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New Affiliate Marketing Challenge: Earn Up to ₦150k Weekly!

The one million Naira Affiliate Marketing challenge is an ongoing campaign to build a community of Affiliate Marketing Millionaires using the Secret Failure-Proof Affiliate Marketing System

There has been an ongoing revolution in online business over the past decade that has captured the attention of a good number of Entrepreneurs.

At the core of this revolution lies affiliate marketing which involves the utilization of available online resources to draw attention to a good or service to earn a commission if it’s successfully sold.

But I am not going to insult your intelligence by boring you with any of those copied scripts used by copywriters to overrate the value of what I am about to share with you. You most probably must have seen some of those sales copies somewhere else.

So I am going to be absolutely honest with you and drive straight to the point about the  ₦1 Million Affiliate Marketing Challenge.

But before then, let me reveal this three-year-old secret of top affiliate marketers that have been responsible for the recent rise in the number of young affiliate marketing millionaires in Nigeria.

The Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers Revealed

Top affiliate marketing secret
top affiliate marketing secrets revealed

Every one of us have tried affiliate marketing in one way or the other.

Whether you are recommending the Kilimanjaro Pizza over that of Shoprite and vice versa or you are an agent that shows people the best sites to purchase a land.

All these are forms of affiliate marketing and we all have done so in one way or another.

But some people actually took this to another level and have promoted products for many big brands we know using a framework that claims to help you generate hundreds of sales online like a robot and make you huge profit in less than 24 hours.

…and of course, they will sell you systems that never work.

Some people ended up giving up hope completely for this affiliate marketing thing.

But they are not to be blamed because they were not shown what these top affiliates do to actually skyrocket their affiliate sales and commissions.

So What Do These Affiliate Marketing Millionaires Do?

Three years ago, sometime around the middle of the year 2018; a young man from Nigeria after many years of frustration finally cracked the code to affiliate marketing.

This secret code was borne out of desperation.

You may have heard of this story somewhere else, but I will be repeating it to help me drive home a very important point.

So this young man asked himself;

“What If I Find Myself At Gunpoint and all I can do to save myself from the hands of the kidnappers is to create a No-Fail System that can predictably generate ₦750,000 monthly within the space of one week, and this system is meant to start generating results within 72-hours of implementation. And all needed to achieve this was just a laptop/phone, and internet connection”
Affiliate marketing challenge
Yes! He literally Locked himself up for 7 days

This thought alone was inspiring enough to spur him into action and he launched one of the most profitable affiliate marketing system used by top affiliate millionaires in Nigeria.

He locked himself in his room for one week and came up with the 72-Hour Income Generator Program…Also known as the 72IG Implementation program for short.

This idea turned this man into a billionaire.

He is also the founder of Expertnaire, and he is the legendary Toyin Omotoso; the teacher of over 7,000 affiliate marketers in Nigeria.

So why is this story so important?

This affiliate marketing network called Expertnaire has given birth to just about 7,000 affiliate marketers who market about 47 to 57 unique products to over 200 Million Nigerians.

Many are still joining daily…

But here’s the problem;

After they join, they get lost in a never ending cycle looking for the best strategy to promote the products in their niche.

And only those who are under a community of like-minded affiliates or a coach end up dominating in sales.

So what if I show you a way you can consistently make sales online as an affiliate marketer, and all that is required of you is just 1 hour of your time daily for one month to completely set up your framework, would you be interested enough to start putting it to work within the next one week?

Well, we will find out at the end of this post.

The Dark Side Of The Top Affiliate Marketing Secret Revealed

A lot of people jump into affiliate marketing with the goal of becoming free in life, and not being stuck with that 9 to 5 job.

But there’s a secret that top affiliate millionaires do not want you to know especially if you are just planning to get started with affiliate marketing.

The secret is that once you start seeing results like the one in the image below, you get addicted.

