How To Wash Scrubs For The First Time [5 Good Tips You Must Know]

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I could remember vividly a few years ago when we were about to start clinical rotations in medical school, then wearing our scrubs was mandatory as we would be entering the surgical theatres. That interesting Wednesday afternoon, we just got back from school to obtain our brand new scrubs when a very hot argument surfaced. … Read more

15 Quality Lab Coat Designs For Use In Clinics

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Ideally, lab coats should protect both the patients, health workers, and students from health hazards within the clinics and hospital settings if used correctly and if you buy the appropriate lab coat designed for clinic use. But within the past decade, studies have shown that there is a gradual decline in the number of health … Read more

10 Best Medical Student White Coat Ceremony Outfit Ideas [2022]

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Medical student white coat ceremony is a tradition for medical students and students of other health-related courses held in some medical schools to mark the transition of the students into the study of a course in the health profession. In some medical schools, students begin to meet and interact with patients as early as their … Read more