What Is Tactical Medicine: 5 Things You Must Know?

tactical medicine

Tactical medicine is one of the most interesting sub-specialty under Emergency Medicine, especially, if as a medical student or an aspirant, you are very passionate about saving or rescuing lives in critical conditions. Although to have a tactical medicine graduate certificate, you need to have a wide understanding of different specialties in medicine. And most … Read more

Is Pharmacy A Good Career Choice? [Ultimate Guide 2022]

Is pharmacy a good career choice

The question, “Is Pharmacy a good career?” has been a wind ravaging through the forest of minds. At an alarming rate, the number of pharmacy graduates is increasing significantly making people wonder how pharmacy as a career will be in the nearest future. “At this alarming rate at which pharmacists are being produced, I think … Read more

What Are General Surgeries? Best Student’s Guide 2022

what are general surgeries?

Contrary to the opinions held by a good number of persons, general surgeries are not all surgeries and general surgeons are not doctors who can perform all the surgeries albeit with the vast training and knowledge they acquire. In this post, we will be answering the following questions to help you understand the roles of … Read more