8 Best Physiology books For Medical Students [2023 Review]

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Medical Physiology is one of the major core preclinical courses in medical school that serves as one of the basic foundations for your clinical years.

Having a wide knowledge of medical physiology is very crucial for all medical students that are aspiring to be doctors, Pharmacists, Physiology Psychologists, or any other medical-related professions.

One of the major reasons is that medical physiology provides you with the basic knowledge and understanding of how a normal body functions. And most importantly, as a future clinical student, giving you insights into the treatment of all abnormal states.

Therefore, you must search very carefully, to acquire sound knowledge from the best physiology booksfor medical students.

However, what determines the rate at which you understand a course in medical school, is the kind of textbook or material you are exposed to. So as a medical student, the rate at which you will be able to analyze and treat illnesses depends on the physiology textbooks you are exposed to in your preclinical years.

Table of Contents

  • Guyton And Hall Textbook Of Medical Physiology
  • Boron And Boulpaep Medical Physiology
  • 3. Berne And Levy Physiology
  •  Additional Features
  •  Constanzo’s Physiology
  • 5. LL Human Physiology
  • 6. Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach
  • 7. BRS Physiology
  • 8. Ross & Wilson Anatomy And Physiology In Health Illness

    What Are The Best Physiology Books For Medical Students?

    There are almost hundreds of different types of physiology books for mbbs, but only a few are clinically oriented. And using the former may yield little returns. To avoid that, I have compiled the best medical physiology textbooks for medical students, based on their readability and how clinically oriented they are.

    8 Best Physiology Books for MBBS First Year:

    • Guyton And Hall Textbook Of Medical Physiology
    • Boron And Boulpaep Medical Physiology
    • Berne And Levy Physiology
    • Constanzo’s Physiology
    • LL Human Physiology
    • Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach
    • BRS Physiology
    • Ross&Wilson Anatomy And Physiology In Health Illness 

    Guyton And Hall Textbook Of Medical Physiology

    physiology books for mbbs first year
    Guyton and Hall

    The Fact is that this medical physiology textbook has been the gold standard since its first publication in 1956. This is just one of the explanations, for why Guyton And Hall’s Textbook Of Medical Physiology is one of the best physiology books for medical students.

    This physiology textbook has an in-depth and well-detailed explanation of various cellular and even bio-molecular processes involved in human physiology, which are covered in length of nearly 1200 pages.

    In all, this physiology textbook has  8 chapters and 15 parts. And as a result of that, the book is heavily text-based. However, to aid fast assimilation, and not to be bored with many words, the textbook also includes high-resolution colored photos, figures, and tables

    This book also has an electronic edition, free video animations, and online student consults with multiple-choice questions from each chapter and they can all be accessible after purchasing.

    Although, due to the lengthy discussion on this medical physiology and some clinical correlates, this textbook might look too voluminous. But it is one of the recommended physiology books for medical students. it will help you throughout your stay in medical school.

    Additional Features in Guyton:

    1. Gives a viewpoint that is clinically and preclinically oriented
    2. Focuses on fundamental concepts and how the body keeps the balance and stays healthy.
    3. Uses a clear, readable voice to present information, promoting learning and memory
    4. Increased clinical scopes that cover conditions including obesity, metabolic and cardiovascular issues.

    Boron And Boulpaep Medical Physiology

    best physiology books for medical students
    Boron And Boulpaep Medical Physiology

    This is also one of the recommended medical physiology books for MBBS first year that competes with Guyton. This textbook is indeed another version of the bible in medical physiology, only differs in a few features from Guyton.

    Boron and Boulpaep’s medical physiology textbook also contains well-detailed explanations and illustrations on various aspects of human physiology like Guyton. But instead of using texts and pictures alone, more information and medical facts are explained using various graphs, tables, and figures.

    This physiology textbook focuses majorly on explaining human physiology from the functional and structural unit, which is the cellular level. Up to the highest level of organization, until all processes can be compared and applied clinically.

    Therefore, each chapter contains a clinical relevance that can be studied and applied in your clinical years, although it’s not that detailed. The textbook is divided into 10 different sections, and each section is divided into several chapters depending on the topic or organ system.

    So generally, Boron And Boulpaep’s medical physiology textbook has a total of 62 chapters with above 1,350 pages. This medical physiology textbook is a perfect example of one of the best medical physiology textbooks.

    Additional Features

    1. Highlights new and existing discoveries in cellular and molecular processes, to give a study approach to the human physiology
    2. Has an increased number of clinical relevance
    3. A student consults the ebook version

    3. Berne And Levy Physiology

    best medical physiology textbooks
    Berne And Levy Physiology

    Here is another textbook that best explains human physiology in a concise format, to enable students to study faster especially during exams. It has 8 different sections with a total number of 44 chapters, all in 867 pages.

    Each chapter gives a piece of in-depth information about one organ system using diagrams, tables, and graphs. And also highlights every possible clinical correlate.

    Also, you can read the summary of every chapter at the end of every discussion to ease your memorization. And just like the others, this textbook comes with a student consult and possible review questions of USMLE.

