2 World’s Most Expensive Stethoscopes for Doctors Revealed

most expensive stethoscopes in the world

Listen closely, doctors! As the heartbeat of the medical profession, you know that a stethoscope is your trusted companion in the pursuit of accurate diagnoses and compassionate care. But did you know that some stethoscopes have transcended the realm of functionality to become true symbols of luxury? Today, we delve into a world where medical … Read more

IAP Spa Owner Course & Certification Review 2023: Is It the Best?

Spa Owner course

Do you have a burning desire to transform your passion for wellness into a thriving spa business? Are you longing to create a sanctuary where clients can escape the stresses of everyday life and indulge in luxurious treatments? If the answer is a resounding “yes,” then you’re in the right place. In today’s fast-paced world, … Read more

Demystifying Phase 1 Clinical Trials: What They Are and Why They Matter

Phase 1 clinical trials

Clinical trials are an essential component of medical research, providing a means to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new treatments and therapies. Among the three phases of clinical trials, Phase 1 trials are often the first step in the process. But what exactly are Phase 1 clinical trials, and why are they so important? … Read more

What Is Tactical Medicine: 5 Things You Must Know?

tactical medicine

Tactical medicine is one of the most interesting sub-specialty under Emergency Medicine, especially, if as a medical student or an aspirant, you are very passionate about saving or rescuing lives in critical conditions. Although to have a tactical medicine graduate certificate, you need to have a wide understanding of different specialties in medicine. And most … Read more

Medical Discussion Forum on Discord for Premeds and Med Students

Medarchive Medical Discord Community

As the world is gradually switching from web 2.0 to web 3.0, it only makes sense that we keep up with the pace of these changing trends. We already have a Medical discussion forum on WhatsApp, but our new medical forum on the discord server will change a lot in the way medical students have … Read more

Medical Student Malpractice Insurance: What You Need to Know

Medical student malpractice insurance

Have you ever imagined what would happen if a medical student is named in a lawsuit for medical malpractice? You may not have thought of medical student malpractice insurance before because it is very uncommon in medico-legal issues. This is because medical students just like resident doctors are covered by a phrase known as “Respondeat … Read more

Smart Relief Pro: Best Electronic Neck Massage Device 2023

Smart relief pro review

Everyone loves a neck massage, but most times it is not convenient to visit physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other massage therapists. But the good news is that you can comfortably get a neck massage daily and as often as you want with this new neck massage device called Smart Relief Electronic Neck Massage Device. When we … Read more

Hearing Hero Review: Digital Hearing Aid For Seniors In 2023

Hearing Hero Review

Talk about a good quality hearing aid, talk about Hearing Hero. Since the inception of hearing aid technologies, a lot of companies have emerged with promising ideas and inventions as to how to improve the sense of hearing in people with hearing loss especially the elderly. But after reading this Hearing Hero Review, you will … Read more

Blood Donation History and Facts; Inventions, Red cross, More!

Red Cross blood donation history

This post covers the full Red Cross blood donation history and that of the Redcross with their roles in blood donation campaigns. For some reason I usually imagine an emergency scenario where urgent blood donation is needed to save lives; like in a car crash or similar accidents where there is a massive loss of … Read more

How to Give a Snakebite First aid, and Snakebite Management Techniques

Snake bite management

Being bitten by a Snake can be one of the most devastating moments anyone can experience. Whether you were the one bitten, or you are around the place where the incident happened, no one is ever at rest until the person bitten by the snake is stable enough. In an attempt to render snakebite first … Read more

How Digital Medical Records in Nigeria Will Revolutionize Healthcare


I know what one might be thinking while reading this; that Nigeria hasn’t gotten to that level yet. But the fact is that what is involved is not much as it relates to cost and technology. Hospitals can actually do more in terms of the speed at which patients are attended to with digital medical … Read more

List of Blood Banks in Nigeria and blood donation centers by states

blood banks in Nigeria

Not every health center, public or private hospital have blood banks in Nigeria.   One of the major challenges affecting Voluntary blood donation in Nigeria Negatively is the lack of available resources needed to procure a quality blood bank. Another is the lack of resources needed to maintain an already available blood bank. This is … Read more