Affiliate marketing challenge
Affiliate Earnings

More especially is if you receive such notifications with your own name attached, as my name is attached in the notification below;

Affiliate marketing challenge

Everyday, you see yourself pushing harder to get more and more of such notifications, and the cycle continues.

Well, I have no problem with this at all as long as I enjoy what I do; making new sales and seeing new results.

And if like me, you consider this a ‘good-dark-side’, then I have good news for you…I will show you how you can turn this dream into a reality using the 1 Million Affiliate Challenge.

Unveiling The ₦1Million Affiliate Marketing Challenge

The one million Naira Affiliate Marketing challenge is an ongoing campaign to build a community of Affiliate Marketing Millionaires using the Failure-Proof System mentioned earlier in the story.

You using this same technique, you can be able to earn up to ₦150k weekly.

The ₦1 Million Affiliate Marketing Challenge was founded on the 4 secret codes of top affiliate marketers which include;

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Networking
  3. Niche Expertise and
  4. Community Strength/Sense Of Belonging

By utilizing these 4 core principles, anyone even with zero experience but under the guide of like-minded people and through shared digital marketing experience and testimonials will be able to transform into one of the affiliate marketing millionaires of our time.

So this is an open invitation for all;

  • Even if you have zero experience in affiliate marketing
  • Even if you have never sold anything online before
  • Even if you are an introvert and too shy to talk to people
  • Even if you do not belong to any affiliate marketing program

Benefits Of Becoming A Member Of The One Million Affiliate Marketers

By joining the Affiliate Marketing Challenge, you will have access to a 12 day training on affiliate marketing by the founder of Expertnaire Affiliate platform; Toyin Omotoso himself.

And the Benefits are summarised in the picture below:

Benefits of the Affiliate Marketing Challenge
Benefits from your training with Toyin Omotoso

Benefits of Joining the Affiliate Challenge:

  • Unlimited access to resources that will help you position as an expert in your niche to boost your online growth and presence.
  • Advanced Tutorials On Email Marketing and how to setup email automation that sells like crazy
  • Advanced Masterclass On How To Setup Facebook Ads That converts
  • One Year Free Access To Market All Expertnaire products
  •  Free Coaching On How To Build An Affiliate Website and a Blog that is successful
  • Unlimited Access to Whatsapp contact VCF files and resources that help you increase your WhatsApp Status views, and make sales on WhatsApp
  • Guide on how to organize Whatsapp masterclasses that sells any product like crazy
  • Free Copywriting templates you can use to market any product of your choice
  • Plus unlimited access to join a support community of upcoming affiliate marketing millionaires to spur your overall growth and development
Benefits of the affiliate marketing challenge

How To Join The ₦1 Million Affiliate Marketing Challenge

The one million affiliate marketing challenge is open to everyone except those who are currently Expertnaire affiliates.

To become a member of the One Million Affiliate Marketers, here are the steps you should take;

  1. Send a WhatsApp message to apply for membership using the buttons or by clicking any of the links below.
  2. You will watch a free tutorial video on how to get started with the 72 Hour Income Generator program.
  3. After you must have started implementing what you learned from the free video training, you will be added to the ₦1 Million Affiliate Marketing Challenge WhatsApp Group immediately where you will get access to all the resources that will boost your online growth and presence.

So go ahead and send me a WhatsApp message by clicking the red button below:

Here is what to send:

Hello Paschal, I want to join the ₦1 Million Affiliate Marketing Challenge.

Final Words!

I know you might be wondering why I am inviting you to join this challenge, when you can just register on Expertnaire and start your own journey alone without guidance.

You may succeed, but how far can you go without guidance?

Well, you may have heard of the saying that wolves hunt better when they are in a pack and lions hunt better in a pride.

Also, it is easier to be successful when you borrow ideas and learn from other people’s mistakes instead of wasting time trying things out till you are worn out and finally give up completely.

So I invite you to join this network of highly creative minds by taking the bold step and clicking on the blue button below

I will also be there myself in the group so that we can share ideas together.

See you in the group soon!

Paschal Madueke

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