    Additional Features

    1. Every chapter begins with aims and objective
    2. The boxes ”In the clinic” and ”At the Molecular level” gives you a better understanding of the clinical relevance.
    3. As a lot of illustrations and experimental observations to ease your understanding

    Constanzo’s Physiology

    top physiology books for medical students
    top physiology books for medical students

    If you are looking for physiology books for MBBS that will give you a detailed overview of medical physiology, then I will fully recommend Constanzo’s physiology. It is one of the most thorough study guides for tests or board exams.

    The ten chapters of this physiology textbook are organized into subtopics, making it thorough but concise. Meanwhile, every chapter focuses on a different organ system.

    Additionally, it has practical graphics and tables, clinical laboratory examples, and sample questions to test your understanding at the end of each chapter.

    And guess what? All of these are condensed with the 500 pages of this medical physiology review book. So that students won’t find it to be too much information or too bulky.

    This is one of the best physiology books for medical students, searching for a thorough review of human physiology

    Additional Features

    1. Information is presented in a short, focused, and simple format.
    2. Contains a detailed explanation(step-by-step guides and easy-to-follow illustrations)
    3. Quick summary boxes  for an easy overview at the end of every chapter

    5. LL Human Physiology

    Are you a medical student that has an unrelated pre-med major?

    Or, do you consider yourself a beginner in every science-related topic, maybe as a result of your educational background?

    Then you might want to try this introductory medical physiology book for beginners. The information and explanations in this medical physiology textbook are clear, simple, and well structured to ease your understanding.

    This textbook also contains high-quality drawings and therapeutic applications of physiologic ideas. So when you purchase this hardcover textbook, you have access to the A&P website. Which gives visual explanations of the relations between anatomy and physiology using actual cadavers.

    Additional Features

    1. Majorly for beginners
    2. Deep explanations of the basics of the human physiology
    3. An online student consult

    6. Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach

    This is another one of the best physiology books for medical students, who wish to start learning physiology from scratch.

    Homeostasis and a bio-molecular-based explanation of human physiology are featured in this textbook. Especially for freshers in medical school, the textbook begins with fundamental cellular functions and works its way up to the intricate organ system.

    Additional Features

    1. Readable and concise contents
    2. One of the best Physiology books for beginners

    7. BRS Physiology

     The BRS physiology is another reviewed edition of physiology textbook by Linda Costanzo, this particular edition of physiology textbook contains a thorough review guide for exams.

    This textbook is the best resource I will personally recommend during exams, it contains condensed information on human physiology. There are only more than 300 hundred pages in it, yet very informative. It is filled with clear, important information.

    The content organization is tidy, with distinct headers and subheadings. Some texts are highlighted to make studying much simple and be able to recognize essential facts while reading. During or toward exams, I will fully recommend this as one of the best physiology books for medical students.

    Additional Features

    1. For easier understanding, there are tables and illustrations and some clinical relevance.
    2. Contains more than 250 practice multi-choice questions.
    3. Contains preparatory questions for board exams.

    8. Ross & Wilson Anatomy And Physiology In Health Illness

    Although this is for both anatomy and physiology, using this will ease your understanding while studying.

    The anatomical description and physiological functions are explained extensively in this textbook. And as a result of this, using this textbook exposes you to a lot of clinical relations between anatomy and physiology.

    The textbook covers a wide coverage from the smallest unit to the most complex organ systems.

    Additionally, there are several self-test multipurpose questions to test your knowledge in every section and to prepare you for professional exams.

    Additional Features.

    • Free animation videos
    • Basic, clear, readable, and, concise
    • Spot-check questions

    FAQs About Physiology Textbooks

    What Books Should I read for Physiology?

    Whether you are a medical student, a pharmacy student, or if you are studying any of the medical-related courses, the recommended books you should read to understand human physiology in detail are Guyton and Hall physiology and Boron And Boulpaep Medical Physiology textbooks.

    These physiology textbooks were specially written and edited to explain human physiology to the core. No wonder some Professors in med school would say that someone who reads Guyton and Hall from cover to cover is as good as a person who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Physiology.

    What is the Best Review Book for Physiology?

    If you are preparing for a board exam or a professional medical exam in human physiology, then the best review books for physiology that will help you summarize every system in human physiology are Berne And Levy Physiology and Brevy Physiology textbooks. They explain everything you need about each chapter in concise formats with summary notes after each chapter.

    Which book is best for physiology MBBS 1st year?

    If you recently got into medical school and are looking for which book is best for physiology in first year, then I strongly recommend that you start with Guyton and Hall or Boron physiology textbooks. These two textbooks are great for building a strong foundation in human physiology.

    However, if you are currently doing your premed major with little or no background in biological sciences, you may use a simpler textbook like LL Physiology.

    Which books are used in MBBS 1st year?

    The best anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry textbooks for MBBS 1st year have been discussed in a separate post on this blog. Go now and see them.

    In Conclusion

    Above are the recommended best physiology books for medical students. And like I said, the above physiology textbooks are listed based on their clinical and readability functions.

    However, I recommend going for a full textbook and a review physiology textbook. It will help you a lot in your clinical years and most importantly, during exams. Good luck medics.

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