Ultimate Guide to Medical Housemanship in Nigeria for Newly Graduated Doctors (2023)

housemanship in nigeria

Medical housemanship is one of the most important phases in the life of a doctor. It is like an extension of the clinical rotations in medical school meant for the acquisition of relevant skills that will help you throughout the rest of your medical career, and this time with pay. This is a training program … Read more

16+ Best YouTube Channels for Medical Students [Must Follow]

can a medical student have a part time job

Videos are arguably one of the best teaching methods for medical students. During my 2nd year in medical school, up to half of my classmates already had a list of their best YouTube channels for medical students that helped them in learning new concepts faster. But then, I was different. I have always believed that … Read more

What are Medical School Exams in Nigeria Like? 8 Important Steps for Preparation

Medical school exams in Nigeria

I get this question a lot from my non-medical friends in the university; What are Medical School exams like? It is obvious why non-medical students ask this question. It is because of how hard medical students study. In an average medical school in Nigeria, average medical students usually spend long hours studying than the average … Read more

What are the Medical School Subjects and Recommended Textbooks? (MBBS Subjects)

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One of the most difficult part of being a medical student is knowing exactly what to read for every subject you offer. The medical school subjects and courses offered are too much, and upon that, there are lots of study materials and textbooks available just for one course. This makes it difficult for medical students … Read more

10+ Best Anatomy Resources For Medical Students

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Anatomy is one of the most voluminous and hardest courses in medical school. Yes, a pre-clinical medical student can give proof of that. Anatomy is the backbone of medicine, and 40 percent of medical operations are based on the knowledge acquired during the study of Anatomy. So a medical doctor must have a sound knowledge … Read more

11 Tips For Studying Anatomy In Medical School: Ultimate Guide

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Study to show yourself approved Holy Bible A lot of medical students are constantly searching online for the best tips for studying anatomy in medical school. And with a pure desire to help out, I am inspired to write this content to help make the experience of such students easier. Meanwhile, I am in my … Read more

3rd Year Medical Student Tips: Important Things To Expect

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As a 3rd year medical student, preparing your mind for the journey ahead can be stressful. This is because you have a lot of things to juggle with starting from your normal ‘block lectures’, the clinical rotations, and of course the professional exam following them all. Don’t get me wrong! Every year of medical school … Read more

Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Workbook Answers Review

anatomy and physiology coloring workbook

This post contains a guide to getting access and using the Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Workbook Answers, a popular medical textbook for medical students in the United States. Knowing the different parts of the human body is an important part of studying Medicine and Surgery. This field of study is covered by Anatomy and Physiology … Read more

6 Most Difficult Courses in Medical School [Popular Opinion]

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We all have different experiences with the various subjects offered in medical school. While some medical students consider some medical school subjects to be more difficult, some tend to find these same subjects to be easier to comprehend. So we really cannot come to a consensus with regard to the most difficult courses in medical … Read more

6 Best Flashcards For Medical Students

best flashcards for medical students

Are you that medic that likes writing down important points while reading? If you are, then you will definitely find these flashcards for medical students to be highly useful. Medical students write a lot. While preparing for my 1st professional exam during my preclinical days, I had a special note for every medical school course … Read more