How To Make Your First Sales Using WhatsApp Marketing As an Affiliate

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Hello Friend!

My name is Paschal Madueke, I am a student (as of the time I am writing this; Friday, 25th June 2020) at the University of Nigeria.

I am also a blog coach and a WhatsApp marketing enthusiast.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the reason behind my recent passion for WhatsApp marketing.

Also, if you read till the end with rapt attention, you will find out why WhatsApp marketing is the future of all forms of digital marketing.

I will also reveal to you a strategy that anyone can use to make their first sales using a secret WhatsApp Marketing technique both as an affiliate marketer and for marketing your own products.

This post is going to be a long one, and If you do not like reading and paying attention, you have no business being here.

Table of Contents

Why I Am Sharing This With You?

I started blogging in the month of November 2019, and by August 2021, I wrote my first book titled;


By Paschal Madueke
ultimate blog guide hard copy
Hard copy of my book after the publishing

The book covers aspects of web design, how to set up a blog site using WordPress and Blogger, Basic Search Engine Optimization Guide, and Blog Monetization.

Now after writing this book, my challenge was how to raise funds to publish the book.

My mum lent me some money and coupled with some of my savings, I was able to pay a publisher to print and publish my work. (I choose to withhold the name of the publisher).

But at the end of the publishing, these people messed up my work. Some illustrative images were blurry and overlapped with the main contents of the book.

ultimate blog guide hard copy.
Inside of the book shows blurred images overlapping texts.

What broke my heart was that the publisher was very indifferent about this.

On the day I was called to pick up my books, I saw the mess he had done and was dumbfounded.

When I challenged him, he never showed any remorse; instead, he started shouting at me and almost led to a very serious fight between us.

I thought of the things I could do to him;

I could involve the police,

Drag him all over social media,

I even thought of burning his shop…but in the end, I resolved to let love and peace lead.

To cut the long story short, I let him get away with it, but I never wanted to hand my book over to another publisher to handle.

After 2 weeks of serious depression and sleepless nights, I decided to give marketing the book a try.

But I was only able to sell about 5 copies to my close friends and relatives who were only trying to be supportive.

Every other person turned it down when they saw the messed-up pages. Even when I promised to send them the soft copy version in word document after they buy it, all attempts were futile.

So I decided to pack the books at home and find better things to do with my life.

I had other things like continuing my blogging career and focusing on my studies…But it never ended there!

How I Created My First Digital Product; Turning My Book Into An E-Book

So one morning in the month of December 2020 I woke up feeling motivated!

And a thought came to me;


I was elated immediately this thought came in and I got to work as soon as possible.

I had one advantage; I am very proficient in anything related to digital content creation.

So within 7 days, I created the E-book version of my book using Google Docs.

Ultimate Guide to building a successful blog
Cover For the Ebook Version of my book

I also created a Paystack account and a landing page on my website as a funnel to make sales for the book.

I started the publicity as soon as it was ready and made a few more sales of the E-book version.

But I still was not pleased with my result.

The truth is that I really sucked at marketing and lacked a strategy that is good enough to get my book to reach more people who were interested in blogging.

How WhatsApp Marketing Changed My Story

Still frustrated by the little sales coming in from my book, I never stopped searching for better ways of getting better results.

I also tried Facebook Ads, but with all the clicks on my adverts, I had almost zero conversion rate.

But 3 months ago, my story started changing for good.

I came across a training by Expertnaire that taught Affiliate Marketing of Digital Products and how to boost your sales using WhatsApp without having to pay anyone for adverts and without Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

The promise attached to this training was that by 6 months of successfully applying the principles in this training, you will be able to sell any product online using your WhatsApp DM..

I did all I could to get access to this training, but my major concern was to find better ways of marketing my book and other digital products I had access to.

Below are my results after 2 months of implementing what I have been learning from this training while in school;

  1. I was able to sell close to 50 copies of my book using this method.
  2. I started marketing some other affiliate digital products and was able to land my first sales within two months of implementing this.
  3. I receive constant traffic from the various social channels I operate with; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn into my WhatsApp DM from people asking for advice and tips on blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and Online Businesses.
  4. Over 30 recommendations from people asking for the best online courses to take for their career; IELTS, Weight Loss, Information Business System, Canada Migration, etc.
WhatsApp Marketing Payment Proof
Screenshot of my most recent payment

What WhatsApp Marketing Is All About

This secret is covered in WhatsApp Marketing, and it involves 3 Key components that when deployed carefully will turn around your WhatsApp business for good.

This will work for you;

  1. If you are already into affiliate marketing with products to market but are struggling to make good sales
  2. Even if you do not have any products to sell, you can get access to a good number of profitable products and start making sales after the training.
  3. If you are just a business owner; whether a small business or a large one and is willing to take your business to the next level using WhatsApp.
  4. Even if you have not sold anything online before.
  5. Even if you are too shy to talk to people about your business.

Some Reasons Why Some People Struggle To Make Sales

  1. Inability to generate targeted traffic
  2. Not building a marketing list
  3. Not having an irresistible offer.
  4. Lack of follow-ups
  5. Not asking for the sale.

Nothing kills a business faster than a lack of sales coming in daily.

But what if there is a way you can overcome this very challenge of not getting sales in your business, and start getting like 6 figures from your business every month?

And to deploy this strategy, you just need;

  1. Your Android Phone and
  2. The WhatsApp Instant Messaging App.

Why this Strategy Works So Well?

  1. WhatsApp is a common App that almost everyone with an Android phone has access to.
  2. WhatsApp is highly interactive and engaging
  3. WhatsApp has the highest open rate among all social media apps (As much as 85% open rate).
  4. WhatsApp gets more traffic more than the biggest social media Network; Facebook.
  5. You can reach people one-on-one, interact and close deals very fast.

What Are The Products And Services You Can Promote Using This Method?

  1. E-commerce products
  2. Online courses
  3. Affiliate products
  4. Network Marketing business
  5. Coaching and consulting business, etc.

The 3 Steps To Successfully Deploying This Strategy Include;

  1. Create a WhatsApp Group
  2. Offer A Free Training and
  3. Deliver the Training

Now, these steps may look over-simplified as I just listed them.

And if you think it is easy to do, you can go ahead and do it yourself and not get any mind-blowing results at all.

But if you are interested to learn how this is done professionally and start getting great results like me, I encourage you to click on the learn more button below, and get instant access to training.

If you want to learn the same strategy I used to sell over 100 copies of my books as a student, subscribe to the form below and you will be shown how it’s done professionally.

See you on the other side!!

This information will definitely benefit someone you know, share with love!

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