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Medarchive Magazine is where medical education, career, and personal development come together. We have the ability to passionately engage our audience daily on their smartphones, tablets, and computers to help them connect with your brand and bring in new customers to your business.

The Medarchive Magazine Audience

Traffic Stats 17k – 25k Unique readers per month
Gender Male (55%), Female (45%)
Language English (US) – 47.9%
English (GB) – 8.7%
English – 0.7%
English (AU) – 0.5%
Others – 41.2%
`Top Locations United States
United Kingdom
And all English Speaking Countries
Top Age 17 – 35 Years
Interests Education/Post Secondary Education
Test preparation and tutoring
Business, Advertising & Marketing Services
Employment/Career Consulting Services
Apparels and accessories
Financial Services and Banking Services
Education/Study Abroad Programs
Travels/Hotels and Accommodation programs
About our audience

The Medarchive Magazine Solutions

1. Branded Content

Imagine getting your product or service in front of our deeply engaged blog and social media audience who are passionately interested in what you have to offer them. We are passionate about sharing new brands that align with our audience in an authentic and trustworthy way with our branded articles and videos. We are SEO experts that can create content that drives evergreen traffic for massive brand awareness and new customer conversions, providing valuable additional support for your brand.

2. Social Advertising

We utilize our social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp to their full potential. We handle all creative aspects, production, campaigns, and optimizations. We strive to bring your target audience together through content that is created through our distinct voice.

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