Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews; Is It Worth Your Money?

Blast Auxiliary desktop AC ultra is a new portable ventless air conditioner recently launched in the market. It is a portable air conditioner without a hose which makes it very different from conventional air conditioners which we know to have a long hose for draining out the fluid.


Summer is here! The season for sports, picnics, camping, refreshing visits to the beach, and most of all staying at home with your family to celebrate the long summer break. But are you ready to welcome the heat following the hot temperature that accompanies Summer? The truth remains that you cannot live with the heat of summer and feel comfortable without a source of air conditioning that helps you feel cool and relaxed all the time. Most importantly, if the source of the air conditioning is a portable one. So allow me to introduce to you the ultimate solution to feeling cool, fresh, and comfortable throughout summer; The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC.

I know this introduction sounds very promotional for an honest review, but you will find out why this small portable air conditioner has made its way into the product review pages of my blog.

If you have been following the recent trends on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all other major search engines, you will observe that Blast Auxiliary AC has been dominating other popular portable room air conditioners in search with an increase of about 80% in the last few weeks. And we have dedicated this section of Medarchive Magazine to review of products especially health and life-enhancing products, to help guide you and all my web visitors in making the right market decisions whenever they want to purchase a new product in the market.

Why Should You Believe Me?

It is true that I earn affiliate commissions from the promotion of new products from different companies, and you definitely may have doubts about the veracity of what I may be sharing with you. But you should bear in mind that I take the reputation of this website very seriously and will never partner with a company or promote a product that will in any way tarnish the image of this website.

All the contents we publish on this website are based on careful pre-selection, research, and backup proof for every fact we share. You can find the truth yourself by seeing the logic behind the quality of the products we promote through the reviews posted here.

So having said this, allow me to introduce you to the best portable air conditioner you can rely on to make your summer holiday heat-free.

In the Blast Auxiliary AC reviews, you will find out;

  • How this Mini portable air conditioner works
  • What the are the components of Blast Auxiliary Small air conditioner?
  • How to Use this Portable Ventless air conditioner
  • The Portable Air Conditioner Price
  • Where and How You can get your own Blast Auxiliary Portable Air conditioner
  • The Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner Reviews From People who actually use this device
  • Finally Is the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Worth Your Money?

Let’s find out!

Blast Auxiliary AC Reviews; Is this Small Portable Air Conditioner Worth Your Money?

Blast auxiliary portable ac
Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra

What is this Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra?

Blast Auxiliary desktop AC ultra is a new portable ventless air conditioner recently launched in the market. It is a portable air conditioner without hose which makes it very different from the conventional air conditioners which we know to have a long hose for draining out fluid.

It functions both as a humidifier and an air coolant and could easily fit into recent home and office designs. Humidifiers are machines that are connected in a way that enables the circulation of moist air possible even when the atmosphere is dry. On the other hand, a coolant also ensures that the humid air remains cool enough to serve its purpose of keeping the room cool. This is unlike some old air conditioners that just leave the whole room and your nose dry.

This mini portable air conditioner serves also serves as a desktop air cooler. This simply means that it can be kept on any flat surface like your study tables, office desks, any flat surface at all from where its cool moisturized air emanates from its vents.

Some air conditioners are notorious for making sounds that could be disturbing to the user who only wants to enjoy a quiet time while receiving fresh air. But the Blast air conditioner is nothing like that. It releases a gentle breeze while at the same time maintains a very quiet atmosphere which is necessary for optimum concentration.

One mind-blowing fact about this portable mobile air conditioner is that it uses lithium batteries which are available everywhere in the market making it very easy to replace. This battery is also rechargeable with a built-in type C USB cable which comes free in the delivery pack.

For a gadget that offers so much value, one could easily think that Blast Auxiliary AC will be complex and complicated for a person not good with tech stuffs to actually use it. But this is not the case at all. It is very easy to use. It requires no installation and one can start using it immediately it is unpacked from the box and the battery well charged.

