Blood Donation History and Facts; Inventions, Red cross, More!

Red Cross blood donation history

This post covers the full Red Cross blood donation history and that of the Redcross with their roles in blood donation campaigns. For some reason I usually imagine an emergency scenario where urgent blood donation is needed to save lives; like in a car crash or similar accidents where there is a massive loss of … Read more

List of Blood Banks in Nigeria and blood donation centers by states

blood banks in Nigeria

Not every health center, public or private hospital have blood banks in Nigeria.   One of the major challenges affecting Voluntary blood donation in Nigeria Negatively is the lack of available resources needed to procure a quality blood bank. Another is the lack of resources needed to maintain an already available blood bank. This is … Read more

6 Important Roles of Medical Radiography in Patient Care


The roles of Medical Radiography in patient care are often under-emphasized. The task of patient care and the provision of quality medical assistance is one that is all-encompassing and all-embracing since the betterment of a patient’s health condition is the primary goal of any healthcare giver. It demands the collaborative and synergistic efforts of all healthcare … Read more

6 Career Opportunities after MBBS (Medical School) in Nigeria

types of careers in medicine

The first few months after medical school generates various feelings for different medical students who are just about to graduate. It could come with lots of tension, fear, and expectations for different persons. But one thing that is common for every medical student in this phase is the question; ‘What Next?’. What are the opportunities … Read more