7 Best Offline and Online Jobs for Medical Students

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If you are looking for good offline and online jobs for medical students to engage in either during school sessions or during summer breaks, then this post is for you. Medical students are known to be very busy people, but amidst your tight schedules, it is still possible for you to make some extra cash … Read more

The Entrepreneurship Opportunities For Doctors in Nigeria

Dr. Joel Akande - Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Doctors in Nigeria

If you are observant enough, you should have observed the current trends among Medical Students and young doctors on social channels. You must have heard people using the jargon; “Japa plans”, and the rest; based on their plans to leave the country as soon as they see an opportunity. Could there still be some hope … Read more

9 Best Health Niches For Your Blog and Online Business

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If you are looking forward to starting an online business, a blog, or a YouTube Channel in the health niches, then it would interest you to know that healthcare is among the top 10 most profitable niches for any online business. According to the BalanceSMB, the health industry is currently worth over USD$3.7 trillion and … Read more

Medarchive TV: Biggest Medical WhatsApp TV In Nigeria

Medarchive Whatsapp tv channel

The internet has made the world look small, but WhatsApp has indeed made the world smaller. If you are looking for a tribe on WhatsApp where you will find inspiration, enlightenment, and discuss health promotion topics, then you should subscribe to this large Medical WhatsApp TV in Nigeria; Medarchive TV. What Is Medarchive TV? Medarchive … Read more

11 Best Business Ideas for Doctors and Health Workers

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Being a health professional is not easy, worse is being an entrepreneur at the same time. Medical entrepreneurs are those medical students, health workers, and professionals who work extra hard to be financially free. But there are a few business ideas for doctors and health workers and this is because of the busy nature of … Read more

7 Innovative Ideas in Healthcare that Could Transform Nigeria


There are unlimited innovative ideas in healthcare that could be helpful in transforming the Nigerian Health sector. But rarely do we consider these as many hospitals in Nigeria are still holding unto the traditional approach to patient care delivery. Statistics have shown that Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria produce one of the best doctors in Africa. … Read more

10 Crucial Telemedicine Benefits for the Nigerian Healthcare


Innovation in health practice has never been given so much attention as it is now, since the onset of the novel Coronavirus. People are now coming up with new models and innovative approaches that could make patient care more comfortable for both the patient and the doctor. One of the aspects of healthcare that have … Read more

11 Best Ways To Make Money In Medical School (With Proof)

how to make money in medical school

In the past, people had this infamous notion that studying medicine and becoming an entrepreneur do not mix. But in recent times, I have seen a very good number of medics thinking about a change of career path, while many who choose to remain cannot stop thinking of how to make money in medical school. … Read more

Meet Dr. Ruben Gombalandi: Founder of Webzmedlectures

Dr. Ruben Gombalandi

The Medical Entrepreneurship Fest has been bringing to light many Medical Entrepreneurs in Africa. The goal has always been to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the African health sector. The Medical Entrepreneur of the day is Dr. Ruben Gombalandi; the founder of Webzmedlectures. Meet Dr. Ruben Gombalandi My name is Dr. Ruben Gombalandi, I am … Read more