Another object of concern which many people reading this review may be nursing is the issue of eco-friendliness. Whether this portable air conditioner is eco-friendly, or if it is among the many portable air conditioners that emit toxic gases that are sources of concern to health. But Blast Auxiliary air conditioner is is very eco-friendly and efficient. It acts by recirculating air within a a room, taking the hot air in, cooling it, and releasing the cool humid air.

For those who are into tech, and may be worried about power consumption and increased light bills from use of this portable air conditioner, blast Auxiliary AC is built to conserve energy. Since it is rechargeable, it does not consume lots of energy that t will make significant changes to your electricity bills.

How this Mini portable air conditioner works

The mode of operation of this mini portable air conditioner is very simple and you do not need to know the whole boring details about the physics of how Blast Auxiliary AC works. All you need to know should just be enough to help you enjoy your portable air conditioner after you have purchased it.

As earlier mentioned, Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC is rechargeable and the batteries are made of lithium. This automatically means that that the batteries will be long-lasting because lithium batteries are durable. The charger is a Type C USB cable and after a full charge, the batteries are estimated to last for approximately 8 hours.

To turn on the humidifier component of the device, you will have to fill up the water container/compartment of the device with about 300mls of clean water. After this, just click the start button, and you are ready to go!

There are 3 modes which the Blast desktop AC operates on, and they include;

  1. Cool Mode: In the cool mode, the vent produces a very cool relaxing breeze that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Chill Mode: This mode is specially designed for extremely hot weather or after exposure to the hot sun of summer and you need a quick relaxing breeze to soothe your body.
  3. The Freeze Mode: If your room is so hot, and you need to cool it down very fast, this is the mode to for. This is most beneficial if you parked your vehicle or car outside the scorching summer sun and need to quickly cool it down before you enter.

Before I forget to mention it, this is also a portable air conditioner for cars. It could be used to support or replace an already existing car air conditioner assuming it develops any fault.

Also, there is no need to worry about the disturbing sound that accompanies many other air conditioners. This portable air conditioner is different, efficient, and eco-friendly.

What are the components of Blast Auxiliary Small air conditioner?

cheap portable air conditioner
Portable air conditioner

The Blast Auxiliary AC functions a fan, an air cooler, and an air purifier.

The Fan Component:

The fan component of the Blast air conditioner functions to recirculate the air in a room. It functions through the same principle as the normal fans we may have in our living rooms.

The Air Cooler

The air cooler is the major air conditioning component of Blast Auxiliary AC. When turned on, it adjusts the hot temperature of the room to a cool temperature in minutes.  

The Air Purifier

The air purifier traps dust and other harmful particles including some micro-organisms in the vent before it is released into the atmosphere. This helps to keep the air in the room relatives safe for breather especially for those who have respiratory tract disorders, increased reactivity to allergens, and people in intensive care units.

These three components work in tandem to serve varying needs depending on the conditioning of the environment. For instance, the air cooler effect is best turned on during the hot summer sun, while the fan can serve at any time of the day just to help to recirculate fresh air in the room. The air purifier works every time the Blast Auxiliary AC is turned on.

Other Parts of the Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioner, the website for the promotion of this portable air conditioner states that the 3 main parts of Blast Auxiliary AC include;

  1. The Ice Tray

The ice tray is a small container that contains ice cubes. It functions using the principle of convection. As hot hair flows into the device from one end, it passes over the ice tray where it gets cooled before it is released into the room.

  • The Water Curtain

The water curtain functions both as a humidifier and an air cooler. The hot dry air of summer is replaced with the cool humid air from the Blast Auxiliary air conditioner. The curtain should be filled with water and replaced as the need arises.

  • Air Filter

This is the air-purifying part of Blast AC. It sieves out dirt particles from the air circulating in the environment and replaces them with clean fresh air.

