The Ultimate Guide To Building a Successful Blog – Ebook

A Book Based on Two (2 Years) of Experience in Blogging, Web Design, and Digital Content Creation.

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Blog Contains an easy step-by-step guide to creating, designing, and multiplying your income sources from a blog. 

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Blog

  • The Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Blog - Back cover
  • The Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Blog

About the Author

Paschal Madueke, Author of the Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Blog.
Madueke Paschal

Medical Student (University of Nigeria), Blogger, and Internet Marketer

An avid learner, whose passion for Information and Communication Technology spurred into this journey of enlightenment for youths, especially in Africa.

Just like every other sector, the world of digital content creation is rapidly evolving, do not be left behind! There is no more excuse for ignorance, the knowledge you seek to begin your journey into the world of web content creation lies in the content of this book.

Brief Biography

  • UPSILON Computers Academy Lagos, (2013) – Information and Communication Technology.
  • University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, (2015-2021) – Department of Medicine and Surgery
  • Udemy, (April, 2020) – Certificate of Affiliate Marketing
  • Alison Academy, (November, 2020) – Certificate of E-commerce Management
  • Medarchive Magazine, (15th May, 2020) – Founder and Chief Editor
  •  12Lists Idea Hub, (August, 2020) – Chief Executive Officer

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The Plan is to Get this Book across to as many African youths as possible.

But this may not be possible as many persons may have financial challenges but may still want to get a copy.

Please help get this book to reach out to them for free!

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