What Does the ADR Medical Abbreviation Stand For?

adr medical abbreviation

The ADR Medical Abbreviation stands for Adverse Drug Reaction. And this refers to unwanted, uncomfortable, or dangerous effects that a drug may have. The acronym ADR Medical Abbreviation can also be referred to as a medical term that is used in clinical pharmacology to refer to drug toxicity or side effects, which occur as a … Read more

DDRT Medical Abbreviation: 8 Criteria to Meet Before Renal Transplant

dentistry vs medicine career

Medical abbreviations are useful in a medical setting to reduce the length of medical terminologies and also to enhance the ease of use. Medical abbreviations are shortened forms of medical terms and are mostly used by clinicians. In medical science, there are hundreds of medical abbreviations and in this article, I will be writing about … Read more

PRN Medical Abbreviation: Significance In Medicine And In Nursing

Prn medical abbreviation

I first saw the PRN medical abbreviation used by a medical officer during a medical outreach I attended during my final year in medical school. The outreach was structured in such a way that the medical students manned different stands for history taking, checking vital signs, blood sugar check, urinalysis, and a final stand for … Read more

WDWN Medical Abbreviation: Meaning And When It Is Used

WDWN Medical abbreviation

To be straightforward, the WDWN medical abbreviation stands for “WELL DEVELOPED WELL NOURISHED”. But if you would like to get more insight on what the WDWN medical abbreviation really means, and when it should be used, then you should keep reading the rest of the post for further information. When is the WDWN  Medical Abbreviation … Read more

Medical Abbreviations QHS and QAM: Origin, Meaning and Uses

Medical abbreviations QHS and QAM

Introduction: Medical Abbreviations QHS and QAM One misconception about the use of medical abbreviations in health practice especially among patients is that doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health workers use such only with the aim of keeping patients confused or to impress them. This is far from the case. Medical abbreviations are just shorthands used … Read more

What Do The Medical Abbreviations PC Mean?

medical abbreviations pc

Some abbreviations used in the medical field today have more than just one meaning. They could be used in different contexts to mean different things. This post discusses one of such abbreviations; ‘Medical Abbreviations PC’, their meanings, and different contexts in which it could be used. There are over a hundred terms in which the … Read more

What Is The Meaning Of NABS Medical Abbreviation?

NABS medical abbreviations

It is not uncommon to find the NABS medical abbreviation in patient’s folders, clerking, and management records in clinics and during ward rounds. Medical abbreviations are short forms used by doctors and health workers to save time while attending to patients. So for this post, we will be looking at the medical abbreviation NABS, its … Read more