Kaplan SAT Prep Reviews 2023: Is It Worth Your Money?

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The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is an entrance examination used by most Colleges and Universities in the United States to assess the readiness of college aspirants for undergraduate studies. As a college aspirant, your SAT score is a major determining factor in college admissions, so adequate preparation to attain your best possible score is imperative.

The SAT exam assesses your competence in 3 key areas; math, reading, and writing. And it is a known fact that the math component is usually a nightmare for most candidates.

However, the whole SAT should not be as difficult as it sounds. With the right study tools and preparation aids, you should be able to ace your SAT in a single attempt with scores that are high enough to help you gain admission into any undergraduate program of your choice in the United States and possibly land you a fully paid scholarship.

Speaking of the right preparation aids for your SAT, let us review one of the most efficacious preparation courses available for anyone preparing to write the SAT in a few months’ time; the Kaplan SAT Prep course.

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The Kaplan SAT Prep Reviews

The Kaplan SAT Prep Website
The Kaplan SAT Prep Website

For over 80 years, Kaplan has been prepping over 2 million candidates for various standardized tests on a yearly basis. The whole Kaplan idea is based on proof that performance on standardized tests is not attributed to genetics, economic class, or magic. However, anyone who applies discipline, and prepares for a coming test in a certain way is bound for outstanding success.

The Kaplan SAT prep course is just one of these proven personalized prep strategies for anyone who is preparing for the SAT exam.

If you are the type of student who likes to study at home with online resources and study partners, then the Kaplan SAT prep courses are ideal for you. These Kaplan online courses are taught by SAT experts and specially designed for online studies.

Different Plans for the Kaplan SAT Prep Courses

The Kaplan SAT prep courses come in different plans, specifically designed to suit students in their various needs, and we are going to review each of these plans in detail.

Available Plans for the Kaplan SAT Prep Courses:

  • The Kaplan On Demand Course
  • The Kaplan Live Online Course
  • The Kaplan Unlimited Prep Course

Kaplan on Demand Course Review

Kaplan SAT prep near me
Kaplan SAT prep near me

If you are a very busy person, the type that has just about 1 hour daily to prepare for the SAT, then the Kaplan On Demand Course was designed specifically for you. It will also be of great benefit to you if you are very low on budget.

The Kaplan On Demand course will help you master the SAT test by just spending 30 minutes each day watching bite-sized video lessons on demand.

In this course, you have top experienced teachers in the SAT doing content review and dishing out strategy lessons to help you find the right answers on the test.

You know how boring very long tutorial videos can be. For such videos, you end up losing focus, being lost, and even sleeping off in some cases. But the Kaplan on demand videos is not like those. They are very short videos with animations that are simplified and carefully crafted to deliver the most information about SAT within the least possible time.

Content of the Kaplan On Demand Course:

Although the Kaplan on demand course is the most affordable of all the Kaplan prep courses with the price of USD$199 attached, it comes with the following amazing features:

  • More than 50 instructional videos on the content of the SAT test and strategy to approach questions on SAT day.
  • Access to over 1000 practice questions
  • Dedicated quizzes after each lesson to help keep you on track and to assess your understanding of what has just been introduced
  • Taught by experts and takes less than 30 minutes daily
  • You can get full access for 6 months or sample lessons for 7 days
  • Adopts a conversational approach to help you relate your lessons with real-world tutorials
  • The short videos include animations, written notes, equations, motion graphics, and cool background music for increased focus and easy assimilation.
  • Includes breathing exercises and mindfulness breaks to help you remain focused and present throughout the learning period.
  • Teaches you the multiple strategy approach to finding the right answers to a question. This will help you remember the approach that works best for you and not just relying on the standardized approach alone.
  • Includes 8 Kaplan SAT prep tests to help you prove your knowledge and understanding of each topic. In the end, a teacher is especially dedicated to taking you through the corrections until you have mastered the whole test.

Kaplan Live Online Course Review

Kaplan SAT prep reviews
Kaplan live online class showing the chat feature

If you are a classroom type of student, then you will find the Kaplan live online course to be very beneficial.

