Medical Discussion Forum on Discord for Premeds and Med Students

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As the world is gradually switching from web 2.0 to web 3.0, it only makes sense that we keep up with the pace of these changing trends. We already have a Medical discussion forum on WhatsApp, but our new medical forum on the discord server will change a lot in the way medical students have access to whatever information they are looking for to guide them in their medical education journey.

Our goal is to be the best medical discussion forum for medical students on discord.

This medical student discord server was officially launched by the Medarchive Editorial Team on the 1st of September 2022, and we have high hopes that it will serve your major information needs as a premed and medical student.

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Different Medical Discussion Forums on the Discord Server:

Medical discussion forums on discord
Medical discussion forums on discord

In the medical field discord server by Medarchive Magazine, you will find the following channels:

  • The General Medical Discussion forum
  • The Premed Discord Channel
  • The Preclinical Discord Channel for Medical Students
  • The Clinical Discord Channel for Medical Students
  • Discord Channel for Abroad Exams
  • The Medarchive Editorial Team Channels
  • Promotions Discord Channel
  • The Medarchive Blog Channel
  • The Medarchive Editorial Team Channels
  • The Events Channel

The General Medical Discussion forum

The General discord channel for medical students is a forum for all medical students irrespective of class and level and to share ideas related to medical education, medical school journey, and medical career. It is also a channel for general announcements from Medarchive Magazine for upcoming events.

The Premed Discord Channel

The premed discord channel is for premed students to ask premed-related questions and get guides from medical students on how to pass the medical school entrance exams and get admission into medical school.

The Preclinical Discord Channel for Medical Students

The Preclinical discord channel for medical students was created for students in their preclinical years looking for clarifications, study tips, and guides on any difficult preclinical course or topic, and getting answers from older medical students. Topics of discussion include all preclinical subjects: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, and preclinical questions.

The Clinical Discord Channel for Medical Students

The clinical discord channel for medical students was created for medical students who have started undergoing clinical rotations in medical school. Topics of discussion include Medicine, Surgery, Public Health, and clinical questions.

Discord Channel for Abroad Exams

The discord channel for abroad exams was created for medical students, young doctors, and graduates who have plans of studying medicine abroad in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Topics of discussion include abroad opportunities and exam guides.

The Medarchive Editorial Team Channels

These are private channels for Medarchive Editorial team members only.

Promotions Discord Channel

This channel is for you if you have any medical or health-related ideas, businesses, or opportunities that you would like to share with the Medarchive Medical school discord server.

The Medarchive Blog Channel

This Server is for posting new blogs and updates from the Medarchive Magazine Blog.

The Events Channel

From time to time, we will host virtual discussions, quizzes, and like events. We will be using the Medarchive Events Channel for this purpose.

General Rules for Our Medical Student Discord Server:

Our Medical Discord Server Rules
Our Medical Discord Server Rules
  1. Be kind and courteous. Let’s make this one of the best medical forums. This is a safe space for medical students to ask questions and learn. Hate speech, discrimination, combative language, or any form of demeaning speech will not be tolerated.
  2. Harmful information will be removed. Information or assistance that is incorrect or potentially harmful to one or more group members will be removed.
  3. Keep the discussion on the medical discussion forums about medical education and related matters. This is a group for Medarchive Magazine users and discussion, not alternatives. Those that misuse threads will have them deleted, and the new thread creation ability potentially paused.
  4. This medical discord server has various channels for various topics of discussion which were clearly mapped out on the server. Do not post content not related to each channel, always use the appropriate channel for which such topic was created. If you do this by mistake, kindly delete it from the wrong channel and repost it on the channel it was intended for.
  5. No affiliate links or short links are allowed. The promotion channels are only for personal and genuine medical and health-related ideas of your own which would be beneficial for medical students and not for profit reasons.
  6. No buying or selling sites, accounts, or services. This is not a marketplace to buy and sell sites, accounts, or services.
  7. Get help and Support! Ask questions and get help, but any support related to the Medarchive Magazine website must be directed to our email address on the contact page.

Finally, If you accept to abide by all the above rules, you are welcome to join our Medical discussion forum on Discord.

We wish you the best experience!

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