12 New Courses in Nigerian Universities From 2021

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There are many new undergraduate courses starting this January 2021, and as well there are new courses in Nigerian Universities that were recently introduced.

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka is one of the most sought universities in Nigeria my students from post-secondary school education. In recent years, there are New courses in Nigerian Universities.

Some of these courses were recently introduced due to the new faculties which were created at the University of Nigeria. Most of the courses are also studied in a few other Nigerian Universities, but the facts about their program are not yet available to us.

The main aim of creating these new faculties is to train more Nigerian youths to acquire as many skills as possible before graduation to reduce the rate of persons looking for jobs after graduation and increase the number of entrepreneurs and skilled workers.

Most of these courses and their department fall under the Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education; the latest faculty at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, others are part of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, While the Rest Belong to the Faculty of Biological Sciences. These details are contained in their descriptions below.

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About the Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education (University of Nigeria, Nsukka).

More information about this newly carved out faculty can be found on their faculty page at the University of Nigeria’s web Portal. But there is just some key information you need to know about the new faculty:

  • Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education was formerly under the Faculty of Education; the largest faculty at the University of Nigeria.
  • It was formerly called the faculty of Vocational Teachers Education.
  • The faculty has been in existence since 2016 when it was first approved by the University of Nigeria Senate.
  • But the faculty have not been as popular as it should, probably due to lack of sufficient publicity.
  • The faculty has 6 different departments which you will see in the description below.
  • The faculty has been contributing immensely to the overall economy of the University of Nigeria community. Some of the industries built and managed by the students in the faculty which have been sustaining the University include; their Agric farm, the Lion bread (A bakery built specially to help in the control of diabetes mellitus through its low sugar bread. They produce normal bread too), and a technical workshop where students produce all kinds of furniture, repair electronic gadgets, and many more).
  • The popular Mobile Science Laboratory at the University of Nigeria is proudly managed by this faculty.

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12 New courses in Nigerian Universities You can Study From 2021

New courses in Nigerian Universities
New courses in Nigerian Universities

1. Computer and Robotics Education

This is not the same as the Department of Computer Science. It is one of the newly carved out courses in the University of Nigeria, under the Faculty of Vocational Education. The department trains students not just to learn the basics of Computer appreciation, coding, and programming, but also, has great plans about introducing robotics into the University. This is a giant leap into the world of innovation and creative thinking for Nigerian Students.

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2. Business Education:

This new department was just a course studied by students in the old department of Vocational Teacher’s Education. Before students in Nigeria could only get an H.N.D or an O.N.D from an Institute of Management and Technology, or from a College of Education in the country. But in recent years, it is now possible to be a degree holder from the Department of Business Education, under the faculty of Vocational and Technical Education.

Note that this is very far from Business Administration which is a separate department in many Nigerian Universities.

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3. Agriculture and Bioresources Education

This new department is one of the money bags for the University of Nigeria Nsukka. Not certain of the details of what they contribute in terms of revenue, but if you have walked past through the Gate close to the UNN greenhouse, you will see a vast land of arable farms. These are proudly owned and managed by this department.

Remember that Nigeria’s economy is mostly centered on oil and gas alone, this new department was created to help revive the role of Agriculture in the growth of the country’s economy by training students to understand the core concepts of Agriculture, and how to use technology to make work easier for farmers. If you have a passion for Agriculture, this is definitely the department you should apply for.


4. Home Economics and Hospitality Management Education

Another money bag for the University of Nigeria community. Their bakery one of the best in Nsukka Metropolis, and it is completely managed by students from the department. Just like Business Education, Home Economics Education is one of those courses you can only get an H.N.D or O.N.D for after completing 2 to 4 years of post-secondary school education.

But guess what? In just 4 years you can have a University degree in Home Economics, and not just that; there is also an additional part; the Hospitality Management Education. Lots of career opportunities for graduates from this department.

