Application Letter for Medical House Officer [Best Template 2022]

Medical Education

Suppose you just recently graduated from medical school. In that case, the next step is to secure a position for your medical housemanship (house job) in total fulfillment of your training in medical school. Getting placement for medical housemanship can be competitive in some places. So to get ahead of other applicants, you need to … Read more

First Generation Medical Student: 11 Best Tips For Survival

advice for first generation medical students (1)

I am not a first generation medical student but my elder brother was. And guess what? Today he is a medical doctor, making him among the 67% of first generation medical students who makes it through medical school. Yes! You read that right. According to the Education Advisory Board, 33% of first generation students do … Read more

5 Best Novels For Medical Students [Must Read]

Physiology books

The journey to being a medical professional can be stressful and rigorous. Imagine reading all medical textbooks, going to practical classes, reading, and trying to make ends meet. There comes a moment when you feel like resting and letting the stress out and as a medical student, you need to always get more insight into … Read more

6 Career questions for students before Choosing a Course to Study

Medical school exams in Nigeria

As time flies, many secondary school graduates (pre-degree students) will be making a lifetime decision that will affect their whole career path; filling their Jamb forms for the course they will study at the University. These 6 career questions for students should be answered without bias, before they fill a JAMB form, or while choosing … Read more

What Do The Medical Abbreviations PC Mean?

medical abbreviations pc

Some abbreviations used in the medical field today have more than just one meaning. They could be used in different contexts to mean different things. This post discusses one of such abbreviations; ‘Medical Abbreviations PC’, their meanings, and different contexts in which it could be used. There are over a hundred terms in which the … Read more

5 Important Blood Type Charts And Interpretations

Blood type chart for marriage compatibility

Blood type charts are tables or diagrams that contain important details about our blood health. On the other hand, blood donation charts are maps, diagrams, or tables containing vital information about blood donation. It is meant to guide people who want to donate blood so that they can prepare their minds better for the procedure. … Read more

10 Best countries to Study Medicine for International Students

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One of the biggest decisions for a premed who is ready to enter medical school is finding the best medical school to apply to, and this involves looking out for different places in the world with the best medical schools. Being an honorable profession, medical students in most countries are treated with the utmost respect … Read more

How To Permanently Relocate To Canada From Nigeria: The Real Truth Revealed

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If you want to relocate to Canada from Nigeria and access all the benefits of a permanent Canadian resident, then you must read this post. For the past 2 months, I have been receiving lots of email requests to publish an article about relocating to Canada from Nigeria. Usually, I don’t pay much attention to such email requests to publish … Read more

10 Best Medical Student White Coat Ceremony Outfit Ideas [2022]

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Medical student white coat ceremony is a tradition for medical students and students of other health-related courses held in some medical schools to mark the transition of the students into the study of a course in the health profession. In some medical schools, students begin to meet and interact with patients as early as their … Read more

The Unforeseen: Doctors Get Depressed Too

depressed doctors

Yes! Doctors get depressed too, as well as other health workers. But rarely do people recognize that even the therapist needs therapy. Dr. Wilfred could comfortably say for certain, without an inkling of doubt, that he was living his best life. He was just 25 and feeling so accomplished with himself, particularly because of the … Read more

Medical School Essentials: Top 30 Things You Need to Have

medical school essentials

There are basic essentials you must have as a medical student. Whether you recently gained admission into medical school, or you are a serious medical student who wants to engage in active learning, there are certain study tools, essentials, and medical equipment which you cannot do without. I call them the medical school essentials. And … Read more

How Blood Pressure Is Measured In The Clinic: Step By Step

How blood pressure is measured

One of the very first Physiology practical sessions in medical school involves learning how blood pressure is measured in the clinic. Understanding how to take blood pressure step by step should ideally be a prerequisite before entering the clinical classes in medical school. This is because in the clinical rotations in medical school, you will … Read more

Meet Dr. Ruben Gombalandi: Founder of Webzmedlectures

Dr. Ruben Gombalandi

The Medical Entrepreneurship Fest has been bringing to light many Medical Entrepreneurs in Africa. The goal has always been to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the African health sector. The Medical Entrepreneur of the day is Dr. Ruben Gombalandi; the founder of Webzmedlectures. Meet Dr. Ruben Gombalandi My name is Dr. Ruben Gombalandi, I am … Read more

15+ Best Gadgets For Medical Students

best gadgets for medical students

Life in medical school can be very tiring and often very stressful. As a medical student, you have to read countless big textbooks, and medical journals, attend tutorials, and sometimes burn night candles. To me, the worst part was getting myself familiar with difficult medical terms, especially in anatomy. That is why passing through med … Read more