How to Use this Portable Ventless air conditioner

Blast auxiliary AC reviews
Blast Auxiliary AC reviews

Charge the small portable air conditioner using a USB cord connected to a power source. Make sure it is well charged.

  • Place your Blast Auxiliary AC on an even flat surface in suitable angle in your room.  
  • Fill the water tank with the required amount of water it can contain.
  • Turn on the device and enjoy the moment.

Other details about how to use the air conditioner, the setup, preferences, and more are contained in the manual which is delivered with the device after purchase.

Where can you use this Portable air conditioner?

Blast Auxiliary air conditioner is easy to carry about and could be put to good use in many places including;

  • The living room
  • Bedroom
  • The Car
  • The Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Place of worship, etc.

The Portable Air Conditioner Price

Blast Auxiliary AC is among the best cheap portable air conditioner you can find in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Nigeria, France, and all over the world. It is also very cheap to run the portable air conditioner as it only requires little electricity, water, and ice for it to work.

The mini air conditioner price is the same all over the world, and the good news is that you can get a discount by buying directly from the links on this page.

  • A single unit of Blast Auxiliary AC price is $89.99 + $8.95 shipping fee
  • 2 Units: $179.98 + $9.95 shipping fee
  • 3 Units: $202.48 +$10.95 shipping fee
  • 4 Units: $247.47 + 11.95 shipping fee

The shipping fees are the same irrespective of your location. And if you observe, there are discounts available for those who would like to order more than one unit. So it is more cost-effective to buy in bulk and resell to other people at a good selling price.

Where and How You can get your own Blast Auxiliary Portable Air conditioner

The best place to order Blast Auxiliary AC is the website of the manufacturers or their sales page which is included in the links on this page.

There is a Blast Auxiliary AC return policy that gives you the opportunity to return the device within 30 days of purchase assuming you do not like the features and value it provides. Also, you have a one hundred percent money-back guarantee minus the shipping fee which is non-refundable.

But for you to meet the return policy criteria, it is required that the product must be unused, not damaged, and intact to warrant a refund.

Checkout Pages for People in different countries:

The Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner Reviews From People who actually use this gadget

It has not been so long since this device was launched in the market, but it is already making serious waves. A lot of people have adopted this new technology in preparation for summer this year.

What encourages most people to go for it is the fact that it is relatively cheap, portable, power saving, and at the same time efficient.

I have not seen a single negative review from anyone who has actually purchased the Blast Auxiliary air conditioner and is using it as recommended.

It is a good cheap portable air conditioner especially for people who are at risk of allergic reactions from contaminated air. This is possible because of the air purifying component.

Finally, Is the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Worth Your Money?

Finally, it is up to you to make a decision on whether to go ahead and buy the Blast Auxiliary air conditioner and have a pleasant time at anywhere you want to throughout summer, or to rely on the old models of air conditioners.

Although this is not a financial advice, but the price of other air conditioners are almost the same as that of Blast Auxiliary. So why would you spend the same amount for something when you have another you can get at the same price with more valuable features?

Why Do I think Blast Auxiliary is Worth Every Penny Invested in It?

  • It is portable and light weight
  • It is easy to operate
  • It saves power and electrical energy
  • It is cheap to manage and also relatively cheap to purchase
  • It’s compact design makes it easy to fit it into any little space
  • It is noiseless while at work
  • It’s an amazing solution for your summer months
  • The rays of blue light that emanates from it is perfect to launch one into a deep restful sleep
  • The air purifier increases the margin of safety of the air you breathe in


I would like to conclude by saying that this Blast Auxiliary AC is worth your money, and it is best to get it handy before we enter the middle of summer when the demand will be high with a possible increase in the price of this commodity.

All the information you need about this product and the manufacturers is contained on the manufacturer’s website. You can place a call or send an email to their support team using the contact address on their page to get more details about the product.

I wish you the best this summer has to offer!

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