The Best PLAB 1 Question Bank Revealed! My Experience

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I wrote my PLAB Part 1 exam on the 10th of August, 2022 while working in one of the busiest hospitals in my region with a very tight work schedule.

It was my first attempt, and I passed with a total score of 142/180, not so bad for a first attempt.

During my preparation for the PLAB part 1 exam, I read lots of blogs and watched several YouTube videos just like you are supposedly doing now. Scrambling the net for the best PLAB 1 question banks to use for your preparations in order to ace your exams in one attempt.

Well, on my part it was a futile search because I ended up going back to the initial advice I was given months before I wrote the PLAB 1 by friends who had already passed the exam. But I just needed to be reassured that I was following the right path in my preps.

So what advice did I get from these friends?

98% of all the blogs I read and the YouTube channels I read recommended PLABALE as the best PLAB 1 Question bank.

In the end, I saw for myself that they were right after I had written my exams because all the cases I saw on the exam day were very similar to those that were contained in the PLABABLE subject-wise questions.

My Advice for you Today

So here is my advice for you today as you prepare for your PLAB 1 exam; STOP THE SEARCH!”

Yes, stop the search for the best PLAB 1 question banks, save your time, and start studying your PLABABLE today.

Do not be among those medics who have formed the bad habit of searching for difficult questions and unreal question banks to solve and looking endlessly for colleagues to intimidate in WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, and Telegram channels.

If you are among those who feel intimidated by difficult questions you see online, you are not doing yourself a favor.

All you need to do today is to start studying your PLABABLE subject-wise questions and looking at the reasons behind every answer they choose for each question.

That is the easiest way to pass your PLAB 1 exam.

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Why PLABABLE is the Best PLAB 1 Question Bank

1. Age

PLABABLE is recognized as the oldest available question bank on the PLAB part 1 exam. It contains questions from previous PLAB 1 exams that have been taken in the past and formulated questions by experts in the test who have been studying the patterns of the PLAB 1 questions for years.

If you are smart enough, you must have figured out by now that medicine rarely changes such as exam questions.

The maximum you will see is just a minor twist of the older questions and the newer questions are just a chip off the old ones.

2. Track Records

Every year, thousands of doctors who pass the PLAB part 1 exam have been confessing that the secret of their success is PLABABLE and PLAB gems.

So why try something that is newer, when you have something that has stood the test of time?

3. Coverage

With currently over 1900 questions, PLABALE stands as the best PLAB 1 question bank with the widest coverage.

Also every year, the PLABABLE question banks are updated as more people take the PLAB 1 exam.

4. Detailed Explanations

A lot of seniors counseled me on the need to study PLAB gems before solving the PLABABLE MCQ. But when I started studying the subject wise PLABALE questions, I realized that at the end of each question are detailed explanations of the answers just like those contained in PLAB gems, plus additional links to resources for further reading.

So I ended up relying on these explanations and resources for my reading without having to subscribe to GEMS.

Am not saying you must do the same, but am just trying to let you understand that to pass PLAB part 1 exam, PLABABLE mcqs are enough.


Another reason why I recommend PLABABLE as the best PLAB 1 question bank is the PLABABLE mocks.

There are currently 19 PLABABLE mocks organized in such a way that you are timed and have the opportunity to put yourself in exam mode before your main exam.

But you should also know that the questions in the PLABABLE mocks are the same questions you will see in your subject wise PLABALE mcqs. But the mocks are still very good for revision and your mental prep.

6. Study Group Access

Once you subscribe to PLABABLE, you have access to many WhatsApp groups and a specific WhatsApp group dedicated to everyone writing the exam on the same date as you are.

Joining this group helped me a lot. It boosted my confidence and allowed me to compare my performance with that of other doctors who were writing the exam with me on the same date.

I bet you will feel very motivated every day if you are a participant in these groups. Your colleagues will stretch you and you will see people who study for this same exam on a daily basis.

So the PLABABLE WhatsApp group was a great boost and a major contribution to my success.

7. Access to Premium Resources

Although I never used any of them, it is worth mentioning that the PLABABLE team makes available additional resources like the PLABABLE big mocks, revision classes and questions and answer sessions.

All of these come at additional costs but have been proven to be very beneficial to those who use them.


Here are my final words for you. Do not waste your time loking round for textbooks, mcqs and solving different qbanks.

Some studies have shown that people who spend their time on textbooks during their PLAB 1 prep are more likely to fail. This is because the answer to most of the questions you will encounter in your PLAB exam are based on current guidelines and most of your textbooks are not likely to contain the newer version of these current guidelines.

However, the PLABABLE team painstakenly spend time to revise these questions daily and update their answers based on what is obtainanble at the moment.

So my advise is; stop the search, download the PLABALE app today on your mobile phone or PC and start sudying!

See you in the UK!

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