12 Good Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

This post contains good reasons why you should start a blog as student.

There are many reasons why students should blog. It is approximately three years since it was mandated that all students in my school of study must have a blogger account.

As at that time, my thoughts were that the authorities must have signed off an agreement worth a fortune with Google, and the students used it as an asset. I never knew the reasons why I should start a blog as a student.

Also adding to the burden of school work, most students never had the time to explore the world of digital content creation.

But this year 2020, though filled with nightmarish incidents, has given students the chance to rediscover themselves with enough time to think about life after school

And it would not be wrong to conclude that having a simple link to your portfolio is a boost to whatever your endeavor in life is; be it business, profession, or other personal projects.

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12 Reasons Why you should start a blog as a student

Why students should blog

1. Blogging Builds Your Portfolio For Future Employment.

The first reason why students should blog is to build their portfolio.

If I had been in the shoes of my school authorities three years ago when we were mandated to create a blogger account, students will as well own a website that will contain all their records, projects, and creative outputs.

This is so that in the future when they are set to look for jobs, hiring managers can find the details they need about their prospective employees all in one link instead of carrying files and papers around.

With the way the world is advancing, I foresee a system where the use of curriculum vitae, resume, and cover letters are phased out and replaced by a simple link to your website, which should contain the details your employees need about you.

Blogging is a hobby that makes you very proud of your portfolio. And you will keep learning other highly valued skills that might be needed in your place of work as you keep managing your blog.

I was able to stumble on an Appraisal Form For Professorship Candidates at a prestigious University recently, and guess what I saw: the section which contained the creative outputs for each candidate has a quota for creative non-academic works, peer-reviewed articles, and other informal research works.

This should be good news for all bloggers who have an eye for furthering their career in that path, and though the boost may not be much, it’s not insignificant.

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2. You have the Time Now

Though no one should dictate how you spend your time, more than 4 months have passed since schools and public workplaces are on hold due to the pandemic. I will say that this is the best time to build your blog and website.

We may not all have the available resources to start like stable electricity, stable internet connection, good mobile phones or desktops, but as long as you can read this post, you can start something today.

3. Creating a Blog is Completely Free

 One thing that demotivates people from online activities is that most of them require that you pay some money to start. But WordPress and Blogger have made it free and readily available for anyone who needs to start putting some digital content out there.

4. A Blog is Easy To Setup.

To create a blog or website in 2020 requires little or no knowledge of programming or coding. Blogspot is the favorite for many students.

5. You Can Earn Some Passive Income From Blogging

Another reason why students should blog is that blogging offers unlimited opportunities to start making some passive income adding to whatever stipend your sponsors give you as a student or your salary. And the best part of this is that you are earning money while doing what you love. Or else you already have all the money you need in life, who doesn’t want to make some residual income from the contents they so labored to publish on their blog?

6. You Are More Open To Opportunities

I have been a registered freelancer with Upwork and Fiverr for a while now. But the competition for jobs is just so high that even before you write a proposal for an offer, it will be taken up by those top guys who have been known for years in the niche.

But recently, after some research, I was able to notice the difference between these top freelancers and other normal freelancers. These guys have a website that contains their portfolio and they as well offer solutions to problems by publishing blog posts. And they get most of their clients from their website.

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7. You Connect With People in Your Niche

Nothing can be more fulfilling than finding people who share similar ideals with you, it makes you feel at home with yourself. Blogging offers a wide range of opportunities for people to freely explore their fantasies in life. Whether you are a freak of traveling, food, health care, fitness, technology, psychology, name them.

You will always find people who will listen to you as long as you are putting valuable content out there. Servers like WordPress, have a vast community that offers strong support for beginners no matter what your interest is. You will be missing a lot if you are a WordPress user and you are not using the WordPress community to your advantage.

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8. Blogging Helps You Get Rid of Impostor Syndrome

Have you ever felt like you are misleading people whenever you try to bring out one of your creative works for people to see? Sometimes you may feel that you are not competent enough to talk about a subject or a topic. This feeling is called Impostor syndrome. It is a normal struggle every content creator passes through when trying to publicly publish any of their contents.

But blogging increases your trust and confidence in yourself as you continuously express yourself. Impostor syndrome is not good at all for your career. You need to break that shell and start making your voice heard even if it’s not as loud as it sounds online.

9. It Helps You Classify Your Ideas

All ideas, whether it’s for personal gain or non-profit endeavors need to have a target audience. In a world where things are fast-paced, no one has the time to listen to your rantings about what you can offer or else you present the idea in a way that it is “Classified, Visible, and Easily accessible”.

Though social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc can help you make your ideas visible and easily accessible, only a website helps you to classify these ideas stylishly with each in a given category. This quality is utilized mainly by business owners.

10. You Increase Your Knowledge Base

In blogging, you don’t just share what you know with people. You also learn through research on various topics in a bid to create valuable content for your audience. And you also increase your confidence in what you already know.

11. Adds Professionalism To Your Small Business

Imagine if you need to buy a health/beauty product. And you stumble on the websites for two companies who sell exactly the same product. Company ‘A’ has a page on its website called blog where they write about their products, how to use them, benefits, side effects, and even a section where customers write reviews for their products.

And Company ‘B’ just dumps their products with a bold inscription saying CLICK TO BUY. And not even a guide on the use of the product. Which of the companies do you think will make more sales? It should be Company A. Because blogging helps customers not to see owners of companies as robots, but people who you can trust and hold on to when something goes wrong while trying out any of their services and products.

12. The Need for a Back-up Plan

The last reason why students should blog is the need to have a career backup.

The school system has received a major blow from the lockdown. It will be wise for students to look for other things that are not related to school which they are pretty good at and use that as a backup whenever such scenarios play out again.

A blog is a platform that anyone can fall back to when things start falling apart, and most of all it gets rid of boredom as you find something useful to do with your time.

What Should Your Blog Be About?

Now you have seen the reasons why students should blog.

You may be wondering which niche to choose if you should start a blog. And I would like to use the words of Mark Zuckerberg to answer you; ‘Ideas Never come out fully formed, just start from somewhere and things will start falling into place.

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