This is where it gets really intense. With the Kaplan live online course, you have access to an online classroom made up of a team of expert teachers whose job is to keep you accountable and engaged throughout your SAT prep to make sure that you take home the best out of your registration fees.

If you want to get your confidence level through the roof before taking SAT, worry no more! The live online course gives you access to learn with experts with over 10 years of online course experience, with an excellent online experience. With this, you can get comfortable with the SAT so that you can reach your highest possible score on the exam.

You will also participate in these online courses in real-time and the teachers will show you exactly what you need to study to pass, and how you should go about studying them.

What’s in the Kaplan Live Online Course?

The Kaplan live online course is specially crafted for candidates with a medium ticket budget with a total price of USD$699. It is definitely worth the money as it has the following amazing features:

  • Access to 18 hours of live instruction on test strategies and content review
  • Over 15 hours of video content (In short bits)
  • 8 Kaplan SAT prep tests including 4 official college board exams to help put you in an ideal exam condition
  • Question bank with over 1000 test-oriented questions
  • You get 4 physical SAT prep books to help you intensify your prep
  • You have all the possible support and guidance you need in online classes. One teacher leads the live class and others lead a group chat and answer questions one-on-one in a private chat.
  • Dedicated teachers reach out to you during classes to see if you are moving along and getting what is being taught.
  • Each live online course has 16 hours of additional on-demand videos on the SAT channel.

Course Outline for the Kaplan Live Online Course:

  • First Session: Math Method and Writing & Language foundations (Including solving of equations, sentence structures, and verb agreement)
  • Practice test 1: This is a full-length practice test to help you put what you have learned to the test. It requires a practice book, a pencil, and a scientific calculator.
  • Second Session: Reading Strategy and Linear equations
  • Third Session: Covers pronouns, modifiers, and ratios
  • Practice Test 2: Another full-length practice. Your performance from the practice tests will further customize your study recommendations to refine your practice and boost your confidence on test day.
  • Session 4: Statistics and Reading Method (covers percentage change, frequency distributions, and graphs)
  • Session 5: Contains scatterplots and non-grammar writing and language questions (contains probability, organization, and word choice)
  • Practice test 3: Another full-length practice test
  • Session 6: Reading question types and functions
  • Session 7: Exponents and paired reading passages
  • Session 8: Geometry and Literature reading passages
  • Practice test 4: Another full-length practice test
  • Session 9: High-difficulty math and writing language topics

Kaplan Unlimited Prep SAT Course Review

Kaplan SAT Practice Test
Kaplan SAT Practice Test

Whether you are preparing for the SAT, ACT, AP, PSAT, or more than one of the listed exams, the Kaplan Unlimited prep SAT course is all you need to ace these exams in a single attempt.

The Kaplan Unlimited prep SAT course will enable you to take as many ACT, SAT, AP, and PSAT classes as you want to start from when you register through the December of your senior year.

The Unlimited prep SAT course is the most flexible option for SAT prep. It is ideal for those who still have enough time to prepare for the SAT, and those who are not yet sure of their exam dates. With the Unlimited Prep SAT course, you can schedule as many classes as you want anytime, through December of your senior year.

Also, if you have a keen interest in the many scholarship opportunities available for college undergrads, you will benefit tremendously from the PSAT element of this course. This will help you qualify for merit scholarships.

Just like every other Kaplan course, the Unlimited Prep SAT course is led by test experts who are keen on helping you raise your scores. Even when you are not learning in class, you still have unlimited access to learning resources, practice tests with answer explanations, and prep books to help you to keep improving your skills.

This option is the most valuable among all Kaplan SAT prep courses with a total worth of over USD$5,000. However, it still comes at an affordable price of USD$1999 compared to its actual value with an attached 25% discount when you access the course from the link on this website and use the coupon code; “UnlimitedPotential”.

