8 Ways of Ending Mental Health Stigma through Mental Health Literacy

ending mental health stigma

The average belief of people living in most developing countries is that one is only mentally ill if they are seen casually wearing rags on the streets. But literally, we all have some form of mental health challenge. So why the mental health stigma? This post contains an inquiry into the challenges of mental health … Read more

Understanding Somatic symptom Disorder

somatic symptom disorder

Understanding Somatic Symptom Disorder is something everyone should aim for as it is one of those illnesses that are misunderstood to be supernatural. This is due to its signs and symptoms which are usually confusing for both the patients and physicians. Typical Scenario of Somatization Disorder Patient A presents to the clinic with complaints of … Read more

Young adults with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

post traumatic stress

The term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) obviously highlights a connection of this disorder to trauma, in fact, for many years it was connected to combat trauma. Its history was largely related to war zones and the disorder was often seen as the unfortunate prize soldiers had to pay for surviving in battles fought in … Read more

Fighting Depression Through Fitness and Exercise

fighting depression through fitness and exercise

“Exercise is good for your health”. This statement has become a cliché, and like all clichés lost its original significance. Not to worry though, a little meaning is about to return, in the way it affects depression at least. This post explores the possible theories backing the concept of fighting depression through fitness. Every now … Read more