Blood Donation History and Facts; Inventions, Red cross, More!

Red Cross blood donation history

This post covers the full Red Cross blood donation history and that of the Redcross with their roles in blood donation campaigns. For some reason I usually imagine an emergency scenario where urgent blood donation is needed to save lives; like in a car crash or similar accidents where there is a massive loss of … Read more

What are the criteria for donating blood?

criteria for donating blood

Being charitable could be as straightforward as donating blood. The American Red Cross Society has made us understand that over 31% of blood transfusions in the world come from voluntary non-remunerated blood donors. It is ideal that before donors are allowed to donate blood, they are made to understand the criteria for donating blood and … Read more

List of Blood Banks in Nigeria and blood donation centers by states

blood banks in Nigeria

Not every health center, public or private hospital have blood banks in Nigeria.   One of the major challenges affecting Voluntary blood donation in Nigeria Negatively is the lack of available resources needed to procure a quality blood bank. Another is the lack of resources needed to maintain an already available blood bank. This is … Read more

13 Common Myths Related To Blood Donation And Facts

myths related to blood donation

People can be very superstitious in the way they perceive certain phenomena especially when it deals with human life and death. Over 60% of the population identify with a religious group. It is expected that something as important as blood donation will certainly have some myths associated with it. And in this post, we will … Read more