Medarchive TV: Biggest Medical WhatsApp TV In Nigeria

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The internet has made the world look small, but WhatsApp has indeed made the world smaller. If you are looking for a tribe on WhatsApp where you will find inspiration, enlightenment, and discuss health promotion topics, then you should subscribe to this large Medical WhatsApp TV in Nigeria; Medarchive TV.

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What Is Medarchive TV?

Medarchive TV is a new medical WhatsApp television that showcases the latest global health and wellness news from the most trusted sources, study tips and nuggets for medical students, organizes competitions with cash prizes, shares career opportunities for medical students and medical graduates, and many more.

This WhatsApp TV was developed by Medarchive Magazine with the aim of improving the relationship between us and the audience, and spreading our tentacles of enlightenment, inspiration, and health promotion to the doorstep of average Nigerians.

We operate 24 hours/7 days on our WhatsApp TV, and our vision is to be the Biggest Medical Whatsapp tv in the country.

Medarchive Whatsapp TV In Nigeria: What Are Our Niches?

On Medarchive TV you will find content related to the following niches:

  • Medical Education
  • Medical Career (Including JAPA update; IELTS, USMLE, PLAB, AMC, MCC,etc. and relocation plans)
  • Health and Wellness topics
  • Lifestyle
  • Motivational
  • Memes and Funny Contents
  • Sponsored contents

What You Gain By Viewing Medarchive WhatsApp TV Channel

If you are looking for Whatsapp tv links in Nigeria with zero tolerance for boredom, and that will also provide you with high-quality content for your own education while you are having fun at the same time, then you are welcome to Medarchive TV.

Below are the features we have garnished this premium medical Whatsapp TV with;

A Domain Of Learning For Medical and Health Science Students

We have dedicated a few days of the week to sharing study guides, tips, and education materials for undergraduates in Nigeria studying any of the medical-related courses or who are in any of the medical schools in Nigeria.

Health Education and Promotion

Medarchive Magazine is supported by licensed medical professionals in Nigeria and in the U.K. We also have a team of clinical medical students who share content on general health and wellness.

Our health contents are not promotional but based on research. We take our responsibilities as subject matter expert very seriously.

Earn As You Learn Initiative

From time to time, usually once or twice in a month and during festive seasons, Medarchive Magazine will be organizing quizzes which will be hosted partly on the website and on Whatsapp tv. The cash prizes attached are one any smart medic would not want to miss.

You also have a chance to win a couple of our numerous give-away for most loyal fans.

The Home Of Medical Memes: Have Fun While You Learn

We have large sources of both weird and funny medical memes to help you laugh and relax after a very stressful day. This is shared daily in the evening times to help ease off stress and tension in our audience and loyal fans.

WhatsApp TV Ads; Advertise With A WhatsApp TV With The Highest Views

Are you looking for a Whatsapp tv with the highest views for a Nigerian-based audience to run your Whatsapp Ads?

The status views on this Whatsapp tv are increasing daily. A lot of people come to our status for advice, help, and support. Who knows? Some of them might be your potential client. We offer advertising services to help meet the needs of our audience and also the needs of our patronizers.

Our target audience is mainly medical and health science students, medical graduates, doctors, and people looking for health advice and solutions. And they are mainly within the 18 to 35 demographic.

It’s Free To View Medarchive Whatsapp TV Channel

Medarchive Whatsapp Tv logo
Whatsapp tv logo

Viewing this Whatsapp TV channel is completely free of charge. To join, you just need to send a message using the template provided in the link below to start viewing.

I would like to view Medarchive TV

It will be requested that you save our contact for you to be able to see any of our content on our Whatsapp status.

Join Our Referral Contest

We have a free gift for our most loyal fans who help in spreading the good news of Medarchive TV to their friends and colleagues.

To join this referral contest and win a prize, send us a message on Whatsapp using the format below;

Hello Medarchive TV!

I would like to join your Referral contest
Whatsapp tv referral contest
Join our referral contest

Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use

  • Medarchive TV will never message you privately to ask for your financial support. If you receive any of such messages, kindly file a complaint to the Whatsapp number in the link below.
  • We are strongly against using any illegal means of contact gain to boost WhatsApp status views. We do not buy our contacts or engage in any form of contact exchange without the permission of the owners of that contact address. We gain our contacts only through pure organic traffic.
  • We have the right to refuse to disclose our number of status views to anyone.
  • The fact that our DMs are open to all should not be abused. Only leave us messages when necessary or get blocked.
  • We have zero tolerance for spam. We will never spam you nor do we expect the same from you.
  • We respect the people on our contact list and will not share your contact freely with anyone.
  • Our Whatsapp TV Ads team does not refund your payment(s) after it has been confirmed as successful. But such could be used in the exchange of services of similar magnitude.
  • Disclaimer: If in the course of engaging with our Whatsapp TV, you have any concerns, kindly message us. All the contents we share on Medarchive TV are shared in good faith and for general information purposes only. We do not make warranties about the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of all the information we share. In as much as we take our responsibility as subject matter experts very seriously, any action you take using the information from Medarchive TV is at your own risk. Medarchive TV will not be liable for any losses or damages in connection with any information from our WhatsApp tv. From our Whatsapp tv, you can find links to other people’s businesses and websites. But even though we strive to provide only quality links from verified sources only for the safety of all, we have no control over your interactions with such.  (This disclaimer was updated on the 20th of October 2021).


Medarchive TV is a premium medical Whatsapp TV in Nigeria for enlightenment, inspiration, and health promotion.

We wish you all the fun, knowledge, and growth possible by being a member of this growing community on Whatsapp.

You can Join us today using the Whatsapp TV links below

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