Content of the Kaplan Unlimited prep SAT Course

  • Access to ACT live online classes
  • Access to SAT live online classes (Also available in the Live Online Course)
  • Access to PSAT live online classes
  • All benefits of Kaplan SAT on Demand Course
  • PSAT Self-paced tutorials
  • Access to the AP Biology Review course
  • Access to AP Calculus AB Review course
  • Access to AP English Language and Composition Review Course
  • Access to AP English Literature Review Course
  • Access to AP Human Geography Review Course
  • Access to AP Psychology Review Course
  • Access to AP US History Review Course
  • Access to AP World History: Modern Review Course
  • Access to over 10 physical prep books

Is Kaplan Good for SAT Prep?

Is Kaplan good for SAT prep?
Is Kaplan good for SAT prep?

Yes, from every indication, the Kaplan courses are very good and ideal for your SAT prep. However, every SAT prep course has its own pros and cons when compared to other SAT prep courses.

So in the following part of this post, we will quickly review some of the Pros and Cons of using Kaplan for SAT prep.

Kaplan SAT Prep Course Reviews: Pros

  • More Affordable: Compared to its worth, the Kaplan SAT prep course is actually very affordable, also, especially when you compare its price with that of Princeton Review; another SAT Prep course whose Live Online class is priced at $949 as opposed to Kaplan Live online which is just $699. Meanwhile, both guarantee a high score.
  • Short Actionable Videos: As opposed to many other tutorial videos on SAT that are unnecessarily long and boring, the Kaplan SAT prep videos are bit sized, short, and filled with illustrations and animations that make comprehension very easy.
  • Quality of Curriculum and Study Materials: With over 80 years of experience in the practice test, Kaplan SAT prep courses clearly beat many other prep courses in terms of quality, even though they come at a much more affordable price. Kaplan boasts of the best-experienced teachers in the industry.
  • User Experience and Interface of the Online Courses: Kaplan also clearly beats many other SAT prep courses in terms of user experience and interface. If you are a lover of simplicity, then you will love the Kaplan online portal for students as you can easily find whatever you are looking for at a glimpse.
  • Hard Copy Books: When you register for the Kaplan live online course or the unlimited prep course, you are given hard copy practice books to aid your preparation. Many other SAT prep courses do not do this, or they give only soft copies of these books which may be difficult for some people who prefer it the hardcopy way.
  • High Score Guarantee or Your Money Back: Even though you will most likely not need this in the end, Kaplan offers a detailed high score guarantee program that will be explained later in detail in the FAQ section of this post.

Kaplan SAT Prep Course Reviews: Cons

  • Fewer Instruction Videos: Despite the quality of teachers and user experience of the Kaplan online videos, they are still short of instruction videos when compared with other SAT prep courses like Princeton Reviews. While Kaplan has over 50 instruction videos, Princeton Reviews boasts of over 135 video lessons.
  • Fewer Practice Questions: It is true that for you to succeed in any of these tests, you need to practice as often as possible. Kaplan practice questions are actually enough for this purpose with over 1000 practice questions. But with other SAT prep courses, you can get as many as 2000 practice questions.
  • Fewer Practice Tests: Also, when compared to other SAT prep courses, Kaplan has only 8 practice tests while you can get as much as 25 in some others like Princeton Reviews.
  • Kaplan has no Mobile App: In as much as Kaplan has a very good user experience on its students’ online portal, it still does not have a mobile app. This limits the flexibility of use to some extent. However, this does not make the courses any less effective as you can still access them anytime anywhere.
  • The Kaplan Conversational Approach: Although this feature was created in good faith and for the good of every student who takes the Kaplan SAT prep courses, the conversational approach is actually not ideal for everyone. Some persons typically dislike the classroom environment and would benefit more from a more independent approach to teaching.
  • Online Content Access Timeline: Also, when compared to Princeton Review, Kaplan SAT prep course has a lesser online content access period of 6 months, as opposed to the 1-year access seen in Princeton Review. However, the 6 months timeline is sufficient and ideal for you to prep and ace your SAT in a single attempt even if you have just 1 hour dedicated to your studies of the Kaplan materials in a day.

