Medical Student Mental Health: Simon’s Story On Coping With Burnouts

medical student mental health

This post was written to advocate for the modification of certain clinical medical exams where the chances of a medical student passing are largely dependent on a single examiner. Such exams are not the true test of clinical knowledge and should be modified. All the characters and scenarios used in this post are fictional and … Read more

What are Medical School Exams in Nigeria Like? 8 Important Steps for Preparation

Medical school exams in Nigeria

I get this question a lot from my non-medical friends in the university; What are Medical School exams like? It is obvious why non-medical students ask this question. It is because of how hard medical students study. In an average medical school in Nigeria, average medical students usually spend long hours studying than the average … Read more

Why You Must Stop Dreaming and Start Acting

Stop dreaming and start acting

Stop dreaming and start acting? From dreams, came the internet, our mobile phones, computers, electricity, and all mind-blowing inventions one can think of. Napoleon Hill; the author of the best-selling book said that ‘the first step to every achievement is the desire to achieve it’. But before there is a desire for any achievement, one … Read more

6 Reasons Why Medical Student Doctor Forum is Important

exams in medical school

There is this infamous notion that “Experience is the best teacher”. This is very true only when one has no access to older colleagues from whom they could learn from their experience. The student doctor forum is very essential especially when older and experienced doctors are involved. If the major goal of a teacher is … Read more

6 Career questions for students before Choosing a Course to Study

Medical school exams in Nigeria

As time flies, many secondary school graduates (pre-degree students) will be making a lifetime decision that will affect their whole career path; filling their Jamb forms for the course they will study at the University. These 6 career questions for students should be answered without bias, before they fill a JAMB form, or while choosing … Read more