Is Pharmacy A Good Career Choice? [Ultimate Guide 2022]

Is pharmacy a good career choice

The question, “Is Pharmacy a good career?” has been a wind ravaging through the forest of minds. At an alarming rate, the number of pharmacy graduates is increasing significantly making people wonder how pharmacy as a career will be in the nearest future. “At this alarming rate at which pharmacists are being produced, I think … Read more

Hearing Hero Review: Digital Hearing Aid For Seniors In 2022

Hearing Hero Review

Talk about a good quality hearing aid, talk about Hearing Hero. Since the inception of hearing aid technologies, a lot of companies have emerged with promising ideas and inventions as to how to improve the sense of hearing in people with hearing loss especially the elderly. But after reading this Hearing Hero Review, you will … Read more

What Are General Surgeries? Best Student’s Guide 2022

what are general surgeries?

Contrary to the opinions held by a good number of persons, general surgeries are not all surgeries and general surgeons are not doctors who can perform all the surgeries albeit with the vast training and knowledge they acquire. In this post, we will be answering the following questions to help you understand the roles of … Read more

16+ Best YouTube Channels for Medical Students [Must Follow]

can a medical student have a part time job

Videos are arguably one of the best teaching methods for medical students. During my 2nd year in medical school, up to half of my classmates already had a list of their best YouTube channels for medical students that helped them in learning new concepts faster. But then, I was different. I have always believed that … Read more

Antitheft Backpack With Portable USB: Ultimate 2022 Review

Backxpack medical school essentials

Introducing the Antitheft Backpack You will never use your regular backpack again after using this new antitheft backpack technology called BackXPack. In recent years, a lot has changed about our choice of products which we buy for our use. People are especially interested in how to appear as simple, cute, classy, and at the same … Read more

The Entrepreneurship Opportunities For Doctors in Nigeria

Dr. Joel Akande - Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Doctors in Nigeria

If you are observant enough, you should have observed the current trends among Medical Students and young doctors on social channels. You must have heard people using the jargon; “Japa plans”, and the rest; based on their plans to leave the country as soon as they see an opportunity. Could there still be some hope … Read more

Can Doctors Have Tattoos? 4 Interesting Facts You Must Know!

can Doctors have tattoos?

Can doctors have tattoos? I bumped into this question when I was scrolling through a space on Quora some days ago from a medic; In fact, he already had a tattoo on his forearm and was worried if his medical career is over. Although this topic can be controversial depending on your culture and belief, … Read more

Blood Donation History and Facts; Inventions, Red cross, More!

Red Cross blood donation history

This post covers the full Red Cross blood donation history and that of the Redcross with their roles in blood donation campaigns. For some reason I usually imagine an emergency scenario where urgent blood donation is needed to save lives; like in a car crash or similar accidents where there is a massive loss of … Read more

I haven’t Met My Expectations After Medical School; Nigerian Doctor in ESUTH Parklane

Mbbs in Nigeria

I haven’t Met My Expectations in Medical School Dr. Gaby – Nigerian Doctor in Esuth Parklane The Society’s Perception of the Medical Profession in Nigeria Getting admission to Nigerian medical school is one of the greatest dreams of pre-degree students in countries like Nigeria. The Medical Profession is one that is greatly envied by society … Read more