Medical Abbreviations

What Is The Meaning Of NABS Medical Abbreviation?

It is not uncommon to find the NABS medical abbreviation in patient’s folders, clerking, and management records in clinics and during ward rounds. Medical abbreviations are short forms used by doctors and health workers to save time while attending to patients. So for this post, we will be looking at the medical abbreviation NABS, its […]

What Does The USOH Medical Abbreviation Mean?

Every now and then, we find doctors and health workers using weird phrases and abbreviations without knowing what they mean. This post is focused on the USOH medical abbreviation; it’s meaning when and why it is used. It is good if you note that medical abbreviations are used by doctors and health workers as a […]

What Does The SWFI Medical Abbreviation Mean?

In this post, we will be looking at the SWFI medical abbreviation, its meaning, and when it is used. Medical abbreviations are shorthands used by doctors and other health workers when communicating with one another to make the work of attending to patients easier. In recent times, modern doctors have been advocating for doctors to […]

WDWN Medical Abbreviation: Meaning And When It Is Used

To be straightforward, the WDWN medical abbreviation stands for “WELL DEVELOPED WELL NOURISHED”. But if you would like to get more insight on what the WDWN medical abbreviation really means, and when it should be used, then you should keep reading the rest of the post for further information. When is the WDWN  Medical Abbreviation […]

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