How to Unblock a URL on Facebook By Contacting Support

In this post, you will learn how to how to unblock a URL on Facebook If the debugger is not working.

Sharing your URL on Facebook is one of the best and easiest ways to generate traffic for your website or blog. If your URL gets blocked by Facebook, this could be one of the greatest hits to your website traffic, as only about 9% of the top sites get organic traffic from search engines.

Facebook also you how to unblock a URL on Facebook using the Facebook Debugging Tool, but most of the time this Facebook Debugging Tool does not work for many. Even posting on the Facebook community forum may not help, and how to contact the Facebook support team may still be a mystery to many. Facebook blocked my website URL just about a month after I purchased the domain name, it was really depressing as I tried almost all the helpful tips I could find online, but they all failed.

All the persons I met on various Facebook groups claiming to teach me how to unblock a URL on Facebook seemed not to be forthcoming as they appeared to be after my money. I spent about four (4) months looking for help, searching for how to unblock a URL on Facebook, Using the Facebook debugger, and it was not working, asked questions on the Facebook community forum, and getting no answer.

I found ways of bypassing Facebook crawlers, by sharing either a shortened link on Facebook, sharing the links to my social pages on Twitter, Quora, and others on Facebook. But the conversion was very poor. And I will advise you not to do this; don’t try to manipulate your ways into sharing a blocked URL on Facebook, it affects the reputation of your blog, and people who find out will not even click those links as it is suspicious.

Why the Facebook Debugger (Debugging Tool) is Not Working

I tried using the Facebook Debugging Tool many times, submitting reports upon reports, without any positive feedback for more than four months. And it is also the same for most others, as I could see many of their comments on Facebook about the Debugging Tool having failed them.

The only logical answer I could think of is that the queue was too much.

Remember that there are also many others like yours which were blocked on Facebook (possibly millions of them). And for you to unblock URL on Facebook, it requires proper verification to ensure that the website follows all the Facebook Community Standards.

This verification process by Facebook Team Takes at least 12 to 24 hours or more for everything to be completed. So with the number of websites involved, it could take at least 6 months for it to reach you.

And when it reaches you, there is also a chance that you will not get approved assuming your website actually does not meet their community standards.

So for many, especially those who are new to this, they will conclude that Facebook Debugger is Not Working.

It actually works, the only problem is the time it takes to complete the debugging and verification process.

How To Unblock a URL on Facebook

After about 4 to 5 months of using the Facebook Debugger and the tool not working for me (showing any result), I finally found a way to go about it:

I Chatted with Facebook Support Team

Finally, I figured a way to contact the Admins and Support Team of Facebook. Usually, this is not an easy process at all, and you can rarely find the link to chat with them anywhere online. But my curiosity led me to them.

Why It is Difficult to Contact Facebook Support Team

The reason is obvious; there are billions of Facebook users which means a lot of work for the whole Facebook Support Team. Even if you are able to contact them, there is a chance that you won’t get what you want.

But I guess I was lucky and you can be lucky too; the Admin I chatted with that day was the kind, and promised to table my situation on their panel and to fight for it to be resolved. And In less than 48 hours, my website was unblocked.

Also, just like every other business, Facebook is more interested in the people who help them make more money. And Facebook makes most of its money from adverts run by Businesses on their Facebook pages.

So you should have a page on Facebook which is associated with your business account to start with because these details will be requested while filling the Facebook Support Team Contact Form.

Also, don’t worry if you have never run Ads on your Facebook page, but for me, as at that then, I had run two Advertising campaigns using my Facebook page. Whether that gave me an upper hand is something I am yet to figure out. But all the same, just go ahead and contact them even if you have not run any Ads yet.

How To Contact Facebook Support Team

Make sure you Follow all the steps without mistake. Note that this can only be done using your desktop browser.


Visit Facebook Business Help /Support. On the home page, you will find a blue area written Facebook Business Help Center – Find Answers or contact support. Click the Get Started Button.

how to Unblock URL on Facebook - Get Started
How to Unblock a URL on Facebook – Click on Get started


On the next page, you will find a number of options. Select Business Pages.

Contact Facebook Support TeamSelect business pages
How to Unblock a URL on Facebook – Select Business Pages on the How can we help page


On the next page, you will find a list of other options. Ignore all and scroll down to the Contact Support Button, and click Chat with a representative.

Contact Facebook Support team-chat with Facebook representative
How to Unblock a URL on Facebook – Click on the Chat with a representative box


Fill the Contact Support Form, using the procedure below and click on Start chat.

Start chat with Facebook Support team
How to Unblock a URL on Facebook – Fill the form and start chat.
What You Should Fill on the Contact Form to Help you Unblock your website on Facebook faster:
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • What is your relationship to this Business – Select I own this business.
  • Account ID – There is a link on the page on how to get a Facebook Ad account ID. Follow the procedure, find your account ID, and fill it in. Note that you need to create a Facebook business Ad account to get this number.
  • In the field for what is your question about, select pages.
  • Put in your Facebook Page ID. Follow the instruction on how to find your Facebook page ID, attached on the link below it. Or find it on this link.
  • Select Other in the What is your question about section.
  • Subject Title – Type in; My Website URL is Blocked.
  • Under the Descriprion, Type in the following:
Hello Facebook, 
I am .....Name........, I created a Facebook page for my website; I tried to increase my web traffic using Facebook Ads, but I discovered that my site URL was blocked by Facebook. Please, I have checked all the Facebook community Standards, and found out that my site does not go against any of them.
I have also tried to use the Facebook Debugging tool, but there has been no response.
Kindly help me unblock it, as it really affects my business badly.
Thanks and Best regards.

After filling the form, click on Start chat.

You will be redirected to Facebook Messenger where you will have to wait for one of their representatives to attend to you.

Note that this might take up to 30 minutes before they join you. In my case, it was 45 minutes but was worth every time I spent. In the end, my website was unblocked.

If you follow these steps cautiously, there is a 99 percent chance that your website URL will be unblocked on Facebook if truly your website does not go against Facebook community standards.

Do Not Patronize the Online Hoodlums Who Claim to Work For Facebook

I would advise you never to patronize anyone at all who is not will to help you unblock your website on Facebook without paying them money first.

The truth is:

  1. There is no hack that will help you to unblock your website URL on Facebook; it must be done by the Facebook team
  2. Even if there is a way (Which is hardly possible; Facebook works with one of the best webmasters in the world), do not patronize them as it is not illegal. And if you are caught, you may suffer worse penalties.
  3. Also, there is a chance that such persons are only going to follow this same procedure. This means there could still be a chance that your website will not be unblocked by the team.
  4. Such persons might just be scammers. They will do away with your money without solving your problem.
  5. If you follow the above-mentioned steps and are humble and honest in your communication with their Facebook support team representative, you have a 99% chance of succeeding. Don’t try to be arrogant or teach them their job, they probably know better and are only trying to help you out.
  6. So you can do it yourself with this guide, no need to pay anyone for it.

You Can Prevent Facebook From Blocking Your URL

One mistake most new bloggers make after designing creating their website is to start sharing links on Facebook, Social channels, without Verifying their website on all the popular search Engines.

I created a separate guide on how to prevent Facebook from Blocking Your new site by Verifying your website on Facebook.

Usually, the main reason why Facebook block new blogs or websites is if they mark it as spam. This usually happens when you share your links aggressively on Facebook. But the Facebook Verification, your new blog or website URL is covered.

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