Comparing the Three Courses

Kaplan On Demand Course


  • 50 Instructional Videos
  • 100 practice questions
  • 8 Kaplan SAT prep tests
  • 30 mins daily videos
  • Taught by experts

Kaplan Live Online Course

$699 (20% OFF When you buy from the link below)

  • 18 hours of live instruction videos
  • 15 hours of video content
  • 8 Kaplan SAT prep tests
  • 1000+ question bank
  • 4 Physical SAT prep books

Kaplan Unlimited Prep Course

$1999 (20% OFF When you buy from the link below)

  • ACT live online classes
  • SAT live online classes
  • PSAT live online classesKaplan SAT on Demand Course
  • PSAT Self-paced tutorials
  • AP Biology Review course
  • AP Calculus AB Review course
  • AP English Language and Composition Review Course
  • AP English Literature Review Course
  • AP Human Geography Review Course
  • AP Psychology Review Course
  • AP US History Review Course
  • AP World History: Modern Review Course
  • 10+ physical prep books

Final Verdict! Are the Kaplan SAT Courses worth my money?

From these pros and cons, I am confident that you will be able to go on to make your own buying decision. But from my own objective judgment and assessment of the Kaplan SAT prep course, it is worth every dime you spend on it as the pros obviously outweigh the cons. Also, the cons are not necessarily disadvantages, they are just the various areas where the Kaplan SAT courses fall short when compared with other SAT prep courses.

But bear it in mind that Kaplan is a much more affordable option compared to these other alternatives, and will offer you a similar score for a lesser price.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Kaplan SAT Courses:

What Is the Kaplan SAT Prep Test?

The Kaplan SAT prep test is a series of 8 tests that you take at designated times while taking any of the Kaplan SAT courses. It will help to assess your readiness for the major exam.

How to find Kaplan SAT Prep near Me

The Kaplan SAT prep is available to everyone irrespective of location. It is an online course, and as long as you have a pc or a mobile phone with an internet connection, you will be able to pay and access the course.

Is Kaplan SAT Prep Good?

Time after time, students keep asking if the Kaplan SAT prep is good. And here is a simple short answer:

The Kaplan SAT prep course is the single most affordable, quality prep course you can take to ace your SAT in a single attempt.

When should you start preparing for the SAT?

You should start preparing for SAT as soon as you enter your senior school year. Even if your exam dates are yet to come out, you can enroll in the Kaplan Unlimited prep course and start preparing at your own pace. However, if you have only 6 months to your exam date, the Kaplan on-demand SAT course is the best alternative for faster and more efficient preparation.

How Much Does Kaplan Increase SAT?

Your major concern should not be how much Kaplan can increase your SAT score, it should be; how much can you possibly score with Kaplan prep? With Kaplan prep, there is unlimited potential for you, and you can score so high that you can land yourself a fully paid scholarship for college.

Does Kaplan Have a SAT Score Guarantee?

Yes, as mentioned earlier Kaplan has a SAT score guarantee for candidates who did not score higher than their baseline, or if you scored higher than your baseline but are still not satisfied with your score. And to be eligible for this guarantee;

  • You must be a first-time Kaplan student who has fully enrolled and completed the High Score Guarantee Program.
  • You establish a baseline score by completing a Kaplan proctored diagnostic or by providing a previous official test score from the test administrator.
  • You take the official Kaplan prep test after completing all requirements for your specific program.
  • Must log in to your Kaptest account and contact Kaplan support to provide your test score report within 60 days of your Kaplan program expiration.

Are SAT Prep Courses Worth the Money?

Yes paying for SAT prep courses is worth it, or else you are a genius with an IQ above the 97th percentile. Just kidding! But try and enroll in a SAT prep course like Kaplan it will help you clear your conscience and boost your confidence in your upcoming exam.

Will Kaplan SAT Prep Raise My Score?

Yes, Kaplan SAT prep will raise your score. The high score guarantee program by Kaplan is a no-brainer!

Can I get Kaplan SAT Course Free?

Yes, you can get Kaplan SAT course free for 7 days. But there is one caveat, you must have fully paid for the Kaplan SAT prep course, and be taking an active part in the courses, and if by the end of 7 days, you feel like it is not worth your money anymore, Kaplan will give you back your money.

Also, if you have taken the official test which you have prepped within 60 days and have not scored higher on that official test, you will have your money back. But be mindful that you will have to return all the study materials, books, and resources given to you during the prep time.

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