Medical Return Manga: A Comic Novel Every Medic Should Read

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This post on medical return manga is written in good faith and for general information purposes only. We did not receive any compensation to publish this. We only did so for the sake of our most loyal fans. Enjoy and share!

Apart from the superhero manga almost every child enjoyed, I have never really been a true fan of anime. Not until my 4th year in medical school when I lived with this particular roommate that never lets a day pass without reading a Manga or any of these animated stories which you can easily get online from any e-commerce store either for free or for a token. It was then that I first learned of the Medical Return Manga and since then, I can bet that only God can save me from reading Manga.

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What Are Mangas?

For the uninitiated, mangas, also written as manhwas are cartoons or comic novels that originated from Japan. Their origin is deep-rooted in the early Japanese art and most Manga you see today is in accordance with an art style developed in Japan in the late 19th century.

I know for some persons they would have already jumped to conclusions based on not being the anime type of person. But trust me, I never believed I would start watching anime or reading Manga till I read the Medical Return Manhwa.

The great thing about Manga is that there are different genres created for people of various career pathways. So if you are a medic; whether a medical student or a doctor, then you must read this Manga called Medical Return.

Medical Return Novel Review: What Is It All About?

Medical return Manga
Medical return Manga

The Medical Return Manga is all about a guy named Kim Jihyun who lived his first life as an infamous surgeon. He got betrayed and he lost everything he ever had including his wife and job.

Following this mishap, he was delirious and wallowing in despair, but finally gets a second chance to relive his life. A woman whom he had saved before met him in his despair and asked;

What do you want?
Kim Ji Hyun replied: I want to be a great husband and a great doctor (Not really the same words but something like this).

The woman heeded his plea and gave him a second chance to live and make things better for himself.

At this, there was a kind of a backward leap in time and his soul was sent back to his middle school days, and started living his best life to the fullest unlike before. He developed a good study attitude in his second chance to live and his goal is to be a renowned dermatologist who is wealthy, makes lots of money, and lives big instead of the poor surgeon he was in his previous life.

The Medical Return Manga is not yet completed and is still in progress. The latest release at the time I am writing this is chapter 140 released on the 19th of November 2021.

medical return Manhwa scenes
medical return Manhwa scenes

Medical Return Manhwa: Other Details About this Novel

  • Author: Is being written by Yuin
  • Artist: The name of the artist that creates the comics is Yeon  Jae Joong
  • Popularity: Has over 1.8 Million Views
  • Genre: Medical return is a mixture of drama, fantasy, action, martial arts, medical school life, with a spice of life.
  • First Release: It was first released in the year 2018
  • Current Status Today: Still ongoing.

How To Get And Follow Medical Return Manga

Scenes from medical return novel
Scenes from medical return novel

The good thing about Manga is that most of them are very cheap to get and most are completely free of cost.

Medical Return Manga is one of those that are completely free of cost. You can read it for free online using the links below or you can visit any of the websites that release updates for every new release of the Manga.

Start Enjoying Medical Return Manga For Free

medical return novel scenes
medical return novel scenes

Other Manga Like Medical Return

If you are a medical student looking for non-academic texts to refresh you and keep you engaged in buses while traveling, or in between breaks, why not get a manga and read instead of just listening to music with your headphones. You can enjoy both the music and the Manga.

Just in case you still want more Mangas to read, you can visit our best collections on Amazon and get more for yourself below.

Medical Return Manga: Final Words

I never believed I would ever be a fan of Manga let alone promote it on my blog pages till I started following medical return manga. Life can happen to you when you least expect it.

I wish you all the best experience you can get my fellow “Otaku”.

NB: Otaku is a Japanese word that describes people with consuming interests especially in anime or manga.

What are your thoughts on mangas? Leave them in the comment section below.

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