Are you a Surgeon or Clinician Personality Quiz

Surgeon vs Clinician Personality test

Welcome to the Surgeon Vs Clinician Personality Quiz

Surgeon vs Clinician Personality test

This is completely a fun quiz that is designed to predict your area of specialty in Medicine/Surgery.

If you have already specialized, it has about a 60% chance of accurately predicting your specialty.

If you are still a medical student or if you are yet to choose whether you want to be a surgeon or a clinician, the test will tell you where you are most likely to specialize based on your personality type.

To get the best out of this quiz, kindly follow the instructions below:

  1. The quiz is made up of 25 questions having 5 scenarios each. Choose only one of the five which best suits you
  2. When you respond to the questions, attempt to focus on how you really are, not how you think you should be.
  3. There is no time limit to complete the test
  4. There are no right or wrong answers. Just choose which one best describes you.

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  1. This is an absolutely hilarious exercise. I had fun taking part in it though.


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