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Dealing With Body shaming

5 Ways of Dealing With Body Shaming

The Silent Message of our Body Build. Body shaming is a trend that has always been and will always be. It is the act of making someone feel inadequate for having a particular body type generally perceived by society as…
man and woman near table

12 Easy Ways To Win Your Clients

Being a business owner comes with loads of responsibilities. Much of the responsibility comes when you are dealing with clients especially those who are clueless about the services they need you to provide for them. But there are easy ways…
Stop dreaming and start acting

Why You Must Stop Dreaming and Start Acting

Stop dreaming and start acting? From dreams, came the internet, our mobile phones, computers, electricity, and all mind-blowing inventions one can think of. Napoleon Hill; the author of the best-selling book said that ‘the first step to every achievement is…
Why students should blog

12 Good Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

This post contains good reasons why you should start a blog as student. There are many reasons why students should blog. It is approximately three years since it was mandated that all students in my school of study must have…
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