in line with that of Yellow fever; an illness that is currently spreading like wildfire in the South Eastern region of Nigeria; Nsukka and Enugu precisely.

Get Vaccinated Against Yellow Fever

So it is advisable, if you are reading this, to find a health center and get vaccinated as soon as possible, as the vaccination is free for most health centers.

Also, if it is possible, get vaccinated against other illnesses that are endemic in Nigeria.

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Short Video From a Friend in His Memory

Memories of Ani Collins

All the memoirs couldn’t be uploaded so as to maintain an efficient user’s experience.

You can make use of the comment section if you have memories of Ani Collins you would like to share.

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  1. May his soul rest in peace with God

  2. Ani Collins, your death hit hard. I cried for hours hoping you would wake up and start laughing at us for thinking you were dead.
    You were a true friend and will forever be in my heart. God bless your soul and take care of the family you left behind.


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