5. Industrial Technical Education

This new department was just a course which was formerly covered by students of the former Department of Vocational Teacher’s Education in less than two semesters. But now, the course is well refined and carved into a department under the new Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education. The department trains professional artisans, no more the regular ones you see on the streets.

So in the nearest future, Nigeria will have a Shoe-Repairer working in a refined office, or Engineers will have to find masons in their own offices to book appointments for a building construction job. Same for carpenters and other artisans.

The three main courses that students study under this department include:

  • Building Construction Technology
  • Electricity and Electronics Technology and
  • Mechanical Technology

6. Vocational and Entrepreneurship Education

This is the last of the 6 departments in Vocational and Technical Education. It was never existent anywhere in Nigeria until the creation of the new Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education. This new department is a re-modification of the old Vocational Teachers Education, with very little knowledge from all the above five departments, plus the core knowledge of the principles of Entrepreneurship.

This department was created with the view of fulfilling the life-long dream of millions of Nigerian youths; to become professional entrepreneurs, and even get a degree for it.

NOTE: All the Above New courses in Nigerian Universities can also be Studied in Several other Nigerian Universities. But the facts about their own programs are not yet accessible by this Magazine. One other University where the New Faculty of Education can be studied is the University of Taraba State, Nigeria. 

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7. Laboratory Science and Technology

This new department is very different from Medical Laboratory Science. This one is core lab tech; graduates from here are trained to manage both institutional and industrial laboratories. In previous years, one can only get an OND in any Institute of Technology. But now, even to be a Professor of Laboratory Science and Technology is possible.

The course can be studied now in many Universities Like the Prestigious University of Nigeria, University of Jos, Bauchi State University, etc.

8. Human Anatomy

This is also one of the courses, though not so new, many still don’t know about it. In previous years, Human Anatomy in Nigeria was only part of the pre-requisites for Medical Students in Nigeria. It was a course that is normally completed under 18 months by Medical Students. But now to study Human Anatomy and have a degree in a Nigerian University, you will have to study for 4 good years or even more.

Opportunities for graduates in this new department are that they can be teachers and lecturers at the university, they can assist Radiologists in the Interpretation of films, and so on.

9. Human Physiology

This was also formerly under the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, just like Human Anatomy. It was also a pre-requisite for every Medical Student and was covered for 18 Months only. But now it is covered within 4 solid years.

Their Career opportunities include; Teaching, and Working as Hospital Staffs.

10. Molecular Genetics and Environmental Biology

This is another very fresh department just created at the University of Nigeria about a year ago. Their first set of Students are still in their first year of study. The maiden department is under the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

In previous years, Molecular genetics was formerly part of a course called Genetics and Molecular Biology (Bio 151), which was a pre-requisite for Medical Students who are still in their first year of study.

11. Aquaculture and Marine Studies

This is another very fresh department also in the Faculty of Biological Sciences. Their first set of students are still in their first of study too (At the University of Nigeria).

12. Medical Biochemistry

This was previously one of the courses offered only by Medical students in Nigeria and was previously completed within 18 months. But now the course is now a separate department on its own, and it is studied extensively for 4 solid years.

The list will be updated for other information about these New courses in Nigerian Universities.

Why You Should Consider these New Undergraduate Courses in Nigerian Universities

Job opportunities in these fields are many in the Country. As a matter of fact, almost all the departments listed above are yet to produce their first University graduates. So before the department is crowded, and competition starts, why not pick your own spot?

Also, gaining admission to these new departments is as easy as you can ever imagine. In fact, the rumors state that they are actually looking for students, so just try and reach the University cut-off for Jamb, and consider applying, you have a great chance of seeing yourself in the University from 2021.

One demerit is that just like every other new department, there might be struggles with testing out what works best for the students, and a lot might also be struggling to maintain their accreditation. So think well about it before jumping into it.

Don’t forget to ask yourself these questions before jumping into conclusion.

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